Authored by Gene Gibbs
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Engineer on USS Olympic
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Vulcan
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Age: 46

Character Biography

Position label:
Chief Engineer
Species: Vulcan/male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Classic Vulcan raven haired, though non-traditionally cut to a short marine style cut. His hair is thick making his head look rather like a black glossy carpet
Complexion: Darker than average Vulcan
Appearance: Sural’s face is appears long thanks to his short cut hair. Another distinctive feature is a thin half-centimeter ‘beard’ cut from his temple down to his chin where it tapers off. His pronounced cheekbones make his cheeks appear more hollowed. Because of this he looks older than his few decades of life, which, for a Vulcan is still quite young. His stature is fairly classic Vulcan: tall, slim.
Date of Birth: by Earth standards, September 22nd
Age: 46
Place of Birth: City of Lea in the province of Raal not far from the Voroth Sea, Vulcan.
- Graduated Vulcan Science Academy, Engineering Sciences
- Graduate Studies on Engine Forms & Alternative Warp Theory, Vulcan Science Academy
- Starfleet Academy
- Further study Federation Ship Design and Integrated Dynamics
Marital Status: Single
Family Name: Belongs to the T’or Clan
Maternal grandparents: Sevel and Sarah McKenzie … ‘officially’ Avarin
Father (Stir – pronounced Ste’er), Mother (T’lan)
Siblings: Fraternal Twin Sister: T’ral
Academy – Quadmates: Gen/Chinese male, William David/human Texan male
Starfleet Career Summary:
Graduated Starfleet Academy, practicum on the USS Endeavor
Promoted to Ensign
Stationed on Outpost 36 under Lt Jakob Weisman.
Transfer to the USS Jersey Skimmer, a high warp messenger diplomatic ship whose crew complement were primarily Bolian. Worked under Lt Kot
Promoted to Lt jg at the end of his stationing on the Skimmer
Took a Sabbatical to Starfleet Engineering Corps of Engineers to study Federation ship Design and Integrated Warp Dynamics.
Stationed on the USS Zeppelin, a Corps of Engineers tactical support frigate under Commander Jose Amador
Transferred to Andorian cruiser General Keval, under Commander Thes, as assistant CE.
Promoted to Lt
Transferred to USS Olympic as CE
Medical History:
He is 1/4 human and as such has some human DNA swimming about in him.
While swimming at T’ali’s Cove off the Voroth Sea as a child he contracted Sel’s Fever, which is a virulent virus that attacks the lungs and degenerates the ability of the body to process oxygen. To save his life he required invasive augmenting. In the end Sural came away with a positive of enhanced lung capacity and the ability to breathe in hostile environments. The negative was that he contracts common virus/colds more easily due to a lessening in his immune system.
At Starfleet Academy, Sorel was exposed to a number of minor viruses, which he was treated for during his tenure there. None were major, and his incapacitation was on a very small scale. Fortunately, after each bout, he was shown to be mostly immune to that strain going on.
He suffered a broken arm during his time on the Jersey Skimmer when the ship’s systems were affected when it struck a Jem Hadar mine that was left over from the war. It crippled the ship and lost half its small crew.
At the Corps of Engineers he again suffered a virulent strain of Tellarite origin. In being treated he was given a hypo ‘booster shot’ developed by a Denobulan doctor named Chox. This has helped him in being more resilient against virus and colds; the shot named Chox Formula 9, which he has had in his file since then.
Sural was injured again on the Zeppelin in a battle with what was believed to be a Xindi pirate group. This was speculation as the ships bore some similarity to old Xindi records, though it was nor for certain. The patrol group they were attached to was responding to a distress call when they came upon the pirates. The Zeppelin as a support ship was assisting the USS Flagstone which was damaged when they themselves came under attack and used itself to shield the Flagstone. Sural had serious burns that required a month of regenerative treatment. The nerves on his left side did not fully recover leaving him less sensitive there.
Otherwise Sural is fit, often taking on swimming as both exercise and a mental therapy.
Family and Personal History:
Sural is one quarter human, something that Sural’s maternal ‘family’ is not proud of and has sought to keep this quiet. His maternal grandfather, Sevel, a merchant trader while on Earth met and agreed (for reasons unknown) to a marriage with a Terran woman whose name was Sarah McKenzie. This was almost entirely unknown to Sevel’s family until he returned to Vulcan with her. Pregnant at the time she was a matter of much family dispute. This was kept quiet from the start, and not long after, Sarah died while giving birth to a daughter, who became Sural’s mother. The general agreement as enforced by the family matriarch, then named T’ean, was that this ‘incident’ would be, in essence, forgotten. Sevek was quickly wed to a Vulcan woman named Avarin. However such things often do not remain so as Sural’s fraternal twin T’ral, appears to be quite human like. This has raised many a question, including how it was that Sarah perished in childbirth when such a thing at that age was virtually nonexistent.
more to follow ..

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