Dashel Jamison (Son of Morak)

Authored by Russell Watt
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Intelligence Officer on Oed V
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Caucasian Human (Raised by Klingons)
  • Weight: 135lb
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Age: 26

Character Biography

Dashel Jamison is the youngest son of Arthur and Anita Jamison (both Starfleet officers) who both died in the line of Service to Starfleet. Following their deaths, he was adopted by a member of their crew, an exchange officer (and Klingon Counselor) by the name of Morak and he was raised as Morak’s son. Dashel decided to enter Star Fleet in the security department and after a successful period of study in the Academy (including an offer to join red squad - an offer he refused), Dashel served a mission following graduation as COS on his training vessel, the Sputnik, before joining the Samurai and then the Draco as Junior Office, Assistant COS and COS and reaching a rank of full Lieutenant. He was subsequently offered the chance to train as part of Starfleet Intelligence, an offer he accepted. Having completed that training, he is now looking for an opportunity to serve and protect the Federation from intelligence threats both inside and outside the Federation.

Personal Information
Serial Number: WP-024-601
Birthplace: Deep Space 14
Birth date: 31st December
Arthur Jamison (father - Starfleet Commander - 3rd Officer; USS Might) - dec’d
Anita Jamison (mother - Starfleet Commander - Counselor; USS Might) - dec’d
Both of Dashel Jamison’s parents died on active duty in service to the Federation while serving on the USS Might. Their Commanding Officer, Captain Nicholas Condoin (retired) has noted their bravery and selfless dedication to their ships and their crewmates on their files.

File Note: Dashel Jamison was 15 at the death of his parents. Captain Nicholas Condoin permitted Dashel to be adopted by Lieutenant JG Morak, an exchange officer from the Klingon Empire. Lieutenant Morak was assigned to the USS Might as an assistant Counselor. Captain Condoin noted at the time that the reason he permitted the adoption was two fold:
1. Dashel had no living relatives remaining despite an extensive search of Terran records. The research revealed that neither Arthur nor Anita had brothers or sisters and that both sets of Dashel’s grandparents were dead at the time of this tragedy.
2. Dashel and Morak had bonded and in the opinion of the Counselors on board the USS Might, any decision to separate 15 year old Dashel and Morak would cause unnecessary suffering to the youth.

Morak (adopted father - Klingon Imperial Fleet (retired); Starfleet Lieutenant JG - Counselor; USS Might (retired); Member of the Federation Ambassadorial Staff on Quo’noS for Klingon-Federation relationships)
Girika (adopted mother)
Natural: James Jamison (dec’d)
Adopted: Koram, Son of Morak
Marital Status: Single
Build: Muscular build, with the lean muscles of a runner rather than the stockier muscles of a boxer, shotputter or football player.
Hair Colour: Red Hair
Eye Colour: Blue Eyes
Favourite Colour: Teal
Favourite Food: Lasagne made on gagh
Favourite Drink: Iced Tea (Prune Flavoured)
Interests: Klingon weaponry and history, military history and reenactments, calisthenics programs
History: The youngest son of career Starfleet Officers, Arthur and Anita Jamison (both deceased), Dashel (Dash) Jamison and his older brother, James (deceased), grew up surrounded by Starfleet Personnel and moved from installation to installation as their parents were transferred throughout their careers. There were only 10 months difference in age between the boys and they both celebrated aged birthdays in the same year (eg both were 10 in the same year), and if James was still alive, they’d both be 22 in the current year). As such, they were treated and behaved much like twins by their parents, including being dressed in identical clothes and receiving similar haircuts. Another similarity between the boys was their competitive nature and their love of extreme and dangerous activities.

It was this love of extreme and dangerous activities that resulted in the death of James. When both boys were 14 and believing themselves to be bulletproof, they went rock climbing. Unfortunately, their equipment hadn’t been checked properly, and James’ rope snapped. Dashel was able to grab hold of his brother and did his absolute best to hold on, but the weight was too much and his grip loosened. James fell to the unyielding ground below, and despite the best efforts of the nearby medical facility, was pronounced dead on impact. Dashel was distraught and blamed himself for his brother’s death. Nothing that his parents, his mother was a trained psychologist and counselor, or other counselors could say to the boy would bring him out of the anger and disgust he felt for himself. Up until this point, Dashel was a pleasant young man, now he had become withdrawn and unwilling to speak to, or interact with, anyone. Well, almost anyone. There was one person on board his parents’ next posting that he opened up to.

Arthur and Anita were transferred to the USS Might, a Power Class Starfleet vessel, soon after the accident, after a period of mourning by the remainder of the family. Arthur was appointed to the role of 3rd Officer on board, he was a pilot by training, and Anita was the ship’s Chief Counselor. Amongst Anita’s staff was a Klingon trainee Counselor by the name of Morak. The teen was intrigued by Morak, and excited when Morak offered to show him how to use the bat’leth. Anita was concerned at first, but when she saw her son happier than he had since the death of James, she agreed with Arthur that the sessions with Morak would continue. Nicholas ConDoin, Captain of the ship, put his final approval to their plan and the teen continued to attend sessions with Morak, learning about Klingon concepts of honour and loyalty and how to safely use the bat’leth at the tender age of 15.

Disaster would soon strike at Dash’s family again. His parents were returning from an away mission and the peculiarities of the planet was such that transporters wouldn’t work through the atmosphere. So, they away team was sent down by shuttle, led by Arthur, and including Anita, two security NEs, two medical NEs the ship’s CSO and the ship’s CE. On their return to the Might, Something happened on the shuttlecraft and an emergency beam out was requested. Arthur and Anita ordered the other six members of their team to depart first and they would follow. The first six arrived safely on the Might and Dash made it to the transporter room to welcome his parents back, Morak a step behind. Captain Condoin was also in the transporter room, speaking with the transporter room operator, and on seeing Dashel, snapped, “Mr Morak, get young Mr Jamison out of here.”

Morak nodded, and picked up the youngster and carried him out, despite the youth’s struggles against him. Morak carried Dashel to the observation port next to the transporter room, where they could see … an explosion where the shuttle should have been. Dashel made for the transporter room, but didn’t quite dash fast enough to evade Morak’s grasp, and the Klingon said, “you are not going to go in there, Dashel. Captain Condoin ordered you out and your honour dictates that you follow his instructions.”

Dashel nodded, and Morak added, “come, lets go to the holodeck, see how you go against the Vren.” The Klingon and the Terran headed off to the holodeck for a training session. At some point during proceedings, Morak was contacted by the captain, asking him to come to the ready room and to bring Dashel with him.
Morak and Dashel went straight away and passed a crew who seemed to be in shock and/or mourning. Dashel was feeling very worried and when the ship’s XO, a Betazoid woman burst into tears on seeing the human and Klingon on the bridge, he suspected what was up, and hoped a forlorn hope that it wasn’t the case.
On entering the room, the captain put an end to any doubt in the gentlest way possible, talking about the dangers of serving in Starfleet and that sometimes accidents happen.

“My parents are dead, aren’t they, Captain Condoin?” Dashel asked in a voice that surprised the youth in its steadiness and strength.

“Yes, they are, Dash,” Nicholas said, “I am so sorry.”

Dashel’s face clouded over and Morak gripped him gently by the shoulder. Dash lowered his head and he cried. The two men in the room looked over the boy at each other and wished that they could have prevented this.

After he had cried himself out, Dashel looked up and said, “Captain Condoin, how did they die?”

Nicholas said, “I don’t think that now is the right …”

Dashel cut in and said, “please, Nic, I need to know.”

Nicholas raised his eyes at the informality, but he ended up sighing, and saying, “I can understand, Dash. It isn’t going to be pleasant, however. The electro-plasma overheated on the shuttle causing an explosion. Chief Engineer Macros attempted to vent it, but was unsuccessful. Your parents ordered the others to be transported off the shuttle first, and they had to comply with the order. By the time we tried to get your parents, we were unable to get a lock on them, and the shuttle exploded. I am sorry.”

“They died with honour,” Morak said, “you should be proud, Dashel.”

“I want my parents,” Dashel said, and began crying once more, and then, in the ready room, fell asleep.

Morak and Nicholas looked over the boy at each other, and the captain motioned for the Klingon to join him in the corner for a talk.

Soon after that, Dashel moved in with Morak, until Morak’s tour of duty with the Federation was over. At that point, Morak returned to Quonos and took Dashel with him. Dashel was introduced to the rest of Morak’s family, his wife, his son, his brothers and their wives and children. Dashel’s adopted brother and cousins took an instant dislike to Dashel as he was older than them, and they worried for their family’s honour, especially if the family would be ruled one day by Dashel.

Neither Morak nor Dashel had any intention of that happening, but that didn’t lessen the harsh treatment that Dashel received. As a result of growing up with Klingons, he suffered many extra bruises and the odd broken limb, which he took without complaint. Dashel and Morak’s son, Karom, were sent out to survive a night together as part of their testing for the Rite of Ascension and they came out of it changed and much closer. They never spoke to anyone about what had caused the change between them. Both Dashel and Karom were accepted as adults in Klingon society, and as sons of Morak. Morak declared that Karom was his heir and would take over leadership of the house in time.

When Dashel turned 17, he tested to enter Star Fleet and was successful. When he left Kronos, Dashel was given a warrior’s sash by his adopted brother, and a bat’leth by his adopted parents. He was also given a locket. inside the locket was a picture of himself, his human parents and his brother, James in the top frame and his adopted Klingon family in the bottom frame.

“You are the son of two worlds, and of two families, Dash,” Morak told him, “and you fill me with pride. Bring honour to your name and to your blade, Dashel Jamison, Son of Morak.”

“You look alright in that uniform, brother,” Koram said to Dash, “you follow your path and know that you have a family here on Quo’noS.”

“I will, brother,” Dash replied, roughly embracing Koram who was now taller and much more thickset than Dashel.

“Father, thank you,” Dash said to Morak, before embracing him in the same way, “I will bring honour to our name and to the blade.”

Dash left for Earth and his training as a Starfleet Officer as that point. He chose Security as his department and was driven to succeed in all aspects of his learning. Completing his Academy based training at the top of his class, Dash completed his studies and, after refusing an offer to join red squad, completed his cadet cruise on the USS Sputnik. Following a return to Starfleet Academy and a promotion to Ensign, Dashel Jamison (Son of Morak) and child of two worlds, was assigned to the USS Samurai where he served with distinction bringing honour to his ship and his adopted Klingon family and received a promotion to Lt JG.

Following his successful tour on the Samurai, he was transferred to the USS Draco where he served firstly as Assistant COS and then COS, during which time he came to the attention of Starfleet Intelligence due to his actions in defending the Federation against an unnamed threat. He received a promotion to full Lieutenant due to his service on this mission, but details of the mission have a high level of clearance required to gain any details into it.

Dash accepted the offer to train as an Intelligence Operative and returned to the Academy for this training which lasted 2 years all up, during which time he served in Fleet 8 Command, assisting in the oversight of contact between the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the command of the remnants of the Romulan Star Empire. He also served in Federation HQ on Earth and on board the USS Horta (a Nimitz class vessel) that had been deep in the Alpha Quadrant on a highly sensitive mission.

His training completed, Dash was assigned to providing Intelligence Services to Oed V, out near the edge of Federation space in Fleet 6, near Vren space, a highly xenophobic species.

Medical Notes: Private and Confidential - Authorised Personnel Only
Dashel Jamison (Serial Number: WP-024-601) has been examined by myself and has been found to be in perfect physical health for a human male 22 years of age. He does have a number of scars on his torso which are disfiguring but not an impact to his service as a Starfleet Officer. Of more concern to myself is his insistence to carry his bat’leth with him into sickbay here on board the Sputnik. The potential for injury to himself or to others is too great from my perspective, but he refuses to part with it. I did keep a close eye on the weapon during the physical to ensure it was not a danger to himself, myself, my staff or others in sickbay. He did not show any inclination to use it during his appointment.

Mr Jamison’s biochemistry is not showing anything of concern, with the exception of a slightly lower than expected level of Cyanocobalamin (B12) in his blood. The level of Cyanocobalamin is not of immediate concern, as it is still within acceptable limits, however I suggest that any further medical tests of Mr Jamison specifically examine this and take any necessary actions to correct it.

This patient has also been known to suffer from migraines from time to time, however the migraines are rare in occurrence and short in duration.
Dr (Lt) Tal Hawkins, CMO USS Sputnik

Psychological Notes: Private and Confidential - Authorised Personnel Only
Dashel Jamison (Serial Number: WP-024-601) has had a life full of tragedy. His brother died when both boys were 14 and Dashel has blamed himself for his brother’s death for almost all his life since that unfortunate event. A year later, his parents died, and this further emotionally scarred the youth. He is the last person alive with his surname in his line and he has expressed to me the fear that the line will die out with him. I recommend future Counselors work through this with Dashel.

Despite his tragedy, or perhaps because of it, Dashel is driven to succeed. He has graduated almost at the top of his year level and he seems well liked and popular amongst his peers. Even though he is human, he possesses an almost Klingon persona about him, as though he is ready to deal with any danger, real or imagined. It is this, together with the Klingon accessories (bat’leth and warrior sash) that he has with him that endears himself to me, and I believe most others with whom he comes into contact on board the ship.

Dashel doesn’t like to talk about his feelings, like any good Klingon, and until he trusts a Counselor, or any other crewmember, he is likely to be stand-offish, and unintentionally brusque and even a bit rude. He is still only 22 years old and is really just making his way in the galaxy. Just keep in mind that honour and respecting those in authority and his family are the most important things for this young man who is a human who has done most of his living during his formative years within the Klingon Empire. Regardless, I consider it an honour to have known and worked alongside Cadet Jamison and he carries my highest respect.
Counselor (Lt Cmdr) Caleb Pugson, CNS USS Sputnik

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