Alexxander Ryley

Authored by Calé Reilly
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer on USS Asimov
  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 180lbs
  • Height: 6ft 2ins
  • Age: 61
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Character Biography

Name: Doctor Alexxander Jay Ryley. MD, PhD, ChM
Rank: Captain
Serial number: 178617-A
Currently serving: USS Asimov
Position: Chief Medical Officer

Species: Human
Gender: Male
DoB: June 11th 2337
Age: 61
Place of birth: Ohio, Earth.
Religion: N/A
Citizenship: Federation.
Languages spoken: Federation Standard, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Hebrew, Latin, Hawaiian, Vulcan, Romulan, Klingon,Ferengi, Andorian, Dothraki.

Parents: Rear Admiral John Jay Ryley (Father) - Status: Retired. Currently residing on outpost Epcot
Mrs Blythe, MacKennzie, Ryley (Mother) - Status: Retired. Currently residing on outpost Epcot
Siblings: None
Spouses: N/A
Children: Kai Ryley (8 years old)

Height: 6ft 2ins
weight: 180lbs
eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Dark brown (greying)
Blood type: Terran- AB rhesus negative.
Vision: 20x20 (Nb: Has been known to wear reading glasses at points)
Identifying marks/Features: Scar tissue on front left and right lobe of brain
Crescent scar on right wrist

Short physical description: Of medium build and height with brown, greying hair and icy blue eyes.
Has a greying beard. Left leg was scared resulting in him wearing an isomorphic stability band apparatus as result of infection and chronic condition that followed treatment (For more information, see Medical file attachment A- Alpha Two). Now has a biosynthetic limb in its place.

Having shown some distain for the conventional Starfleet regulatory uniform standard. Doctor Ryley can be more often than not, found outside of uniform in a dress jacket, Jeans and training shoes with an accompanying variety of both T-shirts and Shirts. Carries a black metal cane for use as walking aid due originally to chronic condition and pain in left leg now to aid mobility due to failure to complete physiotherapy and counselling following amputation and surgery on leg. (For further information, see medical file attachment A-Alpha Three.)

Promotion History:
2365 Graduates Star-fleet Academy with Honours-
2365-Promoted to Ensign and assigned as Medical officer USS Sidrat-
2367- Promoted to Lt(Jg) And retained as AMO USS Sidrat-A
2371-Promoted to CMO USS Sidrat-A
2371- Promoted to Full Lt and Awarded McCoy medal for excellence in medical research field. Starfleet Surgeon General’s office grants board certification in Infections disease and Diagnostics.
2374- Promoted to Lt Commander and assigned as CMO USS Chapel Hospital ship. Awarded the Silver M’barrie Prize in diagnostics.
2375- Promoted to Commander and re-assigned as Chief of staff USS Chapel Hospital ship. Awarded Starfleet surgeon general medal for excellence in the field of infectious disease
2376- Assigned as medical expert and head of diagnostics in relief expedition to Anort 6. USS Chapel joined by USS Alaska in mission to find cure for the outbreak of Anortian plague. Retained as member of the Alaska’s research team.
2377- For continued excellence in the field of diagnostics Awarded Gold M’barrie prize. Promoted to Captain and assigned as head of Diagnostics at star-fleet medical, earth.
2380-Granted tenure at Star-fleet medical as head of diagnostics.
2381- Court-martialled and demoted to the rank of Commander due to insubordination and failure to carry out orders. Retained as Head of diagnostics with his practice monitored by another Doctor for a period of one month.
2383- Demoted again to the rank of Lieutenant Commander -FILE CLASSIFYED-
2385 – Promoted to Commander
2387 – Promoted to Captain and assigned as Chief of staff at star-fleet medical
2388 – Resigns as Chief of staff and takes position as Head of diagnostics department and Course lecturer in alien physiology and infectious disease.
2390 – Seconded as medical consultant – Research (Contact lost 2391)

B. Service History:
-2354-2362: Attended Johns Hopkins (the third) University Earth- Medical School
-2362-2365: Starfleet Academy- Starfleet Medical, Earth

Ship Assignments
-2365-2367- USS Sidrat NCC 1389
-2367-2371- USS Sidrat NCC 1389-A
-2374-2376: USS Chapel Hospital Ship NCC 4625
-2376-2377: USS Alaska
-2377-2384: Starfleet Medical Earth
-2384-2387- USS Atlantis
-2387-2390- Starfleet Medical Earth
-2390-2391- research work - Ship destroyed -declared dead
-2392 - 2394 - USS Atlantis
2394-2396 - Star Fleet Medical Earth
2396- 2398- On leave, fails to return, reported as AWOL then as missing
2398- Current - USS Asimov

C. Medals and Commendations
McCoy Medal Silver M’barrie Prize Captains Commendation for service above and beyond the call of duty Starfleet Surgeon Generals Award Gold M’barrie prize Vulcan Medical excellence award –Medal removed- Commendation for Excellence in the field of Humanoid surgical procedure Aquillian Healers Award The David Dawson award for innovative medical technique Starfleet Surgeon General Tenured service certification

A. Academic Institutions Attended:
–Privately Tutored from the age of four years
–Johns Hopkins (the third) university earth- Medical School- age 17. APE Admittance on the Leonard McCoy scholarship programme between 2354-2362
– Star Fleet Academy, graduation with honours 2365, degree(s): Major in Diagnostics and Infectious disease And Nephrology Minor in Ancient and Alien Pathology And Psychology

B. Service Schools Attended:
– Star-fleet medical school internship and residency programme.

C. Qualifications:
– Elementary, Junior High and High school education certifications
Medical Doctorate – JHKS University
PhD –Medicine Combining tri speciality in diagnostics and infectious disease, Nephrology and emergency medicine.
Ch.M- Surgical qualification
Star-Fleet Surgeons General Board certified Diagnostician and Infectious disease specialist.
Senior qualification in alien Pathology and Psychology
Field and trauma medic certified.
Junior Qualification in Command level training.- Remains unfinished-
Tenured professorship as head of Starfleet medical department of diagnostic medicine.

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
–First class and Second class Honours
Graduated third in his class from Starfleet medical.
Assigned as Ancient and Alien Pathology Professor’s laboratory assistant in as forth year cadet- 2364-5
Reprimanded for failure to follow orders and exhibiting behaviours that potentially endangered patients. – Psychological Evaluation and thirty days Parole. Reprimand rescinded due to actions resulting in the survival of the patient in question.
Commendation for innovative surgical skill in first solo surgery.
Athletics: Track running and Lacrosse team Three years in a row member of league championship game.
Extracurricular activities: Avid piano player and guitar player. Songwriter. Jogging. Captain of the Academy Lacrosse team for league games.

A. Background Summary:
- Ryley was born into what was primarily a star-fleet household. From an early age, he displayed a quick wit and interest in science.
His father, John Jay Ryley was a harsh disciplinarian and disapproved of much of Ryley’s antics and scholarly pursuits As a result they have never much gotten along. As a child and due to his father’s Starfleet career Ryley was often left to play alone, never staying in one place long enough to really make any true friends. At the age of ten, his father was assigned as commanding officer of star base 348 and finally Ryley was able to connect with some children his own age. Standoffish and anti social even as a child it was not long before most of the children rejected them save one. A young man by the name of Matthew Adamson the pair remained firm friends until just after Ryley’s 13th birthday Matthew was infected with a previously unknown virus. Star base physicians were unable to treat him and had to send for outside assistance from a renowned yet unconventional Vulcan healer who was able to diagnose and cure Matthew. Soon afterwards, Ryley’s father was reassigned and the family moved on however the event left a lasting impression on the boy Ryley and potentially spurred him into medicine.
Through most of his teenage years, His mother served as the mediator to her husband and son. Not relishing the position this placed his mother in Ryley was more often than not absent from family meals and social events. Unable to lie about his whereabouts to his mother, whom he had dubbed a human lie detector Ryley simply did not tell them where he had gone withdrawing more into the proverbial recluse and causing more friction than intended until Ryley’s departure to Boston earth to attend medical school against his father’s wishes.
At Medical school Ryley, the ideal doctor persona ingrained in his head proved to be a talented and diligent student excelling due to his ability to remain objective and calculating in his diagnosis. He graduated with honours from the prestigious Johns Hopkins the third university and began a three-month intern apprentice ship over the summer of that year within the Hopkins centre of medicine on Rigal 9.
Unfortunately Ryley’s medical career took a down turn when during his first year internship exam he was caught cheating from another student. Despite his assurance he had merely been looking at the other paper and that his neighbour had gotten the answer wrong anyway, he was thrown out of the programme by the dean and forced to seek the rest of his training elsewhere. A trip to san Francisco and an enrolment at Starfleet academy was the solution and he was able to pick up where he left off almost instantly completing his internship and residency with Starfleet and achieving further qualifications in the fields of Diagnostics and Infectious disease ,Nephrology and Ancient and Alien Pathology And Psychology.
As a teenager, Ryley had been an avid athletic firing time for both track running and Lacrosse. He carried these hobbies over into his life at the academy and had soon earned himself a notable reputation on campus for his scholarly work and his position on the Lacrosse and track teams in his third and fourth year in the academy he was Lacrosse team captain and led the academy team to victory in the semi finals and finals of both years.
Save for being just a “Jock with a brain” as he had often heard Ryley also enjoyed a stint as a member of a cadet formed band in which he played both guitar where applicable and piano. It is not wonder with all this talk of himself from teachers, coaches and happily for him the female population of campus that his ego and reputation as a “Gifted” individual began to spiral higher and higher and by his final year there seemed no doubt on anyone’s mind the young and Brilliant doctor would aspire to follow in his father’s footsteps up the star-fleet chain of command.
It was during this time Ryley met another, rising star first year cadet by the name of Kaliona Mahikoa a member of his Pathology class. Their relationship was brief yet Ryley never really overcame his feelings-if any- for the girl or her father. Of his time on earth, it is notable to say that these were his only two attachments.
In the final year of his residency, Ryley was reprimanded and placed on academic parole after disregarding orders and attempting a potentially dangerous treatment procedure on a dying patient. He was assigned an evaluation by the resident Counsellor at the time however had the reprimand rescinded before any action could take place as his treatment resulted in the patient surviving ultimately.
Though his achievements were for Ryley something of merit, on a personal level, he remained slightly standoffish with other people his age and when his father told would not be coming for his graduation from the academy Ryley himself also did not show up. He instead left earth and intercepted his first ships assignment three weeks early.
His career began as any medical JOs would on the USS Sidrat. When the ship was destroyed in 2367 Ryley was promoted to Lt (jg) and retained as Assistant Chief medical officer (AMO) on the refit. A few short years later he was promoted to CMO still Junior Lt. His next assignment on the hospital ship Chapel resulted in his promotion to LT Commander and then later to Commander and the position as the Chapels chief of staff.
A year later his would take the lead in a rescue mission of sorts when Starfleet sent aid in the form of the Chapel and the Alaska to find a cure for the plague rampaging through Anort 6 and killing many of the federation outposts stationed there. It was here he encountered the Then Lieutenant and CSO of the Alaska Kaliona Mahiko again when she was also a member of the research team.
During these initial stages of the teams, research into the plague Ryley began developing leg pain frequently. Though it had been building in recent years none of the medical staff who had attended him had been able to find a cause and as such, he ignored it.
After the Plagues eradication Ryley remained with The Alaska for a period of one month on its return trip to earth as a technical advisor and still his leg pain worsened until it reached the stage it was incapacitating.
Back in san Francisco, Starfleet medical doctors were able to diagnose 4th stage ManchenyhysHygrander syndrome.
With the progression of the disease and the time taken to diagnose, The muscles in his thigh had experienced muscle death and treatment was no longer a viable option, Ryley was faced with the prospect of having the limb amputated and replaced. Declaring himself as rather attached to the limb he sought an alternative course of treatment resulting in his half amputation where the dead tissue was surgically removed leaving the mutilated limb behind. For the procedure, Ryley was chemically comatose and remained such for three weeks after the operation took place.
The result was a 99.9% cure to the disease and leaving Ryley handicapped and in near constant pain. His doctor urged him to consider the full amputation however; Ryley forced his way through rehabilitation learning to walk again with the use of isomorphic support bands and an old-fashioned cane. The use of narcotics to help deal with his chronic leg pain resulted, arguably, in an addiction the medication and Ryley is not years on unable to work and live without them.
Towards the end of his ordeal in 2377, Ryley was promoted to the rank of captain and asked to remain at Starfleet medical as head of diagnostics. Three years later, he was granted tenure by the board of directors. Which as far as Ryley was concerned resulted only in a change to his door plague from Doctor to Professor Ryley and his knowledge that they could not fire him without full board approval.
As though tempting fate, one year later Ryley was charged and court martialed for disregarding the wishes of the Vulcan high council and Starfleet command by treating a noted Vulcan healer- the same one who had years ago saved his friend- using a highly unconventional and arguably unethical course of treatment. His patient once again survived. However as a result he was demoted, in rank to Commander had one of his commendations removed by the Vulcan healers association and though retained had his practise monitored by another doctor- A member of his own team no less.
In 2383 he was again demoted to the rank of Lt commander -File Classified- Alpha security clearance required.
One-year later word reached him that an old acquaintance had recently been promoted to Captain and CO of a star ship in need of a chief medical officer. He took the position having only to pull a few strings with the argument he was bored of desk life on earth and his team had learned all they could from him. He left and spent a period of time serving as CMO onboard USS Atlantis in the third fleet. There he met Hunter Robinson a gifted young medic who took a liking to him he left the Atlantis to go back to Starfleet medical taking the young medic with him to start his medical training as a fully-fledged doctor.
He was seconded as a medical consultant on a research task on board the USS Etarcs which seemed to have suffered a core breach. The remains were found adrift in space no life signs and no crew recovered.
He was declared dead in the line of duty 2391 however was in fact alive, with a shuttle from the ship he continued the research spreading as far as any hint or idea took him. Eventually the shuttle suffering damage in an ion storm forced him to scrap it and barter passages for his research to continue. During this leg of the journey Ryley’s condition reached its final stages and the pain became overwhelming, the muscle death began to spread resulting in the infection spreading to the bone. He was forced to seek aid in a less than technologically advanced hospital where finally the leg was amputated. He had a biosynthetic limb replace it however it was neither to the most advanced model or with the correct aftercare resulting in limited functionality once again and general stiffness.
Finished his research Ryley bartered his passage back into federation space

B. Personality Summary:
- A loner, a social recluse…a misanthrope maverick These words describe Ryley in many ways both on surface appearance and in depth. Though his can appear sarcastic and brash on occasions Ryley is at heart a kind and concerned individual who will go at any lengths to ensure the welfare of his patient…even if it means breaking the rules. However, he would never allow his patient or his team to know this.

A. Recent Fitness Reports
Medical Report: Save from the usual childhood illnesses. Ryley’s medical file is exemplary until his entry into the academy where sports related mishaps resulted in two broken femurs and a fractured skull. Both of which were treated without issue.
(See Attached Medical File A- Alpha and B- Alpha for recent scans.)
In 2376, Ryley was diagnosed with stage 4 ManchenyhysHygrander syndrome. The resulting muscle death made surgery or treatment to resolve the condition impossible and Amputation was recommended.
Patient refused to undergo conventional treatment and instead had dead muscle tissue amputated leaving the rest of the leg intact. Rehabilitation underway following three-week coma to reduce pain of post OP.
However, initial surgical site has healed and the tissue looks good no nerve regeneration has taken place and patient still complains of chronic inhabilitating pain. Prescribing Codivin as a pain management system.
Rehabilitation complete Patient 80% mobility using walking isomorphic support bands and walking aid. Still complaining of constant pain doubling dosage of Codivin in pill form. I hope that without Hypo there will be a reduced likely hood of an overdose.
Dr. Brian Lockhart- Starfleet Medical

Presented with severed artery in right leg following motorbike accident on holodec with safeties removed. Resulted in loss of leg function and blood loss. Repaired surgically. Head trauma also occurred resulting in concussion and retro grade amnesia treated with therameline and observation.
Report made by: H. Robinson. Uss Atlantis 2384 Attending physician. A Summers MD. Senior attending: N./A
Recent medical scan series File A- Alpha to C –Alpha

Psychiatric Report
Report Submitted by Dr Leo Bernard – Head of Psychiatrics- Starfleet Medical.
I am at a loss to make an informed psychological evaluation on Ryley as he frankly refuses to cooperate with my attempts to do such an evaluation. Any conversation I have with him is circular in nature and results in my fruiustration and his enjoyment. It is like a game.
On the surface, Doctor Ryley is brash and sarcastic; he hides behind his intelligence and presents a tough exterior to hide his vurnability and dislike of change. I will not label any form of psychosis as I very much doubt any exist. Ryley is well read and has a slightly more than surface knowledge in psychology. Every time I interview him, I receive some indication of a different issue from a variance on aspergers syndrome to thought articulation interference. It is my belief Ryley purposely projects these situations into the evaluation in order to witness the examiners reaction.
I find that his standoffish manner is somewhat confrontational towards patients and kin alike and yet the method seems to work well for him. By subtracting himself, he reaches conclusions and diagnosis. Non emotional in many respects I would be very unsurprised if Ryley got on better with Vulcan’s than he did humans when it came to his medical practice. His actions are dangerous and that being said not without merit. While other doctors I have encountered have, a Messiah complex Ryley seems to have developed a rubix one in contrast. A worrying point is the continued leg pain I find it difficult to ascertain if it is not in part at least psychosomatic on the patients part. His reliance on the narcotics for pain control is noticeable and perhaps indication of an addictive nature.
Harsh discipline as a child from his father and his reluctance to see or speak with him point out some parental issues and a positive example of where this issue of authority figures stems from.
It is my findings that Ryley is a lonely and borderline depressed individual. He does not like himself and at the same time admire himself and his accomplishments. For him it balances out. I am officially clearing him for active duty on the grounds that frankly and speaking candidly of course, He is an ass and a jerk yet a good doctor and not a danger to himself or others.
To the next counsellor who evaluates Ryley I can only wish them luck

C. Current Recreational Interests
Playing Piano, or guitar
Riding motorbike programme in holodeck and on planet where applicable.
Aquillian medical research

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