Ghubari Koraia

Authored by Lindsay Bayes
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human/Napean
  • Weight: 141 lbs
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Age: 45
Actions Available

Character Biography

Skin: Dark
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale amber
Distinguishing features: a leaf shaped forehead ridge care of her Napean roots.
Date of Birth: September 15th, 2351

Spouse: Konral Vander (COS of the USS Athena)
Mother: Akeela Zaidu (Human) (2309-)
Father: Loqaron Koraia (Napean) (2313-) - Current CO of the Victoria-class USS Descartes.
Half-brother: Demarcus Hunt (2355-) [Born to Loqaron Koraia and Bethany Hunt]
Languages: Makonde, Swahili, Federation-Standard, Makua. She speaks with a notable deep accent that places her from Southwestern Tanzania.

Service Record:
2367- Admitted to Starfleet Academy through the Early-Entrance program.
2371- Graduated from the Academy, with Honours. Assigned to the USS Atlantis as a security junior officer under Symon Silvester (now a Rear-Admiral and former Governor of Oed V).
2372- Assigned to the USS Venture.
2373 (late)- Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade for excellent service and made Assistant COS.
2374- USS Venture is one of 14 vessels of the Seventh Fleet to survive the Battle of the Tyra System (98 ships lost).
2375- Field promotion to full Lieutenant and Chief of Security, when the Venture’s COS was killed in battle during the Dominion War.
2379- Attends Command School
2380- Promotion to Lt. Commander and assigned as XO of the USS Cheyenne after the ship’s XO was killed in the line of duty.
2383- Promotion to full Commander.
2386- Applied for and is accepted as the new CO of the USS Nike. Koraia rescinded her acceptance after serious injury. (See Medical Notes)
------- Six month Medical Leave after accident on Kendor IV. Awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valour
------- Promoted to Captain and assigned as CO of the USS Athena
2390- USS Athena-D lost in action under Koraia’s command.
------- Promoted to Fleet Captain and given command of the USS Athena-E
2393- Married Konral Vander

Fields of Study: Psychology, criminal justice and tactical training.
Other: Emergency Medicine Course, Command School, Piloting (shuttle and starship rated).

Born in the Mtwara Rural District, Tanzania, African Confederation, Earth in 2351, Ghubari was raised by her Human mother in the Newala Region, on the Makonde Plateau. Her mother, Akeela is of the Makonde people and raised her daughter within the tribe, passing on the culture and beliefs of the proud group. When she was 12, Ghubari went to a boarding school in Dar Es Salaam to pursue her education, choosing a modern life over her traditional tribal roots. Even at this early an age, she knew she wanted to be in Starfleet.

She actively follows her people’s spiritual and religious practices, which focuses on ancestor worship and a belief in benevolent and malevolent spirits, though Ghubari mixes her beliefs with science and has found a balance she is comfortable with as a Starfleet Officer. The Makonde are a matrilineal tribe that throughout history resisted subjugation by other peoples and therefore have had their beliefs change very little over the centuries. They are highly sensitive and proud, and despite their own superstitious beliefs, were regarded by other tribes with respect as well as superstition and fear in part because of some of their traditions. They tend to live in small groups and traditionally live on the higher ground of the Makonde Plateau, though they have spread out over the years.

Ghubari is empathic due to her Napean heritage and while she cannot read the thoughts of others outright, can communicate telepathically with other telepaths. Being the only psi-positive person in her tribe, Ghubari was regarded with a wariness and while no one ever intentionally treated her unkindly, some believed her abilities to be the result of malevolent spirits. As part of her spiritual practices, Ghubari occasionally uses iboga, a mild hallucinogen during some rituals. It is believed that the altered state allows for a better communion with the ancestral spirits and cleanses the soul of the practitioner.

Until recently, she had never met her biological father, though she did know his identity and that he is a Starfleet Captain himself. She freely admits that he was part of her motivation to join Starfleet and that she never felt truly at home on Earth, though she does feel deeply connected to Tanzanzia and the culture she was raised in, even if she chose a very different path.

Ghubari Koraia is a very active and well-rounded person. She enjoys trekking (and has climbed to the Kilimanjaro summit twice) and many other outdoor activities, as well ballroom dance. She learned ballet in her adolescence, as well as piano and is also noted to sing quite well.

During her time on the Cheyenne, Ghubari became dear friends with the Chief Medical Officer, Stuart Callaghan (himself from South Africa). Their friendship turned romantic after a couple years and they were together for four years until Ghubari left the Cheyenne suddenly after her accident. Stuart’s part in having to remove her leg to save her life caused a rift between the two. They were reunited for a time soon after Ghubari took command of the Athena, when Stuart was assigned to the ship as a medical consultant for their missions involving Species 8472. After the near war was over, Stuart left and the two went their separate ways.

Soon after this, the brother of the woman she saved on Kendor IV, Konral Vander, was assigned to the Athena. Connected through his sister Dalera, the two struck up a friendship which turned into a romantic relationship. Though Ghubari ended the relationship after she promoted him to the position of Chief of Security, they ended up back together after realizing the depth of their feelings together. They work hard to keep their relationship separate from their personal lives and are fairly successful at it. The couple has recently married.

Medical/ Psychological:
As a security officer, Ghubari has suffered the usual range of injuries related to her duties: scrapes, bruises, sprains and cuts. She broke her left wrist and had a moderate concussion in 2376 during the final days of the Dominion War. However, an accident on Kendor IV in 2386 resulted in the traumatic trans-femoral (above the knee) amputation of her right leg. Significant nerve damage has left her with limited feeling in her residual limb. The nerves that are still alive near the end of her stump are highly overactive, causing bouts of intense pain. All of this made having a biosynthetic limb impossible for the time being, so she relies on traditional mechanical limbs. She had an all-purpose limb she used daily, a running limb and a swimming limb, all of which are in the process of being replaced from temporary ones to more permanent ones now that the initial swelling of her residual limb has disappeared.

In 2393, Ghubari was the recipient of a rare use of Heleen channeling. For her diplomatic role, she was granted the gift of a regenerated leg. The Heleen trio who completed the channeling used her own DNA as a basis, healed the damage and grew a new leg. Initial muscle tone was poor, so Koraia required walking aides until she built up strength, but there is no physical evidence of her previous amputation.

Drugs: (no known allergies)
-Tabernanthe iboga (or iboga)- shrub from West-Central Africa from which the bark is used to achieve a mild hallucinogenic state during spiritual practices (see cultural background). It is noted that she has an antidote on hand in case of accidental overdose, as well as a counter-agent for situations where she needs to regain focus and decision making abilities immediately (as is done with alcohol use). Notably, she has never once overdosed.

Psychologically, Ghubari is a proud individual who can be quite stubborn at times. She has a keen and rational intellect that makes her an effective decision maker. For much of her career, she was a more carefree and exuberant person, making friends easily and setting people at ease, which made her a skilled diplomat and mediator. Physically strong, she is also emotionally strong and passionate about protecting those under her charge. Her security training carries with her strongly and has aided her transition into Command.

Since her accident though, Ghubari had a fundamental personality change, becoming more withdrawn and less confident. She still seems to be able to make Command decisions without hesitation and this personality shift does not seem to negatively impact her ability as a CO, but on a personal level she seems to struggle with her own identity and how she relates to other people. Whether it has any basis in reality or not, she seems to believe that she needs to work harder than is expected because of her disability in order to prove that she is not only competent at her job, but great.

This all shifted again after she received her regenerated leg. While the physical scars of her experiences are now gone, mentally she is adjusting to finding new reasons to push herself. She strives constantly for greatness, but what that means is suddenly unknown to her.

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