Q'ragh, Son of the House of Duroc

Authored by Dave Eads
Biographic Information
  • Species: Klingon
  • Weight: 235 lbs
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Age: 44
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Character Biography

Q’ragh, Son of House Duroc
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: One of Triplets - Q’ragh (Eldest); K’vorth (Brother, Second Born); Urg’tohn (Brother, Third Born)

No formal schooling on record, being carried out by foster homes and personal tuition. Q’ragh, like his brothers, spent time in his early years having been separated from his brothers. During this time, he was sent to a premier Klingon art school where he studied poetry and literature. While being immersed in the classics of Klingon culture like Shakespeare, he was also taught the history of Kahless The Unforgettable. Entranced by the stories, Q’ragh began to undertake “Holy Quests” to honor his new hero. Often writing poems and songs about his many, many misdeeds. His penchant to cause absolute chaos at every opportunity while away from his Brothers led to him being removed from the school and returned to the foster facility to rejoin his siblings, each of them also having caused general chaos where they were placed.

Languages Known:
(F = Fluent, no accent; PF = Partially Fluent, accent noticeable to native speaker; P = Passable, Can convey moderately complex ideas, Can read / write, accent discernible and minor errors in grammar; P2 = Passable, Can convey simple ideas and emotions, Can read /write with effort; P3 = Can convey simple ideas, cannot read / write without assistance; L = Limited, can recognize less than 25% of spoken words, cannot read / write):

Tlhlngan Hol: F
Federation Standard: F
Orion: P2
Vulcan: P
Romulan: P3
Andorian: P3

Physical Description:
Q’ragh is small in comparison to his brothers, standing only 6‘2” tall and weighing 235 pounds. His size and build make him less a powerhouse threat, but allow him to make up for such defects with the speed and agility of a martial artist. He practices Mok’bara, along with his propensity for the Bat’leth. He has shoulder length brown hair, which he pulls back into a braid; and a traditional goatee in the Klingon style. He wears no jewelry or tattoos save the pendant of his deity, K’vaarton.

Medical History:
Multiple fractures, lacerations, contusions, residual scarring from burns in some places – all indicative of a life of violence and conflict. Large scar on right cheek, beneath the eye.

Psychological Profile:
(Excerpt from requested mental health record, Klingon Medical Archives):
Q’ragh could be considered mentally and emotionally unstable by Human, and even Klingon standards. He suffers delusions of an auditory nature on a regular basis, believing that an unknown Klingon deity named Kvaar’ton is speaking to him and offering him guidance. This delusion is shared by his siblings, leading medical professionals to believe there is an unexplained flaw in their DNA. He is prone to obsessing on highly focalized ideals and plans, often becoming carried away with fervor. He is hyper-protective of his siblings and of the fictitious ‘House of Duroc’, believing this to be his House. Q’ragh is deemed to be a potentially dangerous individual although his penchant for honor, loyalty and worship in the traditional Klingon fashion was recognized early by his tutors.

Born to unknown parents, the three ‘Sons of the House of Duroc’ (as they call themselves) were raised in an orphanage on Qo’noS. It became quickly apparent that the three were problematic, lashing out and aggressively confronting all who tried to work with them. Once they had grown to a size they could no longer be handled safely, they were bounced between different foster families and facilities. They were only split up once, and the damage each caused on their own was so great it was deemed unsafe to have them apart. It was determined by authorities that they suffered undiagnosed mental health issues, a diagnosis that each brother vehemently denied, and the separation of the brothers exacerbated these issues exponentially. It was also determined that they would be placed in a secure school where they were ‘educated’.
It was here that the above-mentioned auditory hallucinations began. All three believed a ‘deity’ named Kvaar’ton was speaking to them, telling them they were ‘Sons of the House of Duroc’ and that they needed to go forth on a holy quest to restore the honor of their fallen House and that of the God Kvaar’ton. Without hesitation, the three broke out of the facility and began their ‘quest’.
Their lives have been a continuous conglomeration of seemingly aimless wandering, fighting, preaching, and fighting; all in the pursuit of the ‘Lost D’k tahg of Lord Marshall Pr’Kenth’ a (according all known Klingon archaeology experts) wholly fictitious ‘relic’ that would supposedly restore their House and the Kvaar’ton to their rightful place in Klingon society. They made a living as mercenaries, enforcers, and even colonial guards at one point. But their dedication to their God and their quest always meant that any position or residence they found themselves in was to be temporary and short-lived.

Favored Weapons:
Q’ragh trained with all traditional Klingon weapons, including the Bat’leth, though he favors shorter blades. At his side, much like his brother K’vorth, he wears a standard Disruptor Pistol and a Mevak blade.

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