Lauren Shan

Authored by Kate O'Neill
Biographic Information
  • Position: Doctor on USS Atlantis
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 130
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Age: 27
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Character Biography

Full Name: Lauren Shan


Date of Birth: November 4, 2366

Place of Birth: Lacon City, Deneva

  ______________________________________ PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

Hair - dark brown with lighter highlights.  It is thick and long settling at the base of her shoulder blades

Eye color - Green with golden flecks around her pupils with dark lashes.

Body Features - Fair skinned but tan easily in the sun. She is slim with a petite frame. Lauren has a small tattoo that is about three inches tall and three inches wide on her left hip over her pelvic bone. tattoo.

Photo 1

Photo 2

  ______________________________________ BACKGROUND:

Lauren and her family moved from Lacona City, Deneva to a small outpost colony on Vorta V when she was 10. Her father was an engineer for Deneva Mining Corporation while her mom was a geologist. The outpost was not an official colony of the Federation but did rely on basic supplies from the Federation. Two months after arriving on the colony, the Shan family’s life changed forever.

Her parents found vast deposits of dilithium on Vorta V. Within five years, the colony hosted several mining companies from all over the Alpha quadrant. One night the colony was strategically attacked on the ground and from space. Few colonists survived the massacre. The colony then was absorbed into the Romulan Empire for protection.

It was presumed the entire Shan family had perished until Lauren was arrested one night on Orion for breaking into a local business 18 months after the attack. The DNA scans proved she was Lauren Shan and not Ariel Wright as she claimed to be. Further investigation into Lauren showed that the young girl listed as Ariel and Jonas’ daughter was actually Molly Shan Lauren’s infant sister who was now two years old. Lauren and Molly were returned to Deneva where they lived with their Aunt and Uncle.

  ______________________________________ EDUCATION/CAREER:


Boston University Undergraduate Pre-Med (Boston University, Boston Mass Earth)

Starfleet Academy

Degree: Lauren received a medical degree from Starfleet Academy with a special focus on pediattric and neurological studies


Career Summary:

Lauren attended Boston University and completed a program in Pre-Med. She was accepted to Johns Hopkins to further her education in medicine. A week before classes started at Johns Hopkins University, Lauren watched a news report of a devastating natural disaster on a
non-Federation colony. She listened to the report of the Starfleet Captain, who was providing support to the survivors, and it changed her life course. The next morning she packed her bags and headed to San Francisco.

Arriving at Starfleet Academy, Lauren applied for the medical program. Since she already had an undergraduate degree and all the necessary pre-requisites for a degree in medicine she was accepted. Lauren worked hard and often took double and triple shifts at the training hospital learning everything she could. She excelled in the pediatric rotation of the hospital but chose to be a general practitioner citing it would allow her to be placed on a greater variety of starships. That being said she only is not a pediatrician because she did not complete the residency requirement to complete the degree.

2384-2388 Boston University Undergraduate Pre-med Civilian
2388-2390 Starfleet Academy Cadet Security Officer
2390-2391 USS Discovery Ensign Security Officer
2391-2392 USS Ticonderoga Lieutenant Residency rotation
2392-2392 USS Chimera Lieutenant Doctor
2392-2393 OED V Lieutenant Doctor
2393-present USS Atlantis Lieutenant Doctor
  ______________________________________ MEDICAL INFORMATION:

Lauren has no major illnesses or allergies. She has had numerous injuries since joining Starfleet. They are listed in her official medical records as followed:

  ______________________________________ PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION

Lauren was in court mandated counseling for suspected anxiety and depression when she returned to Lacona City, Deneva for one year. Six months into the therapy, she was dismissed as being psychologically sound. Upon being accepted into Starfleet, she was required to attend counseling sessions based on the circumstances of her family’s death. After one semester, she was again released as psychologically sound but it was noted that she received counseling for anxiety/depression in her official file.

  ______________________________________ PERSONAL INFORMATION:


Parents: Rick and Cheryl Shan (deceased)

Siblings: Becca Shan (deceased), Colby Shan (deceased), and Molly Shan 8 years old residing with her Aunt and Uncle on Devena

Marital Status


Lauren was married at 16-years-old to Jonas Wright on Orion. It was annulled 18 months later when the marriage was deemed illegal because she was underaged at the time by Federation law. She is currently single.

Lauren is dating  Devon Rand a security officer on the USS Atlantis.  

Laure and Rand transfered to the USS Atlantis from OED.

  ______________________________________ Important Posts and Images:




 Originally submitted by Kate O'Neill on 16 December 2016 - 11:33 pm.

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