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Biographic Information
  • Position: Pen pal on USS Viking
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Efrosian
  • Weight: 175 LB
  • Height: 188 CM
  • Age: 32

Character Biography

Department: Scientist

Specialization: Botany


Kartovii is tall standing at 188 centimeters. He stays in shape and for the most part his body is proportionate to his height. The majority of his defining features are typical of his species: tanned burnt orange skin, long white hair and pale blue eyes. Kartovii keeps his hair braided and tied back into a ponytail. He has a fu manchu but it doesn’t extend beyond his chin. His mustache is paired with a small goatee. Below his left eye, he has a small horizontal scar. The scar is only noticeable in well-lit settings.
Aboard the Vikin Kartovii wears a blue science uniform. His collar is always undone and his sleeves went missing some time ago. Kartovii always has his tricorder with him, holstered at his side like a gunslinger.


Kartovii’s parents gave birth to him on Vulcan while attending a three-year scientific exchange program offered by the Vulcan Science Academy. Following the end of the program, several Efrosians returned to Efros Delta, including Kartovii’s father. Kartovii and his mother remained on Vulcan together with approximately seven other adult Efrosians and two other Efrosian children. Some remained to continue to study at the Vulcan Academy, while others stayed to avoid their unforgiving home world. Although they were from different bloodlines, the group that stayed formed themselves into a family. They shared a tight knit bond as foreigners in a somewhat xenophobic society.
As a result, Kartovii describes himself as having grown up in two different worlds. He attended Vulcan schools, and spent a lot of his time assimilating to Vulcan culture outside his home. However, at home his family taught him and his two brothers about Efros and its culture. He was encouraged to respect the Vulcans but remember his heritage.

Kartovii did not visit Efros Delta until he was 17 years old. He did so at the request of Hu-Tivas, an ailing Efrosian in his “family” which had served as a father figure to him throughout his childhood. Kartovii spent approximately a year and a half on Efros Delta attending classes at an Engineering school. During that time Tivas had passed away and he was offered full time enrollment in the Efrosian Engineering School. Although he appreciated the offer, Efros didn’t feel like home to him. He missed the Vulcan desert and oddly enough, the Vulcan people. He returned to Vulcan where he studied botany and eventually enrolled in Starfleet.

Following the completion of his studies, Kartovii was assigned to an exploratory science vessel known as the USS Thunderbolt where he continued to specialize in botany for 3 years. His first assignment ended when the vessel’s mission was cancelled and the ship was decommissioned. Following the decommissioning ceremony, Kartovii took leave on Vulcan to visit with his shrinking Efrosian family as well as his Vulcan mentors and friends. His leave lasted about three months until he was reassigned to the USS Saracen.

At the time the Saracen had gone missing and Kartovii was dispatched aboard shuttlecraft with several other Starfleet officers who were to find her. While searching for the Saracen, the shuttle encountered an anomaly that began to draw it in. As it did, the shuttle lost power and those aboard blacked out from an intense pressure. The shuttle was discovered adrift and in tatters approximately a week. Reports from the few survivors included vague memories of having found the Saracen and been aboard the ship before completely losing consciousness. Counselors and doctors ultimately attributed the memories to a loss of oxygen.

For a few months following the incident, Kartovii and the other survivors were enrolled in counseling to better “understand” their Saracen hallucinations. Following the completion of the counseling program, Kartovii was transferred to the Viking. The reasoning behind his transfer was not provided.

While aboard the viking, Kartovii became heavily reliant on medications prescribed to him after the Saracen incident. After only a short few months, the ship’s doctors declared him unfit for duty. He was subsequently sent to a Federation rehabilitation center.

Medical History (Restricted Access):

Genetic Makeup: .9375 Efrosian / .0625 Klingon

Kartovii’s medical record shows no notable illnesses on his mother’s side, although her record has not been updated for nearly 10 years. The file shows no information whatsoever about his father.

Entry Log:

Kartovii’s file has a short appendix attached from a Vulcan doctor he was seeing prior to joining Starfleet. The appendix contains following notes:
Age 19 – Treated for multiple lacerations and bruises - Temple (L), Side (R), Lower Arm (L)
Age 20 – Treated for Pel-tar’uk intoxication.
Age 21 – Record turned over to Starfleet Medical Department [end record].

The remainder of his file is official Starfleet record. It contains a number of routine physical examinations during his five years at the academy. Nothing of note is mentioned in these exams. The file begins to contain some gaps during his assignment to the USS Thunderbolt. Beyond of a number of minor injuries throughout his three-year tenure with the vessel, there is only one entry of note:

Age 27 – Patient sustained serious injuries during an away mission on the planetoid Regula. The patient was treated for severe trauma to his right leg and several broken bones in the same limb. Post realignment and repair the patient was placed in physical therapy.
Post the Thunderbolt, there are a handful of related entries:

Age 29 – Patient recovered from Epoch shuttlecraft. Treated for a loss of oxygen. Age 29 – Patient placed in counseling program. (Add) Prescribed 7MFB – 35mg (anti-psychotic)

Age 30 – Counseling program terminated.

Age 32 - Admitted into Rehabilitation Program aboard Starbase 731.

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