Tolar Zarath

Authored by Dave Eads
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer on USS Europa
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Andorian
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Age: 52
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Character Biography

Hair: Stark white, kept in a short military fashion.
Eyes: Brown.

Picture of Lt Cmdr Tolar Zareth

Andorian Facial Features: Andorians have a mostly human facial structure, but have a pair of prehensile antennae which emerge either from the front or sides of their upper foreheads. Various brow ridges that accentuate these antennae come in a wide variety, differing slightly due to genetic structure and gender. These Antennae evolved to detect minute changes in atmospheric pressure, as well as heat fluctuations and magnetic field variations. Evolutionarily speaking, this was due to Andorians living in subsurface ice and stone tunnels. Their extra senses were used to detect cave-ins, collapses, and various other changes in their habitat. With some training and a lot of difficulties, the Antennae can even be used as short-range sensors to detect life signs. This makes it quite difficult to sneak up on a properly trained Andorian. Tolar’s Antennae are rooted toward the front of his forehead rather than the side, and he has only very subtle ridges that join and lead to the base of each Antennae.

Skin: Andorians and their Cousins the Aenar come in a variety of hues, often denoting gender and family traits. Tolar’s skin is Sky Blue like most Chan Males of his species and region.

Born: 2344, Born in Laikan, the Capital City of the Moon Andoria which orbits the Gas Giant Andor.

Andorian Physiology and Family Structure: Andorians have four distinct Genders and procreation requires all four sexes to participate. Thus, Andorian Families tend to be rather complex. Clan hierarchies further complicate Andorian culture. The Shen Female generates the Gametes, which is fertilized by both the Chan and Thaan Males. The resulting Egg is then transferred and brought to term in the Zhen Female who then gives birth to the child.

Zhen (Mother): Gollas Zh’Zareth, Deceased.
Shen (Mother): Tal’ora Sh’Zareth, Deceased.
Chan (Father): Shraff Ch’Zareth.
Thaan (Father): F’rel Th’Zareth, Deceased.
Siblings: Shr’ell Zareth, Deceased.

Marital Status: Single

Tolar is Five feet, eight inches tall and has a wiry build. He is thin, but strong, having been a military man all his life. He has high cheekbones and a squared jaw, with dark eyes. Tolar keeps himself quite physically fit, though due to an old injury, he has a pronounced limp and walks with the use of a cane made of polished ebony. Of a smaller stature than most in his family, Tolar made up for this imagined shortcoming by forcing himself to become a formidable hand to hand combatant; which he still is, despite being an amputee and having to use a prosthetic right leg.

A dyed-in-the-wool Pessimist, Tolar finds it difficult at times to reconcile his gallows style humor and dark mindset with the often “bubbly” humanity he is often surrounded by. His humor is often sarcastic and his bedside manner has been described as “Gruff”; however, Tolar is at his center, a good man who means well. He is bluntly honest, very loyal, quick-witted, and very private.

Intrigue, Mystery, and Medicine have always fascinated Tolar. His hobbies include Military History, Medical History, Historical Re-Enactments, Earth “Spy Novels and Noir Films”, and Gardening.

Andorians, in general, tend to be hot-headed and quick to anger. This is due to physiology as much as culture and history, as the Andorian metabolism is much faster and hotter than the Human or Vulcan metabolism. Tolar is no different in that regard. His time in Special Forces and classified operations with the Imperial Guard left Tolar with a pronounced sense of paranoia, though he manages to control it well and does not seem to suffer from PTSD because of it. Culturally, Tolar tends to distrust Vulcans because of their historical aggressions. This bias is one he has been working to correct.

Education and Background:
Tolar was raised in the Capital City of Laikan, on Andoria. He hails from a military family with a long clan history of service both to the Andorian Imperial Guard and Starfleet. His early schooling was normal for his region, but he was put into a military training school and spent most of his childhood preparing to go into the Guard.

Starfleet Medical / Basic Medical Care
Starfleet Medical / Advanced Medical Care
Starfleet Medical / Nursing and Minor Medicine
Starfleet Medical / Ph.D. General Medicine / Specialty in Emergency Care
Starfleet Operations
Starfleet Security / Small Weapons Specialty (Advanced)
Starfleet Security / Hand to Hand Combat Specialty (Advanced)
Starfleet Intelligence / (Advanced, Classified)
Starfleet Piloting / Small Craft (Advanced)
Starfleet Piloting/ Starship Helm Operations (Advanced)

Tolar is in excellent health, reasonably good mental health, and is quite fit. He suffers some pain from extensive nerve damage he received during old injuries and has never fully regained his full range of leg motion especially his right leg, which terminates above the knee and utilizes a prosthetic.

Recent History:

Andorian Imperial Guard Service Record:
2362 - Enters Andorian Imperial Guard. (Age 18)
2363 - Joins Special Forces Unit. (Age 19)
2363 - 2369 - Deployed on various classified “Black Ops” missions. (Age 20-27)
2369 - 2370 - Tolar is severely injured during a classified mission, the severity of his injuries ends his career with the Andorian Imperial Special Forces. Over 18 months, Tolar regains the use of his remaining limbs and is rehabilitated to be largely functional, though no longer capable of advanced specialized combat maneuvers. He is Medically retired from the Imperial Guard and decides to leave Andor and begin a new career with Starfleet.

Starfleet Service Record:
2371 - 2375 - Attends Starfleet Academy, graduates.
2375 - 2379 - Completes Medical Ph.D.
2379 - 2381 - Promoted to Lt. J.G., Serves as Medical Staff, USS Midway.
2381 - 2386 - Serves as Corpsman Medic attached to Marine Unit, USS Comet.
2386 - 2388 - Promoted to Lt., Serves as Medical Staff, USS Kincaid.
2388 - 2390 - Serves as CMO, USS Brian A Olinski.
2390 - 2392 - Serves as CMO, USS Endeavor.
2392 - 2394 - Promoted to Lt. Commander, Serves as XO, USS Ogawa.
2394 - 2396 - Serves as CMO, Starbase 14.
2396 - Present - Transfers to USS Europa to serve as CMO.

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