Walter "Doc" Thompson

Authored by Dave Eads
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Age: 26
Actions Available

Character Biography

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee; Earth

Physical Description:
Doc is, in many ways, a good ol’ southern boy. Most of his Tennessee accent was educated out of him during his many years of schooling, but its ghost is apparent in his everyday speech (As well as rearing it’s ugly head when he’s drinking.) Medium tall, Doc has a decent, if somewhat stocky build. His brown hair and eyes give him a warm demeanor, which suits his outgoing personality quite well.

Psych Eval:
One trait from Doc’s southern heritage is the huge stubborn streak in him. Single minded, nearly to a fault; Doc holds himself to a very high standard. This means he tends to push himself quite hard, and will sometimes take risks to achieve his goal. The upside of this tendency is that Doc gives his all in an emergency situation, doing absolutely anything possible to save a patient. As the saying goes, work hard, play hard.. Doc has been known to drown his sorrows now and then. However his favorite vice is real tobacco, which he partakes in on occasion.

Doc grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. His father Jed Thompson was a surgeon, and his mother Mary a scientist and Star fleet officer. Mary Thompson was tragically killed in service when Doc was very young. Doc’s father Jed, a stern man by any means, raised him alone. His nickname started at a young age, having nothing to do with an interest in medicine. After raising hell all through his high school years, it was about time to settle in and pick a career. Since his father was a physician, it seemed like a good tradition to continue. Never one to actually settle all the way down, Doc chose to enter Star Fleet, much to the chagrin of his father (Who had
already lost his wife to Star fleet…) After completing his general courses and medical training, Doc graduated from the academy with good marks and began his career as a shipboard physician.

Service Record:
2385-2389 - Cadet, Star Fleet Academy
2389-2392 - Ensign, Star Fleet Medical Training
2392-2392 - Ensign, USS Asimov-B, Assistant CMO
2392-2393 - Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Asimov-B, CMO

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