Joseph Franklin

Authored by Dave Eads
Biographic Information
  • Position: Anomalous Individual on USS Leviathan
  • Rank:
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Height: 6'
  • Age: 37
Actions Available

Character Biography

Hair: Darker brown with salt and pepper at the temples. Worn short and textured.
Eyes: Hazel.

Picture of Commander Joseph Franklin.

Born: October 7th, 2359, In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, on Earth.

Mother: Tabitha Franklin, Inola, Oklahoma, Earth.
Father: George Franklin, Deceased.
Sister: Miriam Franklin-Delaney, Denver, Colorado, Earth.
Brother: Alexander Franklin, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Earth.
Brother: Robert Franklin, San Francisco, California, Earth.
Brother: Chief Petty Officer James Franklin, Currently serving aboard USS Europa.

Marital Status: Divorced.

Joseph stands six feet tall and has a lanky frame. He is weathered from a youth spent working the family farm but has a bearing that speaks more to academic background. He has Hazel eyes, brown hair, and is just starting to grey around the temples.

Joe was the eldest child in his family and thus was always the quiet, reserved, respectful one. However respectful and reserved he might be, though, Joseph always felt restless in rural Oklahoma. Being the oldest in a large brood often found Joseph battling for his own time and space to have to himself, though he was kind to and took care of his siblings. Having no wish to remain a farmer for his whole life, Joe found his aspirations reached off-world and toward exploration. He would find that his personality suited this path as he joined Starfleet.

Besides exploration, Joe found himself at ease working with his hands. As a kid, he often built models and radio-controlled vehicles of all types. As a teen and into adulthood, he often tinkered with vintage automobiles, often enlisting his youngest brother James to help him. Joe has a taste for beer, which he prefers over liquor and fancy wines. He also collects Maps of all sorts, early star maps being his favorite.

Joseph can be distant and keep his emotions and thoughts close to the vest, which can make him appear aloof to others at times. Less a ‘coldness’ than what seems to be a disinterest in wanting to be around others can sometimes feel like disregard, but it’s simply that Joe is the sort of man who lives most of his life inside his head.

Education and Background:
Joseph has an extensive background in agriculture. He attended primary school with good grades and graduated near the top of his class at Broken Arrow Highschool.

Starfleet Engineering / Basic Qualification
Starfleet Engineering / Advanced Qualification
Starfleet Engineering / Applied Mechanics
Starfleet Engineering / Applied Mechanics (Advanced)
Starfleet Engineering / Warp Propulsion
Starfleet Engineering / Warp Propulsion (Advanced)
Starfleet Piloting / Small Craft (Advanced)
Starfleet Piloting/ Medium Craft (Advanced)
Starfleet Piloting/ Starship Helm Operations (Advanced)
Starfleet Astrometrics / Basic Qualification
Starfleet Astrometrics / Advanced Qualification
Starfleet Stellar Cartography / Basic Qualification
Starfleet Stellar Cartography / Advanced Qualification

Aside from several knit bone breaks as a young man, Joseph is healthy and clear for duty.

Recent History:
In 2392 USS Augustine took on supplies and launched from DeepSpace 4, beginning her five-year mission of exploration. It was a dream come true for Joseph who had wanted to map new stars and worlds since he was a child. Her course was to take her beyond previous routes charted through what had been Xindi space, updating stellar maps that were by now three hundred years old. For three years, Cmdr Franklin and Augustine kept regular contact with Starfleet, updating maps and routes through new territory. However, in mid-2395, Starfleet Command lost contact with USS Augustine and was unable to reestablish communication. No trace was ever found of the Ship, and she is considered lost with all hands.

Service History:
2377 - Joins Starfleet
2381 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy.
2381 - Serves aboard USS Challenger.
2382 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG, Transfers to USS Olympic.
2382 - Takes leave to visit James Franklin at Starfleet Academy.
2385 - Transfers to USS Boseman, promoted to Lieutenant.
2387 - Promoted to Lt. Cmdr, transfers to USS Pegasus.
2388 - 2392 - Serves aboard USS Pegasus as Chief Engineer.
2392 - Promoted to Cmdr, given command of USS Augustine.
2392 - USS Augustine begins a five-year exploration mission.
2395 - USS Augustine, under the command of Joseph Franklin, fails to arrive at a scheduled rendezvous. When communication cannot be established, the ship is considered lost with all hands.

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