Authored by Russell Watt
Biographic Information
  • Position: Science Officer on Outpost 42
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Avisarite
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Height: 2.35m
  • Age: 28
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Character Biography

Avisarite Species:

Hatching: May 2369
Sex: Male
Skin Colour: Blue/Grey pigment; though with red ‘splotches’ due to the chicken pox suffered while in the Academy
Eye Colour: Brown
Head Comb: Small, ranging in colour from blue/green during June/July/August through to red/yellow during December/January/February. During the months of March/April/May and September/October/November it is purple/orange in colour.
Upper Leg Scales: Blue

Cherp’eng is from a Roost on the southern continent of Avi II, a relatively warm part of their homeworld. He was part of the hatching in May 2369.

He showed promise during his ‘bird brain-less years’ as a scientist and towards the end of his formal schooling spent time on one of the Avisarite ships, specialising in stellar cartography.

Cherp’eng applied for Starfleet Academy and got through on the first attempt. He entered the science pathway, and continued to specialise in stellar cartography while also developing an interest in archeology.

While on an archeological dig on Ume Prime, he was struck down by a particularly nasty bout of chicken pox which saw him in quarantine for most of his sophomore year, resulting in him having to repeat the year. He almost died from the effects, and has red splotches on his skin.

Once cleared, Cherp’eng returned to his studies, determined to graduate and become a Scientist. He achieved this goal, graduating in the top 5% of his class. He has previously served on the USS Viking, before returning to the Academy to extend his scientific knowledge to other areas of the field and to serve as an occasional lecturer on the history and practices of his people. After three years of this service, he desired to return to active service, but on an Outpost rather than a starship. And thus, he found himself assigned to Outpost 42 orbiting Gamma Tiltium IV.

Physical Health
The Avian flu of 2380 may have had an impact on Cherp’eng’s immune system, making him susceptible to other diseases, including the chicken pox suffered while at the Academy. He was given the usual medications prior to his departure from Avi II.

The bone structure of the Avisarites is close to that of birds, particularly ostriches, and their bones are light compared to humans. That means they are more likely to suffer injuries than most other species. However it also means that they require much less time to recover from their injuries. The Avisarites have three stomachs, and each plays an important part in their digestion. A common problem for Avisarites who live and work off world is that they need to replenish their levels of heroglymacis, a naturally occurring enzyme found on Ari II. Fortunately, this can be administered by trained medical personnel at Federation facilities quickly and painlessly through a hypospray.

Mental Health
Cleared as having good mental health prior to departure from his Academy Cadet Training.

Has a tendency to be overly concerned that he is being insensitive to other species and does not want to cause offense to them. Interested in death and the beliefs about dying among other species. Not a ‘taboo’ subject for his people. Also interested in understanding about why knowing one’s birth parents is so important to other species, can ask embarrassing questions at times … and doesn’t understand why they are embarrassing.

- Last Update 7 January 2022 with a modification to last paragraph under Background.

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