Mason Black

Authored by David Shotton
Biographic Information
  • Position: Executive Officer on USS Odin
  • Rank: Commander
  • Species: Denevan
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Age: 34
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Character Biography

Full Name: Mason Luke Black

Year of Birth: 2361

Place of Birth: Archer City, Deneva

______________________________________ PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

Hair - Thick black hair of medium length and normally worn in a brushed back but slightly messy style as if always too busy to spend much time on it, but somehow looks tidy.

Eye color - Grey-green eyes with dark eyebrows.

Body Features - Mason is a man who is outwardly confident. Fairly tall, he conforms to the physique of many who start out in the Security path and still takes the time to make sure he stays fit, especially because of his medical condition which he strives to reduce to a ‘footnote’ in his file. He tends to use his height and build to take attention away from any hand tremors he may be experiencing and often stands with them clasped behind his back.

Photo of Commander Mason L Black

Photo of Lt Commander Mason L Black

Photo of Lt Commander Mason L Black

Photo of Lieutenant Mason L Black

______________________________________ BACKGROUND:

Mason was born on the planet of Deneva in 2361, a Federation member world and much famed for such items as Denevan Fire Crystals, Denevan Chocolate Pudding (A close cousin to Ambrosia Pudding on Earth) and Denevan Whiskey.

He attended his early years at school in Archer City on the main continent of Deneva, and held various jobs with his family who were in the mining and jewelry business, running a well known business called Black Diamond Jewels and being a noted age-grade Rugby star.

Eventually at 18yo Mason was accepted into Starfleet Academy, something that did not sit too well with his business and traditionally career focused family, however they had never held their children back from pursuing their dreams and supported Mason.

______________________________________ EDUCATION/CAREER:


The Archer University of Deneva (2377-2378)

Star Fleet Academy:

Star Fleet Academy Graduate as an Operations Division (Security) Officer with extra credit in Tactical Studies.

Career Summary:

2379-2382 Starfleet Academy - Earth Cadet Operations Division (Security)
2383 USS Discovery Cadet Cruise Security Officer
2383-2384 USS Arrow Ensign Security Officer
2385 USS Arrow Lieutenant (j.g) Promoted to Lt (j.g) and Commended for bravery. Assigned as acting Chief of Security after injury to previous CoS
2386-2387 USS Typhoon Lieutenant Assigned as Chief of Security and promoted to Lieutenant
2388 Deneva Station Medical Facility Lieutenant Began to suffer serious seizures and placed on Medical Leave. Found to have undiagnosed Forrester-Trent Syndrome
2389 Starfleet Academy - Deneva Lieutenant Switched to the Command career path and graduated from the Denevan Starfleet Academy after doing extra training
2390 USS Typhoon Lieutenant Assigned as the Chief Tactical Officer
2391 USS Asimov Lieutenant Assigned as acting Executive Officer while the Typhoon underwent scheduled maintenance
2392 USS Asimov Lieutenant Commander Assigned as Executive Officer and promoted to Lt Cmdr
2393 USS Asimov Commander Promoted to Commander
2395 USS Odin Commander Transferred as Executive Officer
______________________________________ MEDICAL INFORMATION AND BACKGROUND:

Late in 2388 at the young age of 27 Mason suddenly began having serious seizures and uncontrollable tremors in his hands. Stood down from duty as the Typhoons Chief of Security, he was found to have a genetic disease by the name of Forrester-Trent Syndrome. This was a surprise to him as neither his parents or grandparents suffered from the disease, but medical investigation found a history of it a number of generations back on his fathers side.

Requiring a series of neuro-stabilization treatments, Mason was placed on medical leave and admitted to a Federation hospital on his home planet of Deneva to undergo a number of months of treatment and support due to the potential for paralysis or death if the treatment was not successful. He responded well but the treatment did not remove the effects of the disease completely, meaning that he would require these treatments annually for the rest of his life unless a better treatment was devised. These treatments were capable of being carried out on most Starships with a standard medical facility on board.

While the seizures were completely treated, due to ongoing hand tremors of low degrees of severity Mason, with the support of Starfleet chose to switch from Security to the Command path, and was able to quickly complete the course from the Starfleet Academy on Deneva during 2389. Upon course completion, he was assigned to the U.S.S. Typhoon once again as Chief Tactical Officer.

Eventually the ship found itself docked at DS9 for standard maintenance and refreshment. During this stopover Mason was offered the role of Acting Executive Officer on board one of the new Brazen Class escorts, the U.S.S. Asimov-B, during it’s shakedown cruise. Faced now with the choice of waiting for the Typhoon or advancing his career, he chose the Asimov.

______________________________________ PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION AND PERSONALITY

He can be a focused man, and can be fairly competitive in, normally, a positive way. Mason gives a lot of himself and is not the kind of person to willingly give in without a fight. That aside, he would consider himself fair and easy to get along with. He makes no excuses for any drop in performance due to his condition.

He plays down his condition at every opportunity, often almost refusing to acknowledge the potential seriousness of it. He is not blind to the effects, but he resents the label it gives him as needing special medical attention and the potential it has to halt his career and personal life. Because of it, however, he lost some self confidence in his personal relationships as he feels the condition makes him less of a potential partner, hence also the reason he tries to ignore it as much as he can and hide the effects of it from others.

______________________________________ PERSONAL INFORMATION:


Vincent Henry Black Father Owner - Black Diamond Jewels Ltd Archer City, Deneva
Josephine Erica Black Mother Owner and lead Designer - Black Diamond Jewels Ltd Archer City, Deneva
Tristan Felix Black Brother Sales Agent - Black Diamond Jewels Ltd Lacon City, Deneva

Marital Status

Mason is married to Lieutenant Commander Paris Black (nee Carisi) who is the Armorer aboard the U.S.S. Odin. The two became an item after Paris, flustered at her Mother's attempts to find her a boyfriend of suitable standing claimed that she was dating the Executive Officer of the USS Asimov, one Lieutenant Commander Black.

This slightly backfired when her Father, a Starfleet Admiral no less, arrived unannounced aboard the Asimov while the ship was orbiting Risa and her mother was preparing her final Diplomatic Dinner as the Federations Ambassador to that Planet. Being taken by surprise at Paris' sudden declaration that the two were a couple, and had been for some time, Mason played along for a laugh and to support Paris while her father was aboard, however the two soon found a common interest and decided that the relationship was worth exploring.

Mason and Paris were married in a small ceremony on Christmas Day, 2396 while enroute to the USS Odin as Mason's gift to Paris after picking up their adopted daughter Harper. The final gift Mason gave Paris was a bouquet of flowers, as Paris looked at Mason in confusion the shuttle dropped out of warp over a small planet where her father and mother were waiting with a small group of friends. The couple were married in the shade of a grove of flowering trees' with their daughter Harper by their side.

______________________________________ Important Posts: - Holodeck Deneva and Paris and Mason's engagement - The Destruction of Beltran II

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