Jack A. Grey

Authored by Hjortur Ingi
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer on USS Memorial
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 90 Kg
  • Height: 1.95m - 6'4"
  • Age: 31
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Character Biography

Jack Alexander Grey

Tall, thin & moderately fit. Dirty blond hair cut short, Blue eyes. Well groomed and always clean shaven.

General History:
Was born on the Family farm in the Highlands of Scotland. Travelled with his parents on a Starship until his 13th Birthday when they moved back to Earth, mixing their time on the Farm in Scotland or the Capitol of Iceland with his mothers family. Growing up with on Earth his two best friends were his cousins, The Scottish Benjamin and the Icelandic/Trill Timor. The three were great friends, often spending time together in the different countries.

Jack showed exceptional mathematical skills at an early age and was tested early and diagnosed as a Child Savant/Genious, an oft considered family trait. He showed an active and caring person but also moderately egotistical. He was accepted into the Cambridge UniversityScience Department for Gifted Youngsters in England at Seventeen where he excelled in his studies. He graduated in only two years with a PhD in Quantum Physics and a Bachelors in Xenobiology. At the same time, he showed a slight interest in his Cousin Benjamins medical studies and considered starting medical studies before enlisting in Starfleet with his friend and Cousin Timor.

Current SKillset
PhD in Quantum Physics
PhD In Xenobiology
Bachelors in Micro Biology
Bachelors in Xenozoology
M.d - General Medical Degree
Classified Surgeon
Bachelors in Classical Musci - Piano
Ma. In Classical Music - Trombone

Federation Standard - Fluent + Sign LAnguage
Icelandic - Fluent + Sign LAnguage
Danish - FLuent + Sign LAnguage
Spanish - Fluent
Mandarin Chinese + Sign LAnguage
Arabic - Fluent
Vulcan Basic - Fluent
Andorian Basic - Fluent + Sign Language
Tellarite Basic - Fluent
Betazed Standard - Fluent reading- Moderately FLuent Speaking
Basic Catioan - Moderately Fluent
Grazerian - Moderately Fluent

Year Event
2363 Jack Alexander Grey is Born - 16th of March
2382 Joins Starfleet Academy
2385 Assigned to USS Challenger as Cadet
2386 Graduates - Assigned to USS Aztec -B as Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387 Promoted to Chief Science Officer
2389 Reassigned to Think tank Σ 5 on Mars
2389 Accepted into Pax Angelica Medical Academy on Mars
2393 Graduates as M.D. Accepted as Surgeon on Nova Scandinavia Starfleet Medical Station
2394 Reassigned to USS Memorial

Starfleet Academy
Jack Excelled at the Academy both Academically and socially, he was a member of several music bands both classical, jazz and even shortly a blues group. During his time he also took a course in medical studies, qualifying as a Medical assistant after completing it. He also attempted boxing with a modicum of success. He was assigned to serve on the USS Challenger for his last year and graduated with Honours and was immediately assigned as Chief Science officer on the USS Aztec-B.

USS Aztec
He Graduated as a Lieutenant Junior Grade and was placed in charge of the Science Department on the Aztec. Whilst there his godfather Johann tended the bar which helped Jack cope with living on a ship. Not studying didn’t really suit Jack very well and he had several clashes with his crewmates, including the first officer. Although he had a fairly successful tour on the few years he was on the Aztec a personal altercation with it’s Security Chief left him disinterested in continuing his craft as a Department Head. He requested reassignment and was recruited into a Think tank on Mars.

Think Tank Σ 1
The think tank Sigma 1 was mainly focused on developing new types of FTL and Warp drives, creating new energy sources and the development of newer medical technologies. During his time there Jack started studying medicine having gotten interested in becoming a Medical doctor after three PhDs. He decided to enter a Martian Medical University whilst doing his work there. There again he excelled in his studies, far outperforming the younger students. He showed great skill for Surgeries and after graduating he was offered a position as a junior Surgeon on the Nova Scandinavia Medical Station.

Nova Scandinavia
Nova Scandinavia is an advanced Federation Medical facility currently in the Andoria System. There he studied under some of the best medical practitioners in the Federation. His skill and understanding as a scientist was a great asset there.

USS Memorial
After proving himself to his superiors he was recommended to take a position as a Chief Medical Officer. He was offered a position on the Rechristened Aztec, the USS Memorial. He retains his rank if LT.jg. and takes his place as the Head of it’s Medical Department.

During Jack’s second year he and Timor got into a bar brawl with some Nauscicans which resulted in a broken arm and nose for Jack. His cousin was already well trained by his Father but after that Jack’s mother decided it was time that Jack took some advanced hand-to-hand combat lessons with his Uncle, retired UFP Marine General Joseph Karlson, his Mothers older Brother. Although difficult he managed to do fairly well in learning MArine QQC.

Although Jack has lived a fairly healthy lifestyle he has an unhealthy love of alcoholic beverages. This is in large part due to his unusually high metabolism, the direct results of his direct paternal ancestors genetic meddling. Although his neurological activity is must faster, higher and generally superior to others his body overcompensates forcing him to consume copious amounts of calories. This also makes him crave things in a much more intense way turning to his love of sweets, snacks, breadstuffs and alcohol making him a true glutton. The overtaxation must be carefully managed or it can severely damage his internal organs beyond repair.

The Grey family secret:
During the Warp 5 era of spaceships the then Clan Leader of the Grey family, the strange Charles Grey managed to modify his body in a way that all of his children and their children were modified on a genetic level. How he managed this and why is unknown. No one understands how his genetic changes only start altering the brain of the child during the final month of pregnancy.
This change is not guaranteed but at times is so drastic that the child becomes different on a fundamental level. Gaining a slight trait over other humans but not so that he becomes a so-called ‘Ubermensch’. This has led to a fear of mating with other Species in Jack’s family because they fear what might happen if they’re unique trait might possibly kill the child.

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