Reira Akaba

Authored by Stephen MacDonald
Biographic Information
  • Position: Science Officer on USS Viking
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Human (Ex-Drone)
  • Weight: 67kgs
  • Height: 178cms
  • Age: 25
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Character Biography

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan, Earth.

Parents: Mother - Lieutenant Sayuri Akaba, previously Chief Science Officer onboard the USS Avenger. Assimilated on the 24th April 2381. Father - Leo Akaba, Captain of the USS Astraios.

Reira is a Starfleet kid, often being with one or the other of his parents. He was a quiet and rather distant child due to constantly going from ship to ship, not seeing the point in making friends if he was only going to be with them for a year at most. At the age of 6, his parents were assigned to the same ship and he developed some stability in his life, still needing encouragement to open up to other children and adults, often spending time on the holodeck since he could control that “reality”.

At the age of 8, their science ship USS Parthenos encountered a Borg Sphere after a warp core malfunction got them sucked into a Transwarp Conduit. The vessel was designated for assimilation by the Collective and had drones transport onto the ship. Of the crew of 143, 67 were successfully abducted and assimilated, including Reira’s mother. Reira himself was injected with nanoprobes but avoided capture when the security team shot down the drone, Reira ran away and hid himself in a Jefferies Tube, being found by the computer rather than coming out of his own volition. By the time the medical team could assess him, the damage was done as vital organs had been implanted with Borg technology and removing certain structures would kill him, with parts of the plating of the Jefferies Tube being converted into exoplating armor.

His father was a broken man after this, his wife missing in action and his son permanently mutilated in his opinion, he joined Section 31 with a desire to save his wife and fight the Borg for destroying what was once a happy life. Reira became key to that as the nanoprobes continued assimilating more of his body as he grew older, he considered himself diseased. He relies on Borg perfection and his superior abilities as a former drone, using them to shield himself from crippling insecurity and a belief that everyone he meets either hates him or fears him. His difficulties with interpersonal relationships are evident, opening up to people isn’t something he’s very good at. After being transferred to his father’s new S31 Ship, he grew increasingly dissatisifed at his lack of personal freedoms and Leo’s increasing obsession over destroying the Borg, tired of being used to create new weapons and turn the already formidable vessel he had at his command into something even more dangerous. He stayed on his father’s vessel initially out of need, due to requiring a Borg Alcove to regenerate in every night.

Distrustful of everyone due to Section 31 pursuing him, he had graduated Starfleet Academy with exceptional records and joins the Viking, desperate to get away from his controlling father. I try to portray Leo as a villain in the shadows, with Anti-Social Personality Disorder which was worsened by losing Sayuri and now Reira. His ship is called the USS Astraios, there is no official record of it and it has an illegal cloaking device, stolen from the Romulans.

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