Lumi Heikkinen

Authored by Joana Ribeiro
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 117lbs
  • Height: 5'3''
  • Age: 31
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Character Biography

Physical Description:
Lumi is a towhead blonde, with an oval face and blue eyes. Her skin is pale with a slight pinkish tone.

Lumi Heikkinen was born aboard the USS Beaufort to Finnish parents, Luukas and Gáddjá Heikkinen, a Biologist and a Nurse.
After an emergency evacuation of the Beaufort, her parents decided it was too dangerous having a child aboard and decided to leave her with her maternal grandparents, in Enontkiö, Northern Finland. They wrote her every week and commed her every night and brought her souvenirs from places they had been, along with the stories of their journeys.

Her grandparents were ones of the very few Sami reindeer herders that still survived. Since the middle of the 20th century that people left the rural way of life to go to the city. Lumi was no exception. With 18 years old she travelled south to Helsinki where she enrolled in a BSc in Biology. A year after, realizing it wasn’t what she really liked to study and moved to a Chemistry major with a minor in astrophysics. Three years later she was accepted at Starfleet Academy from where she graduated with 25 years old, having been able to conclude her MSc studies in Exochemistry.

She was assigned to the Beaufort where her parents were still part of the crew. At 27 she felt it was time for her to follow her own path, resulting in her transference to the Asimov. Later in the same year, she was transferred again, this time to the Athena. To this day she is still doubtful as to why she asked to be transferred.
Lumi is quite a daydreamer and can be often found wearing an absentminded expression. Most of the time she’s meditating on her own research but sometimes she’s simply in a world of her own.

Despite her forgetful personality, her work in Exochemistry is quite notorious earning her a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant (j.g.) early in her carrier.

Medical Records:
Lumi is a healthy person, never having had any serious illnesses.

She has a burn mark on her right shoulder and shoulder blade from a lab accident during her Academy years. Although she could have chosen to have it made less visible she kept it as a reminder of what her own absentmindedness could cause.

(Left the Athena at 28)

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