Yael Dayan

Authored by Joana Ribeiro
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 134lbs
  • Height: 5'6''
  • Age: 31
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Character Biography

Physical Description:
Thick dark brown hair and dark brown almond shaped eyes. Light olive skin.

Personal History:
Yael was born in Tel Aviv to Netali and Hayim Dayan. Netali was a pilot for the Surveillance and Tactical department of the Tel Aviv police and Hayim a research scientist at the Computer Science department of the University of Tel Aviv. Yael has an older brother, David, seven years older than her.
When Yael was 4, an electrical failure in Netali’s aircraft caused the craft to fall and crash, killing her instantly.
The family never considered moving anywhere else, especially Hayim, who firmly believed ones place was in the land they were born and although his life as a scientist took him to many places, he was never too fond of the journeys or the time he spent away from home. And the untimely death of his wife reinforced this idea.
With the assistance of his parents, Hayim tried as hard as he could to keep life as normal as possible for his children, but trying to keep life as it was before Netali’s accident was wearing him down more and more every day. Four year old Yael was not old enough to really realize what had happened, but the loss of her mother was not missed and it crushed eleven year old David.
After the incident, three full years went by before Hayim would realize that he would never move on if he kept on going in the most unexpected of ways. Leaving seven year old Yael and fourteen year old David with their grandparents, Hayim travels to San Francisco to attend a conference on the development of the UFP and Trill relations, and he meets Haral Tova. And for the first time he feels comfortable enough to talk about what was going on in his life.
They eventually fall in love and Hayim decides to apply for a position one of the projects that bring the UFP and Trill together during the latter’s membership process, and eventually they move to Trill where Yael completes her education seeing in Haral the mother figure she lacked.
Yael is fourteen when Haral dies and Tova moves on, and this time Yael has to deal with the loss of the mother she now had. Yael and her father return to Earth and move to San Francisco as David had enrolled in the Academy.
Four years later, she decides to follow her mother’s footsteps in law enforcement and her brother’s steps in Starfleet and she returns to Earth to enroll in the Academy as a Security officer, as her father finds a teaching position at UCSF.
At 22 she graduates and is assigned as an Ensign to the USS Earhart where her role as acting Chief of Security earns her a promotion to Lt. JG three years later and at 26 she’s promoted to Chief of Security aboard the same vessel. Two years later she’s promoted to Lieutenant.
After a change of command and an ugly disagreement with the new XO, Yael requests her reassignment and is assigned to the USS Olympic.

Medical History:
Apart from a broken nose from her cadet times and two broken ribs sustained aboard the Earhart, Yael is a healthy woman with no history of complex or severe complications.

(Left the Olympic at 29)

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