Jasper Jarvis

Authored by Iain Foggarty
Biographic Information
  • Position: Cardiology and Surgery on USS Ogawa
  • Rank: Crewman
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 9st 8lb
  • Height: 5'10''
  • Age: 55

Character Biography

Name: Jasper Jarvis
Rank: Ensign
Serial number: 271088-B
Currently serving: USS Ogawa
Position: Medical Officer
Image: https://imageshack.com/i/pnmcFruUp

Species: Human
Gender: Male
DoB: 31st Oct 2339
Age: 55
Place of birth: Amarok III
Religion: None
Citizenship: Federation
Languages spoken: Federation standard, Universal Ferengi dialect (AKA Finance)

Parents: Richard Jarvis (father) - deceased
Janet O’Brien (mother) - deceased
Spouses: Nation McKinley - divorced
Children: None

Height: 5’10’’
weight: 9st 8lb
eye colour: blue
Hair colour: grey (thinning)
Blood type: Terran- AB
Vision: 20/20 after surgical correction.
Identifying features: Wears spectacles and can be identified by the constant look of contempt on his face.

Short physical description:

Doctor Jarvis has a wiry frame that conceals his above-average level of strength. His thin hair is grey and slicked back. His sharp, blue eyes stare upon the world through a pair of thin spectacles that sit perched upon his pointed nose. They are worn to ease the strain on his eyes and to augment his image. While his gaze typically betrays his contempt for those it falls upon, Dr Jarvis does nothing to hide the fact that he is constantly assessing everyone he looks at. Prior to his enlistment in Star-fleet, Jasper had a preference for old-style three-piece suits. Worn with a white shirt and a small gold pocket watch.

A. Promotion History:

B.Service History:

C. Medals and Commendations

A. Academic Institutions Attended:

B. Service Schools Attended:

C. Qualifications:

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:


A. Background Summary:

Jasper Jarvis (named for his grandfather) was born on Amarok III, a planet on the fringe of Federation space and the homeworld of his father, Richard Jarvis. However, only a few short months after his birth, his parents returned to their roles on a freighter and so he grew up within the cold metal walls of a starship. While his mother worked as an engineer, his father served as the sole medic. With few other children to play with, Jasper spent the bulk of his time reading technical manuals and then deconstructing the devices he had just read about. However, as he grew older and the routes of the freighter became more dangerous, Jasper began to assist his father with the increasing number of medical conditions that arose. It did not take him long to make a connection between the machines he had taken apart and the bodies of the wounded.

When civil war broke out on Amarok III, those members of the freighter crew that were indigenous to the planet, felt compelled to return and fight against the rebel uprising. Unwilling to leave her husband, Janet Jarvis and her son returned to Amarok with him. Due to the far location of the system, it did not receive support from the federation until the war had reached its bloody peek. Caught in a war zone at the age of twelve, young Jasper used his lessons in medicine to aid the medics in the town where his father had left him with his mother. When the fighting intensified, he learned first hand that sometimes you did not have the luxury of modern medical tools and that sometimes you had to make do with what you had. Throughout the war, he began to challenge philosophies and morals. For example, if a doctor could do something to increase the speed of his hands, then he should. For it would allow him to work faster and increase his chances of successfully completing an operation.

When the war finally came to an end, a fourteen-year-old Jasper had lost both his parents and found himself stuck on Amarok III. However, his skills had not gone unnoticed, and he was awarded a place at Hergest collage; a reward for his families service in the war. Now in a formal institute, Jasper received a formal education, where he excelled in both the physical sciences, engineering and physiology. However, his choice of career path had been decided for him during the war. He could not escape the call of a scalpel blade. That rush he felt when cutting into a body or the coursing adrenaline that came when he raced against the clock to correct a problem before the patient bled out. After graduating with a doctorate in medicine and alien physiology, Jasper pursued a surgical internship, specialising in the cardiac systems of various species. However, he did not allow his speciality to become his focus and continued to practice and research on any and all races he encountered.

When his internship ended, Jasper left Amarok III and travelled far into Federation territory, learning more about medicine and improving his skills at every opportunity. Throughout his travels, he learned how to conduct medical procedures using older technology. A result of his time during the war. Eventually, he settled down on Tarisa II, took up a position at a research facility and dutifully married Nation McKinley. However, it was not enough for him. Dr Jarvis soon found himself at odds with the dean of medicine, the ethics committee and even federation law. Feeling constrained, he sought alternative ways to further his knowledge, test his theories and develop his skills.

Ultimately, everything came to a scandalous end when he was caught conducting unlawful practices. He lost his job, his wife and eventually his freedom. However, having proved to be a ‘success’ of the rehabilitation program, he drew the attention of Councillor Pope. With a strong belief that such skills should not be wasted, Pope has successfully constructed an agreement with Star-fleet, one that will see Dr Jarvis serve aboard the medical ship USS Ogawa. While not enamoured about serving in Star-fleet, Jasper has agreed in the hopes that he will once again have the opportunity to wield a scalpel.

B. Personality Summary:

Doctor Jarvis is a man with a sharp mind and an even sharper scalpel. Amoral and with a disregard for ethics, he allows nothing to get in the way of his research or the treatment of an ailment. Given the opportunity, he will perform any surgery, regardless of the risks, if only to test his own abilities. A man of high intellect, he does not suffer fools gladly. However, to those of the correct disposition, he will openly share his knowledge, discuss theories and occasionally play a game that requires wits and strategy (typically chess).

A. Recent Fitness Reports
Medical Report:
Psychiatric Report:

B. Current Recreational Interests

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