Rexar Omtala

Authored by Julian Pouliot
Biographic Information
  • Species: Andorian
  • Weight: 87 kg
  • Height: 1.81 m
  • Age: 21

Character Biography

Broad facial features with azure blue eyes. Clean shaven with short snow white hair, attenuated limbs and a moderate build.


Serious, taciturn and direct. Rexar exemplifies the stereotype many would label a passing Andorian, while he may seem unapproachable this is not the case. His early childhood was filled with rejection and disapproval of his personal interests. Coupled with a strong desire to achieve excellence in every challenge. Rexar can easily appear unyielding, dismissive and even at times insubordinate to those over him. But of course this could be nothing further from his truth. His friendship is gained by those who would show their true courage, loyalty and honesty in the face of adversity. Whether before their death, or a stubborn plasma manifold. Once he’s seen these traits revealed he will have become a staunch defender of that person and their ideals. Against their enemies and when needed, themselves, Rexar will be either a fierce competitor or to a chosen few, a reliable, resolute companion.

Advanced personal combat(Certified)
Advanced field craft proficiency (Certified)
Energy weapons combat(Certified)
Demolitions proficiency(Certified)
Warp field Mechanics 1(Upon Graduation)
Gravimetric sciences 3 (Upon Graduation)
Computer sciences 2 (Upon Graduation)
Mathematics 2/(Upon Graduation)
Electrical engineering 1 (Upon Graduation)
Mechanical engineering 2 (Upon Graduation)

Personal interests:
Martial arts
-As meditation and practical self-defense
Federation Technical Journal Monthly
-His own religious scripture
-A casual curiosity picked up on Andoria
Heavy Metal music
-A growing indulgence picked up on Earth.

Andorian Elementary Educational Institute:
Idrani Vocational College:
Starfleet Academy:

Rexars’ early life mirrored many a child on Andoria with his birth at the mining way station city of Dika. A small installation far from the capitol’s metropolitan influences. It was a military outpost designed originally as a fallout shelter that burgeoned into a tidy settlement when heavy mineral deposits were discovered at the end of the Time of Lament. Little has changed since then with the exception of expansion when necessary and the people there live happy albeit simple lives and that is where the resemblances end.
Beholden to the Idrani clan, long considered to be a respectable contributor to the Andorian Defense Force and the Federations’ Starfleet from its formation. His ancestry was prolific with officers and the enlisted, both men and women of distinction particularly in the Omtala lineage.
As with all Andorian youth he followed well in the footsteps of his forerunners excelling with exceptional aptitude in the armed combat lessons of the Ushaan-tor and was found to be a natural survivalist. Unfortunately for the pride of his kethni, Rexar had aspirations beyond a career that his family held up so high. Believed to be less than honourable and certainly less than illustrious his dreams were not of glorious battles, prominent command posts or hard fought enemies. Mechanical components, electrical equipment, computer programing and energy tools dashed through his mind as he slept in those formative years. Reading technical manuals, digesting equipment diagrams, deconstructing machinery and tools into piles of unrecognizable debris cluttered with P.A.D.D’s of schematics of his only devise. Always testing his understanding of these knowledges, his ability to adapt them to new ideas and his own patients, which amounted to little more often then he would have liked. The military skills taught to him by his kethni gave him opportunity to continue these pursuits in a clandestine manner. Rexar would often attempt to make his way to the disposal yards to tinker with idle machinery and damaged equipment at every available moment as his every wish was to live this simple life here on Andoria fiddling with power inverters and toying with processor machinery.
Tolerated for only a short time by the Idrani keth, he was finally given an ultimatum. As a ward of the clan the Idrani chieftains decided to make an example of Rexar while attempting display their acceptance of diversity in offerings of a choice. Either choose a path among the stars with his parents, even as an engineer the Andorian Defense Fleet prizes dearly young applicants with tenacious self sufficiency and an eagerness to adopt challenges. The alternative was join an A&A expedition to the surface atop the highest peaks to search for relics of cultural importance. Engineers and technicians were required due the nature of the artefacts and therefore was the reason given for his attendance. It would also serve as a training ground for the continuation of his military career and the ability to remain on Andoria at least in some way. He chose the ladder without hesitation and at the age of 16 was accepted into the expedition’s apprenticeship program as an archeological technicians assistant.
Over the next 7 months they explored various sites and made a number of intriguing discoveries from a time long lost to war and devastation. In an unexpected twist Rexar found himself surprisingly enthused when spelunking by rope access into caverns, studying ancient machinery and most importantly like never before, working with individuals with similar interests. During these events Rexar was trained further in a wide variety of special forces/commando operations most notably energy weapons combat, demolitions, communication operations and combat unit tactics with the posted squad of veterans. He began to find that sense of belonging and purpose among the group of scientists with their cognitive dialogs and erudition of their profession. Discovering also a deeply endowed feeling of brotherhood, duty and an understanding of his personal ability with the soliders that showed him how to find his limits and push them to the edge. At times between the two with his forced decision long on approach, there were moments were he found himself devided in a way he could never have preceived. Troubling his judgement to a depth far greater then he’d could have understood but it did good at length to fortify his beliefs and determinations in his future commitments. Endearing friendships and a place amongst the people he had thought himself a part, now growing with an enticing, insatiable taste for the flavour of his fiery heritage he never knew he possessed. Sadly he wouldn’t be allowed to express those interests with his fellow adventurers as a terrible tragedy would befall them only 3 weeks later.
An ordinance of obsolescent origins is accidentally detonated and kills 24 of the 31 members of the expedition and critically wounds 5 others including Rexar. Pierced by shrapnel and bleeding uncontrollably he cried out in agony for the only thing that his dour reflection on the now stolen life taken from him.
“Take it then! Take it if that’s all it’s for damnit. Ancestors be forgotten as I’m lost, their wisdom only lies.”
Seeing no more than his end he bellowed a roar that echoed throughout the lightless crevice only to be silenced by the deafening rumble of a secondary cave-in flooding the chamber and muffling Rexar. Records are conjecture for the next 8 days as it has not been determined the exact happenstance of how he survived and it was the rescue operations performed by the ADF found him on a sheltered plateau with fresh bandages, set fractures and frankly medical care that was not only beyond his knowledge and capability but also beyond the skills listed among the dead found. Although not all of the expedition could be accounted for at the end of the search. Rexar himself has no account of these days, infact the record shows that his statement relates that his first moments of consciousness are of his time on board the ADF Cruiser Kumari in orbit above Andoria.
Recovery took 2 months of physical therapy and medicinal treatments due to the extent of his injuries but was never the less resolute in his convictions by this time. His path had been chosen, his course had been set. He knew now what he could never have known before. The brotherhood and sacrifice of his compatriots need not die in vain as it would propel Rexar to do as they did and persue his ambitions within the institution they believed in so much.
Shortly after his application to ADF was sent he took it upon himself to better what he’d accomplished in every possible aspect. From engineering to athletics, he sculpted all of his ideals after the fallen members of expedition. Working with a fervent reverence build on his newfound inspiration, his dreams of making his own venture into the great void is sorely dismissed. Rexar is denied application to the ADF based on a series of psychological traumas the directors believed he may or may not have either contracted during the expedition or might develop in the future that would ultimately be a detriment to a posting with the Andorian Defense Force. If it were not for the intervention of a distant member of the clan it’s likely the board would have been right.
Forlorn even from memory this man was of no particular disposition to Rexar before this day nor does he after as his father, Gravlar Th’Omtala comes with advice closer than he would have expected. A lieutenant aboard the Kumari, his insight was harsh yet poignant.
“So you’ve been dishonoured my son. You’ve earned it you know? You’ve made this your path and now you must travel its course through to its end. But be aware that you’re not a failure, not at all. You’ve accomplished enough to succeed this blemish on your record. Understand now that becoming something greater is more then knowledge and ability. With that, you decide.”
Rexar and his father would spend the following 4 months of Gravlar’s leave reconnecting, so to speak. Much of their time together was in the capitol, Lor’Tan at the Hall of Legends. Reading the records and stories of the heroes among the clans and across the quadrant learning the history of cultures throughout the federation, and this is where his journey would begin. Beyond his studies, his father spoke about Rexars’ mothers and how they changed his life, gave him inspiration to be the man they knew he could become and more importantly, their deaths. Their story of sacrifice for people they’d never met, people that would never have returned such a selfless act of courage brought Rexar to a place of resolution. With his father through his tutelage in acceptance of himself and the temperance of his resentment towards him and finally with his decision to apply to Starfleet in honour of his mothers.
The last four years have been fraught with disappointment, frustration and anger yet none of these could have stopped him from connecting with the overwhelming sensations of joy, accomplishment, purpose and satisfaction he gained at the Academy. Now with his new posting aboard the USS Endeavor his life is off to another great adventure.

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