Nijix Tavium

Authored by Janice B.
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief of Security on USS Challenger
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Trill (Joined)
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Age: 32

Character Biography

Race: Trill
Sex: Female
Age: 32 (Joined at 22)
HT: 5’5”
WT: 155 lbs
EY: Bright Blue
HR: Copper Red
SK: Rosy Pale
Ethnicity: NA
Blood Type: Trill Equativate of O positive.
Vision: 20/10 (slightly better than humans)
DoB: 61051.7 ( May 17, 2361)
Citizenship: Trillius Prime
Can speak, read and write- Standard, Trill, Ferengi, Klingon, Vulcan, Bajoran
Nijix knows a variety of other languages, but can only primarily understand. Not read, write or speak. Each one is on a case by case basis.

Birth Order: Eldest
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Surviving Relatives (Current Host): All
Immediate Family
Nyvim Aabim-70…… Father (Unjoined Trill) [Civilian- TSM in Medical Department]
Tani Aabim-68…… Mother (Unjoined Trill) [Civilian- Homemaker]
Jurill Rumovn- 27 …… Brother in Law (Unjoined Trill) [Civilian-Farmer]
Defa Rumovn (Surname: Aabim)- 29 …… Sister (Unjoined Trill) [Civilian- Homemaker]
Kydr Rumovn- 9 …… Nephew (Unjoined Trill) [Civilian- TSM Youth Class]
Dimylx Aabim- 23 …… Sister (Unjoined Trill) [Civilian- TSM in Medical Department]
Romire Aabim- 20…… Brother (Unjoined Trill) [Civilian- TSM in the Symbiote Program]

Place of Birth: Trillius Prime
Nijix is considered short for a Trill, rising up to only 5’5”. Her copper red hair curls frame her soft curved face with her bright blue eyes playing a center piece. Well trimmed eyebrows arch less than half an inch over them and a softly downward curved nose gives her a bit of character. She is built rather lean thanks to Starfleet training which pretty much melted any fatty curves off her. Small leopard-like spots dance from the sides of her hairline, following it to her shoulders then the sides of her body.

Her clothing style tends to alter based on her mood, rather than her personal choice. Mostly because since joining, aspects of her symbiote’s past hosts have began to change what she use to enjoy and influence her wardrobe. On duty, she wears the expected uniform of gold and grey. Off duty her casual wear can range from simple jeans to pencil skirts and suit vests.


Tavium (Symbiote)

1st host

Name: Oyjum Tavium
Brief Description: TBA
Lifespan: b. 2102 to d. 2204 (102)
Sex: Male
Bio: TBEL (To Be Edited Later)
Joined the Trill Ministry Space Exploration Program at 26 and become apart of the Engineering side of things and helped to design the Mark IV ESS Ramol
Joined: 22 (2124)

2nd host

Name: Nylaa Tavium
Brief Description: TBA
Lifespan: b. 2070 to d. 2230 (160)
Sex: Female
Bio: TBA
Joined: 26 (2204)

3rd host

Name: Aitum Tavium
Brief Description:
Lifespan (Years total): b. 2262 to d. 2298 (36)
Sex: Male
Bio: TBEL (To be Edited Later)
Joined the Trill Ministry Space Exploration Program at 24 and went into Science (space physics)
Traveled upon the ESS Ramol
Became head of his department at 32, promoted by his senior who went into retirement
During an early trial of the prototype for the Warp Core, he contracted radiation poisoning causing the Host body to be unable to support the symbiote and required immediate removal to save Tavium. Raji Tavium, in his new host body, sat at Aitum’s side until the final breaths were passed purely since the separation was premature.
Joined: 22 (2230)

4th host
Name: Raji Tavium
Brief description: Raji was bright, outspoken Trill with a desire to protect others.
Lifespan (Years total) : b. 2277 to d. 2384 (107)
Sex: Male
Bio: After Raji joined, he enlisted into the Law Enforcement division at the Trill Science Ministry and majored in Criminology. When he graduated, he was assigned to an orbiting colony named Viraga VII. Many races aside from the Trill inhabited it so crime was far more frequent than back on the homeworld where he was born. He became specialized in non-lethal hand to hand combat, sharpshooting, and reading individuals during his career.

Eventually, his career brought him back to Trillius Prime. He worked all over the planet, and occasionally other colonies. He went wherever the job needed him.

Two years before retirement, the Trill Senate Tower in Leran Manev was hit by a neurogenic radiation bomb. The terrorist group, Neo-Purists, had hit New Scirapo, Bana, Leran Manev and other places to drive their cause into the public eyes. The experience has left subtle, hidden trauma within the symbiote that has yet to surface for Tavium because Raji retired a month later. Some medical officers believed he suffered ill effects from the radiation due to a close proximity of the bombing. He still managed to live a full life nevertheless.

Joined: 21 (2298)

Present host

Name: Nijix Tavium
Lifespan (Years total) : b. 2361 to d. (unavailable)
Sex: Female
Bio: Borned on Trillus Prime, Nijix grew up in the northern part of Chi’tar. Her childhood wasn’t super exciting as she grew up in the traditional fashion. Her parents encouraged and sometimes pushed for excellence among their children. Long nights of studying or vigorous activity were common place for her with moments to herself being rather rare. Though it was likely not true, Nijix felt her parents expected much more from her due to her position as the eldest child. This belief drove her to become a jack of trades rather than a master of one specific area at the Trill Science Ministry.

Even with the ambition to both please her family and feed her curiosity, she managed to fall below when it came to socializing. Most would’ve classed her as a shy individual when it came to engaging with her fellow Trill. Her words often fail to explain her meaning or anxiety silenced her completely. Nervousness edged across the family when she decided to apply for the Symbiote program at the age of twenty. Her parents worried that her lacking social graces would’ve made her unable to qualify. Especially when compared to other more suitable applications. Meanwhile, she planned for her possible failure by edging into a career around the Starfleet Academy.

The two years between her application and joining was the most grueling experience. Her emotional state suffered its highs and lows with each new test, result, and more she was exposed to. Until the process was over, it was believed she shouldn’t apply to Starfleet. To prepare for it, she took additional courses in science, engineering, and medical areas. Nijix wanted to keep her options open.

A letter deeming her suitable for a symbiote was delivered to her. News about her success was soon celebrated by the whole family.

At age 22, she was joined with Tavium and slowly adjusted with a few attendants on hand. Nijix would’ve admitted the experience of having new memories that weren’t hers was jarring at first. She couldn’t put it into words at the time. Now she would describe as waking up over and over, each time a new flood of memories came into existence. A courage flooded her personality allowing her to form her words better. It brought her joy as new traits surfaced. It was like a dim candle in her core had woken up and now grown into a burning, steady fire.

She entered into Starfleet shortly afterward. Passing most of her courses, she found it to be an excellent opportunity for enriching the symbiote’s knowledge. Another perk was that it had a low chance of encountering individuals involved in past lifetimes. She was eligible for any department but had difficulty in just accepting one. Tavium’s host, Raji, memories had motivated her to decided on Security first. Over time, she aimed to to work in all four departments within her life time.

The first ship she served on was the USS Dirac, a small science vessel. The adventures they had onboard were nothing abnormal but it was still challenging. During her years on the Dirac, she proved to be leader material and was promoted to Lieutenant. Recently she’s been assigned to the Challenger as the CoS for her first true test for department head.

Joined: 22 (2384)

Posts/Tours of Duty

  • Location - Position, # of Tours-Pomotions
USS Dirac- Security, 1
USS Challenger- Chief of Security, (ongoing)- Promoted to Lt.


    This section is also only related to Nijix’s lifetime.
  • #### - Event/injury, treatment, treatment success or failure, or any other notable medically related events

2362- Malnourishment and unweight, Parents were instructed to follow up with more frequent feedings, successful recovery
2373- Sprain ankle during a sporting event, Rest and wrapping were applied, successful recovery
2385- Broken wrist during academy maintenance class, reset and bound in order to heal properly, successful recovery


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