Elaine Janvier

Authored by Cass Young
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer on USS Dresden
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Age: 27
Actions Available

Character Biography

Full Birth Name: Elaine Louise Janvier
Date of Birth: 22nd of July 2370
Birthplace: Los Angeles, USA, Earth

____________________________________________ PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:

Elaine is small in her stature, easily described as petite. Her hair is a dark blonde - almost brown, that she frequently keeps in a bun. Her eyes are a green/grey kind of colour depending on the kind of light she is in.

____________________________________________ MEDICAL HISTORY:

Elaine’s medical history isn’t very extensive. However, just before her graduation Elaine was hospitalised with moderate to severe injuries after her roomate found her unconscious on the floor of their dorm. Scans at the hospital revealed evidence of more, older, injuries that had been regenerated by inexpert hands. Where these injuries and their treatment have come from is not recorded.

  • Broken wrist at age 17, reported as having fallen down stairs.
____________________________________________ PERSONAL HISTORY:

Elaine was born on earth to two Starfleet Officers, she was an unwelcome surprise and as neither parent wanted to accept responsibility for her, she was promptly dumped in the care of her paternal grandmother along with her cousin May (who’s parents died in an accident). Although Elaine was a very sweet as a child when she wanted to be. However, due to sporadic, almost non-existant visits from her parents she suffered from a sense of abandonment and acted out more and more frequently as she grew older. As time passed, she became more unteathered and harder for her grandmother to control.

When Elaine was 14 her grandmother recieved news that Elaines father had died in a shuttlecraft accident. With the news of her fathers death, also came the knowledge that her father had a whole other family with another woman that she had been kept separate from. Any possible illusions that the teenager had of reuniting her family were shattered. She reacted toxically, boozing and partying despite her Grandmother and May’s best efforts, in some for of rebellion against her practically non-existant parents.

For the next two years Elaine boozed and partied whenever she could. It wasn’t until she meet Frasier Flynn that she began to settle back down. It didn’t take long for the two teenagers to fall madly in love, and as they started going out Elaine’s partying ways died. It was Frasier who put the idea into Elaine’s head to join Starfleet. Until she met Frasier, she didn’t know what she wanted to do, but he sold her the idea of Starfleet. And although he was the older of the two, he waited until she turned 18 and the two of them joined together. At the academy Elaine really came into herself, and even after her and Frasier broke up she continued to throw herself into Starfleet.

Just before her and Fraiser’s graduation, she was hospitalised with moderate to severe injuries after being found unconscious on the floor of her dorm by her roommate. According to Elaine someone jumped her in her dorm, but that she never got a good look at him. Oddly, although her dorm was trashed nothing was taken, and although there were suspicions the cadet responsible, never found. Elaine was left very shaken after the event and alongside her break up with Fraiser it is the only other thing she refuses to talk about. Sometime, not long after that, May got her Enj in the hopes that the Shih Tzu would provide comfort for her cousin. Enj and Elaine bonded instantly, and whenever she is off duty, the two of them are insufferable.

Medically, Elaine is most proficient in treating trauma injuries and as such her first posting played to her talents, being assigned as a medic on triage ship, where she served until the mission was over. Due to her dedication to her patients whe she was 24 Elaine was promoted to Lieutneant (junior grade) and transferred to the U.S.S Dresden as their CMO where she remains to date. Enj the dog followed with her.

Elaine’s first year on the Dresden was not an easy one. Although most officers find their first Command position their hardest, Elaine’s was made especially so by her youth. Many of her subordinates initially did not trust her ability to lead the Medical department a couple of the more bolder officers even openly challenging her for the position. Elaine, for her part, mostly ignored those challenges and over time managed to sway her departments opinon through the help of her friend Lucia and Elaine’s own talents. After Elaine handled her first triage situation it was apparent to everyone why she had earned her position. Having won over her staff, it wasn’t the end of her challenges for the year. As a combat ship the Dresden ended up in several more squirmishes, incurring a great loss for the ship.

However, during this time Elaine far excelled any expectations held of her. Her previous experience on the Ixlilton came into play and after saving the Captains life she caught the attention of her superiors. Only one year into her position as Chief Medical Officer and Elaine was promoted to full Lieutenant under the recommendation of the Captain at the time Captain Harris. She was also awarded the Legion of Honour at rank Commander. Something almost unheard of for an officer so young. It is one of Elaines proudest achievements.

This was soon overshadowed by the next mission where the Dresden suffered another great loss, losing it’s Chief Engineer, Counselor amongst other crew members. One such member was Ensign Charlie Bailey, a friend of Elaines and also one of her Junior Officers. It is a loss Elaine took very personally. In all the chaos of the attack, Elaine failed to notice the severity of the Ensigns injuries. Rather than checking her officers injuries out straight away she assigned Charlie to triage until Elaine could find a moment to treat her. With how understaffed Sickbay was, the moment never came and Charlie collapsed after a patient accidently hit her. It was Enj who sensed Charlies collapse and alerted Elaine who did everything in her power to heal her officer. While Charlie initially lived, the ship suffered from a second attack and the Ensign died, too weak to fight everything her body was being put through.

Halfway through her second year on the Dresden, Elaine joined the rest of the crew on shore leave while the Dresden docked at Earth for a couple of months while the ship’s damages were fixed. Elaine took this oppertunity to visit her Grandmother and her cousin, May. The visit came with mixed blessings while it was a joy to see the only family Elaine had ever known, it was also apparent that her Grandmother’s age was beginning to catch up with the old lady. The day before Elaine had been scheduled to return to the Dresden her Grandmother had suffered a minor stroke, causing Elaine to extend her leave out for a little longer until her Grandmother recovered. Although her Grandmother’s spirits were high and she had completely recovered, the mortailty of Elaine’s parental figure did make it harder for her to return to the Dresden.

____________________________________________ ACADEMIC RECORD:

2375 - 2381 Valley Elementary School
Grade Average: 82%

2382 - 2384 Gabriella Charter School
Grade Average: 67%

2385 - 2388 John Marshall HighSchool
Grade Average: 64%

2389 - 2391 Starfleet Acadamy (Los Angeles)
Grade Average 91%

Specialty(ies) Medical Triage, Common Medicine
Language(s) English (F)

____________________________________________ COUNSELLING FILE:

Although Elaine refuses to talk about the trauma she endured in the Acadamy or her breakup, she has more than proven herself to be fit for duty, although it has been recommended she see a counsellor, however, that is to both Elaine and the Counsellors descretion. She also harbours guilt of the loss of one of her subordinates who’s injury she missed during an attack on the ship, resulting in the officer collapsing while she was working and later died.


Elaine’s personality is complex thanks to her background. At her core she is a very caring person who will put everyone else before herself, because of this she has been misjudged as a push over. However, she has been known to surprise people when they’ve pushed her too far. Although admittingly those times are rear. As a physician she is known for her gentle, easy nature. She always tries to work with her patients in terms of treatments.

She loves her coffee, as a cadet she used to drink coffee shots around exam time. Now days she tries to at least add cream into any brew she drinks so that it’s not as strong, though she prefers it black.

She hates yelling or arguing, and tends to lower her voice when she’s angry as opposed to raising it.

____________________________________________ NOTABLE RELATIONSHIPS:

Elaine’s father’s second family is not included in her records as per her request. She does not consider them to be notable figures in her life, and has therfore requested they not be counted as such.

Victoria Eleanor Janvier (83) Grandmother Retired -
Pascal Rafael Janvier (dec). Father Past Lieutenant Commander, Chief of Security N/A
Lucy Waters (50) Mother Lieutenant, Chief Engineer U.S.S Qui Shi Huang
May Julia Janvier (25) Cousin Actress, Las Angeles
Enj (7) Dog Shih Tzu, Black and White U.S.S Dresden
Fraiser Albius Flynn (29) Ex-Boyfriend Ensign, Security Officer U.S.S Saracen
Lucia (44) Friend Ensign, Doctor U.S.S Dresden
Charlie Bailey (dec.) Friend Past Ensign, Doctor N/A
Clinton ‘Stores’ Reed(48) Friend Ensign, Supercargo U.S.S Dresden

Starfleet Record of Service and Acheivements:

Stardate 65878:
Cadet Janvier recieves honours for her dedication to Medicine Science
- Cadet Janvier Graduates and is automatically promoted to Ensign Janvier and assigned to U.S.S Ixlilton
Stardate 71554:
Ensign Janvier recieves the Decoration of Valor for her dedication to her patients aboard the U.S.S Ixlilton
- Ensign Janvier recieves the Star Cross for her efforts in triage in the western war zone
- Ensign Janvier is promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade) Janvier
- junior Lieutenant Janvier is assigned to U.S.S Dresden and promoted to Chief Medical Officer
Stardate 73098:
junior Lieutenant Janvier is promoted to (full) Lieutenant Janvier
- Lieutenant Janvier is presented the Legion of Honour, rank Commander for outstanding service aboard the U.S.S Dresden

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