Jharaas zh'Shiavik(LOA)

Authored by Trinity Fister
Biographic Information
  • Position: MACO CO on SS Bonaventure
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Andorian
  • Weight: 5’11
  • Height: 140lbs
  • Age:

Character Biography

Name : Jharaas zh’Shiavik
Nickname : Shia
Gender : Zhen (female)
Species : Andorian
Rank : Lieutenant
Position : MACO CO
Previously : Imperial Guard

Shia is a rather large creature, her broad shoulders and mesomorphic stature making her seem a force to be reckoned with. Pale, sky blue skin dances with the scars of a past she is not keen upon discussing— not with humans. Two antennae protrude from her head, moving to and fro in involuntary actions. Deep, steel grey eyes are a swift antithesis to the remainder of her composure, but they show no kindness. Only the stern, undeniable consideration of the world.

Shia has always been described as a fiery person, who is never afraid to stick up for what she believes in. She is brisk and quick on her feet, but she originally comes off with a cold, ill mannered nature about her. Intelligent in tactical manners, she tends to view things as a puzzle, a puzzle she is set upon solving. Shia is a rather inamicable person, at first sight, as she finds it hard to trust anyone nor their intentions. However, she is a woman of observation, keen upon touching up in detail. She is just, surprisingly, a bit shy at times. However, she is sometimes prone to fighting..

Medical History
Shia suffers a slight disc degenerative disease that makes the plates between her vertebrae thinner than they should be. This causes pain from time to time, but does not fully inhibit her work in any way. She is lathered in her fair share of scars, each from her experiences with the guards, which have caused some complaints for joint pain. Otherwise, she is fit and in proper health for someone of her age and height.

Mental History
Shia has not seen a life of sunshine and roses. Raised to be a guard, she had experienced hardship and adversity. This makes her a woman of strong mind, but it also tended to leave behind the residue of someone who suffers from occasional PTSD. However, this is exceptionally rare and does not directly impact anyone around her. After all, she has tried to forget the cause of the disorder. Otherwise, she is capable minded.. even if she mouths off, here and there. She is also hyperactive.


Born and raised on Andoria, this woman was raised to be fierce and unpredictable. In order to survive in a world as harsh as her own, she was forced to adapt to situations as if there was no tomorrow. By the age of seven years old, she had already begun her training in combat. Her parents, two of them Imperial Guards, were set upon continuing the family legacy of serving for the Imperial Guard, whether it was in one of their infatntry units or aboard a starship. However, ever since she was a child, Jharaas had always been far more excited for the prospect of working on Starship. Thus, she found herself reading up on Andorian history and the nature of these ships, in her free time.

Even as a young child, she felt the need to prove herself to those around her. She was always seen as the weaker child. After all, when she was young, she was diagnosed with a disc degenerative disease, which left her unable to walk for an entire year. This paralysis had students at her school veiwing her as weak and incapable, because of her inability to stand on her own. When she requested to be removed from school, the pressure of her peers far too much for her to handle, her parents deliberatly made her enlist into extra carricular activities.

Determined to make things better for herself, and to return to her training to become an Imperial Guard, she went against the doctor’s give regimen, and instead made one for herself. When her parents were gone or asleep, she chose to begun working on her strength on her own. Each day, she would edge towards being able to stand. Of course, many times she would have to come up with an explanation for the blue bruises that danced across her arms and legs, in the morning. However, she felt that it was necessary she regain the strength in her legs. She would not allow herself to be called the weak one.

This event was the main reaosn she had become such a fierce abd determined person. Stubborn and brash, she never let anyone tell her what she could and could not do. When the world was against her, she laughed and pushed herself harder. Knowing one day, no matter what anyone thought, at least she could prove her own doubts wrong. One year after losing her ability to walk, she got ready for school, knowing that it was a day that was angled towards combat practice. After all, most children were trained in combat, as young children. But, instead of sitting down in that wheelchair, she took a risk, sliding from her bed, where her feet met the cold ground beneath her. Sucking in her breath, she pushed herself up, holding onto the bed, before suddenly letting go. There, standing without any asssitance, was Shiavik. She had done it! She had actually done it.

For years following, she worked double time to prove herself to people scouting for any possible recruits for the Andorian Imperial Guard. When other children were at play, she was training or reading. She wanted to prove to her parents that she could be just as strong and just as valiant as they were. Thus, she threw away all of her extra time, immersing herself into this practice. And when she was 15 years old, after eight years of working herself to the death, she was finally noticed by a spotter, who called her in to begin training on large scale. Sent to the Military School, she spent the next three years training alongside several other Andorian people, some of which were kicked out from time to time. It was an endless competition for who would come out on top, and get assigned to where they wanted to be.

Graudating with honours, she was chosen to serve aboard a Starship. Given her rank, she was sent offworld to serve with her new crew. At first, everything seemed swell, before she developed a feud with one of the men on board. He underestimated her abilities and made moves towards her, believing she was nothing more than a weak woman. One day, when he touched her in the wrong place, she attacked him. The two got into a rapid battle, which ended with bruises and blood. This was not yhe last fight she would get into. She was demoted to an infantry unit, when she was nineteen, because of hostile behaviour towards people who mistreated her.

However, she was not about to let this stop her. Working as hard as she could, she quickly found her way back through the ranks, until she was Lt. Jharaas Shiavik. Recognized as a valued memeber of the Guard, the General sent for her to become a member of an exchange program, where she would he working on a human ship. At first, she was reluctant, viewing the opportunity ad punishment for her hostility and brash nature. However, when it was explained to her in full colour, that was completely changed. Now, Lieutenant Jharaas works as the MACO CO of the SS Bonaventure. Let’s hope it stays that way.

- Andorian Imperial Military School
- Andorian Elementary Academy

Ribbons and Awards
- Andorian Blue Ribbon
- Ribbon of Valor
- Several commendations

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