Iolaus Stavros

Authored by Cass Young
Biographic Information
  • Position: Prisoner on USS Swift
  • Rank:
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Height: 5"4
  • Age: 32

Character Biography

____________________________________________ PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:

Iolaus is short but well built. He is surprisingly flexible. Iolaus has grey eyes and a dirty blonde hair that he likes to maintain at shoulder length. Iolaus has a several scars, especially on his chest, back, and a thin one across his left cheek. His face is weathered but not to the point where it is hard to imagine that he would have been very good looking in his teens. It is merely his hard life that has somewhat hardened features that would otherwise be flawless. Iolaus also sports a gold tan.

____________________________________________ MEDICAL HISTORY:

Iolaus has a very strange medical history. There is no medical record for him until the age of 16years when he entered training at a martial arts facility on Pilton with his best friend Irakli (The Bear) Davis otherwise known as ‘Ira’. It was recorded that Iolaus had several poorly healed fractures and breaks listed as the result of a hunting accident. Several of his scars are also listed as the result of a hunting accident. The ones on his chest are listed as a result of surgery but it is not listed what he had the surgery for.

ClLASSIFIED PERSONALE ONLY: CMO and level 8 and above security clearance:

Iolaus’s medical doctor at the Academy Dr Earl Mendoza recorded that the boy had arrived to the facility in a “severly malnourished condition” Dr Mendoza also noted down his discovery of the many old injuries the boy had aquired writing… “Neither the patient nor Cadet Davis, who the patient seems closely afflicted with, will give me a satisfying explaination as to the nature of the patient’s injuries. The patient insists that the injuries were aquired by hunting, however, I am inclined to believe that given the condition of the patient, and the unique circumstances surrounding his acceptance, that it is more likely the patient suffered some form of abuse as child. In my many years, I have yet to meet a creature that can leave scars that resemble a belt on a persons back.”

During his time as a Vigilante, Iolaus has survived several near death experiences where on at least one of those occasions he was pronounced dead. On the first occasion, Iolaus was captured after taking a wrong turn and accidently walking into an Andorian camp. He was interrogated, and tortured through waterboarding until he eventually drowned. It was pure luck that his partner managed to find him in time to administer CPR that brought Iolaus back to life.
The second time, Iolaus and his partner were on a deep undercover mission when their cover was blown. Their small campment of the two of them was stormed by soldiers and in the battle following Iolaus was stabbed and half gutted.
The third time happened on Iolaus’s home planet Pilton. While traveling to intercept Ira in their hometown Iolaus was attacked by a Klingon seeking revenge. He later ‘died’ of internal bleeding. He was resurrected due to the highly experimental treatments of a certain Dr Jennifer Lucero. Her records of this treatment are sealed.
The fourth and final notable occasion, was on Iolaus’s last mission with his partner where Iolaus stepped in front of a Assasins knife that was intended for his girlfriend at the time, who was working with his partner and him. Iolaus was beamed directly into the Intelligence med-centre, where they operated on him as the blow had damaged several of his major organs including, the heart and lungs. Iolaus died on the operating table but Intelligence was able to ressurect him.

____________________________________________ PERSONAL HISTORY:

Iolaus was born on Pilton in a small town called Thennyas. He was raised alongside Irakli Davis and was basically a second child to Irakli’s mother Selene. He attended school in Thennyas until the age of 9 when he stopped going for classified reasons. He did not resume an education until the age of 16 where Ira and him attended a martial arts academy there. At the academy it was discovered that Iolaus was a natural born fighter, however due to his lack of education for so many years Iolaus struggled in the academic area despite doing his best to catch up, he graduated with a low academic score. After graduation Iolaus worked as a vigilante alongside Ira and a friend of theirs Jason Argan, until they were picked up by Starfleet Intelligence. Ira and Iolaus escaped to continue their vigilantism, whilst Jason Argan decided to stay and join Starfleet. Following that Ira and Iolaus became highly saught after criminals, but despite having several run ins with Intelligence, weren’t apprehended until Iolaus’s fourth near death experience, when Ira turned them in in order to save Iolaus’s life. Where Iolaus was subsequently arrested and shipped off.

Iolaus has had several minor relationships with only two major ones to note. Most notory is the one that Iolaus had when he was in his 20’s. He was married to a woman named Anya Daniels until her death several years later. They had one child. His other relationship was with an Intelligence opravtive that lasted 3 years until their relationship was terminated when Iolaus was arrested.

CLASSIFIED PERSONAL ONLY: Clearance 8 officers and above:

Iolaus was born Agamemnon Vernon to Erwyna Vernon nee. Carlson and Theodorus Vernon. Iolaus grew up with a strained relationship between his parents. His father, an army general, was more of a military man than a family one. He was frequently away for long periods at a time, and when he was home, he was reportedly abusive towards his wife and particularly his son, who he saw as weak. Iolaus’s mother took the abuse, and always turned a blind eye when Theodorus’s anger was taken out on her young son. In the periods that her husband was away, she drank rather than provide for her child. By the age of 2 Iolaus had begun to learn to steal food when he was hungry.

As the boy grew older things only got worse. His friendship with Ira was his only saving grace, as the child would often run and hide at Ira’s house when he could. However, he couldn’t stay there perminately. Especially as he never disclosed to the Ira or his family the circumstances of his own home life. Iolaus hid the bruises as much as he could, and any he couldn’t he explained away as a hunting accident. One of the few father/son activities that Iolaus and his father did, sometimes even bringing Ira along with them as Ira’s father had left before he was born, and his brothers father had died. When Iolaus was 9 things hit the fan when he was caught stealing an apple from the market. His father beat Iolaus within an inch of his life, and when he left for his next war Iolaus ran away determind to never see his family again, surviving off his hunting skills and stealing from un suspecting travellers.

Iolaus made his way into Piltopolis where he joined a gang of theives, stealing what he could to get by. He lived there for the next few years, taking on odd jobs where he could, but mostly stealing as nobody wanted to hire a thief. When Iolaus was 16 years old, the older members of the gang planned a heist on a group of tourists in the city. Because Iolaus was over 15 he was brought along to help pull it off. To his shock one of the victims was Selene Davis, Ira’s mother. Consumed by guilt over stealing from one of the few people that had ever been kind to him, when Iolaus heared a couple of the theives making plans to have their way with Selene he followed them back and faught them off, causing her and the rest of her party to wake, ensuring the capture of Iolaus and the other two theives.

Because of Iolaus’s heroic’s although he’d saved Selene and aided the capture of the two other theives, Iolaus himself was caught possessing his share of the stolen goods which could not be over looked. He too had to serve his time. Thanks to Selenes gentle persuasion and because he was a minor it was decided that he could choose to either serve his sentence or he could study at the Martial Arts Academy under the guidence of it’s head master an ex military man. However, should Iolaus choose the second option if he made the slightest infraction he would go straight to jail. Iolaus chose the second option and was therefore sent to the academy and reunited with his best friend.

Iolaus flourished under the guidence of the Academy although due to his missing so many years of schooling, his graduation results do not reflect it. His headmaster noted that he was a brilliant student when he put his mind to it, the trouble was getting him to put his mind to it. After the academy Iolaus, Jason and Ira travelled around Pilton helping out people where they needed it, particularly in places that were lacking the law enforcement. It was while they were doing this that they unwittingly helped out a Starfleet Intelligence oporative, who offered them a position in Starfleet. Like the majority of Piltonians Iolaus and Jason were hesitent to mingle with off-planeters, but Ira had learned his father had come from off planet and was eager to follow his footsteps. So the three friends went ending up getting tangled up with Starfleet Intelligence, it was here the trio became a duo as Jason used his families diplomatic service to negotiate his pardoning and admittance into Starfleet. However, Ira and Iolaus decided they wanted to settle down, and took on tiny roles in their small town with Ira’s wife and children. Ira worked as a builder and Iolaus worked as the towns blacksmith. It wasn’t until Ira’s family was died at the hands of a arsonist that the pair returned to their previous nomadic lives.

Iolaus and Ira continued as galactic vigilanties, their tight bond since child hood and the fact they’d trained together on Pilton meant that they worked too well as a team for Intelligence to ever fully get their hands on them. When Iolaus was killed the first time after he was captured on one mission, Ira faught tooth and nail to get Iolaus back, and when he showed up minutes after they’d drowned Iolaus, it was Ira who worked tirelessly doing CPR until Iolaus came back to life, spluttering and choking on the water that had filled his lungs. Iolaus was 22 at the time.

Iolaus was 23 when he started dating Anya, the two of them were infactuated with each other, and it wasn’t long before Anya fell pregnant with their son Henry. Because Iolaus has old fashioned virtues, the couple were wed before the baby was born when Iolaus was 24. When Iolaus was 25 him and Ira accepted a deep under cover mission. Because of the fragile nature of the mission, the two of them had to maintain under the radar. Despite all of their precautions, however, Iolaus and Ira were ambushed and overwhelmed and whilst they were trying to fight off their assailants Iolaus ended up on the wrong side of a knife. Because of the missions nature Ira was forced to continue the mission as planned, alone, so Iolaus didn’t recieve any medical care until after Ira completed the mission and could come back for him.

After the second incident, Ira and Iolaus took time off their vigilantism, Ira because he was too angry at the events of their last mission, and Iolaus because he wanted to spend time with his young family. He was determind to be a better father to Henry than his father was to him. For the next two years, Iolaus worked keeping the law in the town his family lived in while Ira went back travelling around helping out where he could, occasionally stopping by from time to time. When Iolaus was 27 his law job fell through when someone found out about his theiving background, so Iolaus made the journey to Thennyas to meet with Ira and they would continue their journeying from there. However, their past caught up to them while Iolaus was making the journey and the Klingon sister of a Klingon oprative that Ira had killed ambushed Iolaus near Thennyas demading the location of Ira. Loyal to his friend, Iolaus refused to disclose his location and managed to escape. Although severly beaten Iolaus managed to make the journey to Selene’s place and warn Ira, but his body gave out and he surcumed to the internal bleeding he had substained. Fading in Ira’s arms despite Ira’s best attempts to resussitate him.

Whilst they’d been in the grasp of Intelligence, the two men had befriended a certain Dr Lucero who had rumoured to be working on something akin to Genesis. Ira placed Iolaus’s body in a chryogenic chamber and transported him to Dr Lucero begging her to resussitate his friend. Dr Lucero completed the experimental treatment, on the condition that Ira and Iolaus both assisted Intelligence on a special missions, remaining detained for the rest of it. Ira agreed, and Iolaus was saved. Although unhappy to be away from his family, Iolaus had to agree with the deal that Ira struck. As Iolaus was healing Intelligence brought in Iolaus’s family to use as leverage over him and Ira However, it wasn’t long after Iolaus was all healed that whilst transporting them from one base to another, the ship Anya, Henry and their unborn child was in, was attacked and they died.

With no leverage being held over them, Ira and Iolaus escaped Intelligence, striking out on their own. When Iolaus was 28 he met Neive Peralta and the two of began dating. Because she had been sent to arrest Iolaus and Ira, Ira and Neive had to keep their relationship under wraps. They were together for the next 3 years until whilst secretly assisting Neive on a rescue mission, Iolaus took at Bat’leth blow that was intended for Neive. Although he was immediately retreived and put into surgery, Iolaus died on the table, and it was only by a miracle that the doctors working on him were able to bring him back to life. This information was not disclosed to Neive and Ira who believed that Iolaus had died. Neither took Iolaus’s ‘death’ well and both completed their mission with vigour. Intelligence realised they had a valuable asset in the pair, so rather than lose Ira, they faked Iolaus’s death. They arrested Iolaus for his past crimes (even though they’d pardoned Ira) to prevent him from ruining the illusion and changed his name to prevent them from finding him.

____________________________________________ COUNSELLING FILE: CLASSIFIED PERSONALE ONLY: CNS

Because of his history Iolaus suffers from PTSD although it has not yet effected his work in anyway. He is still struggling to deal with the loss of his old life, making him unstable at times when he is reminded of it. Paricularly in regards to Ira who Iolaus is very sensitive about.
Iolaus tends to his his emotions behind his humour.


Iolaus is very loyal to those he is close to, although he is very careful about who lets get close to him. Although Iolaus is very joubulant on the outside, he carries a lot of pain with him, that he frequently work out through violence. He has been known on occasion to take a fight too far or intiate one instead of walking away from it, especially when reminded of his old friends. He is very creative and knows how to get himself out of a pinch using the tools he has on his hand. Making him both resourceful and dangerous as a criminal.

However, perhaps due to his father constantly putting him down, and living in the shadow of Ira’s brilliance, Iolaus has a low opinion of himself, although he does not care to admit it. He can get jealous easily, especially when compared to Ira although he tries hard not to show it.

____________________________________________ NOTABLE RELATIONSHIPS:

This file is sealed

Theodorus Vernon (70) Father General, Pilton Armed Forces Military Base, Pilton
Erwyna Vernon nee. Carson (56) Mother Seamstress Thennays, Pilton
Anya Vernon nee. Daniels (dec) Wife Past Teacher N/A
Henry Vernon (dec) Son - N/A
Neive Peralta (31) Ex-Girlfriend Commander, Starfleet Intelligence Location unknown
Irakli (The Bear) Davis (30) Best Friend Vigilante Operative Location unknown
Selene Davis (53) Family Friend - Thennays, Pilton
Jason Argan (40) Close Friend Captain, Starfleet U.S.S Olympia

Starfleet Record of Service and Achievements


Prisoner Number: Alpha-Whiskey-nine-seven-nine-eight-four

Iolaus is wanted for many crimes aganst the federation including (but not limited to) theft, sabotage, escaping custody, violence against Federation memebers.

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