Adam Threwn

Authored by Christopher Bennett
Biographic Information
  • Position: Executive Officer on USS Saracen
  • Rank: Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 280 lbs/127 kg
  • Height: 6'5
  • Age: 44

Character Biography

Physical appearance: He stands 6’5 weighs 280 lbs. He has a deep long scar on the right side of his face from hand to hand fighting with a Jem’Hadar during the Dominion war. It runs from the top of his forehead, over his eye, across his mouth to his chin. He also has several scars on his chest, abdomen, arms and legs, resulting in scar tissue apprising approximately 32% of his body. He has bright green eyes and black hair. He is well built and carries a certain confidence in his demeaner.
He has a soothing, calm voice that seems to contrast his appearance.

Achievements: Starfleet Cross, Silver Star with Bronze Oak leaf, Bronze Star with Silver oak cluster, Purple heart/2 bronze stars(in lieu of 3rd award), Starfleet medal/1Gold star(in lieu of 5th award), Borg incursion medal, Dominion War medal, Distinguished Service Medal, See record.

Born in Cleveland Ohio on Earth, on July 4th 2350 to Parents Ryan and Nicole Threwn. Adam followed his parents as they progressed in their Starfleet careers.

In 2368, was accepted into Star Fleet academy. He wasn’t the most social person but was skilled and making people do what needed to be done. Natural leader, his personality allowed many people to follow and look up to him. He had the respect and admiration of his entire graduating class. In 2371, he was leading a team of cadets through a series of training exercises in security tactics. During the exercise, a large fight was reported in a bar near the area that they were training in. Adam, against orders, took his team in an attempt to subdue the situation. When they arrived at the scene Adam ordered his team to fire a light spread phaser fire, set on stun. Adam was charged with disobeying a direct order. He took full responsibility for the action and was held back a year. It was a hard-learned lesson for him.

During his senior year, while going through Basic Starship tactics, Adam and his crew, in command of a frigate beat one mission that only two other people in the history of Starfleet ever beat. Noted for superior tactical and strategic skills. Recommended for advance Tactical training, denied.

Upon Graduation in 2373 from the academy he was ordered to report to the USS Cleveland where he participated in the Battle of Sector 001.

In late 2373, while the USS Cleveland was investigating a pirate attack on a civilian space station, the Chief of Security was killed and, then Ensign Threwn took over at tactical. Seeing a tactical weak spot in the attacking pirates attack, he recommended a change in tactics and, with the help of his suggestion, able to stop the attack on the space station. Promoted to COS and LT.j.g
Served with distinction during the Dominion war as COS and Tactical officer of the USS Cleveland, Promoted to full LT.
In 2380, Transferred to the USS Entente when the Kansas was decommissioned, there, he took over CTO duties.
In 2385, Promoted to LCDR and assigned as the XO of the USS Excalibur. The USS Excalibur was assigned to the Cardassian sector and spent the better part of the next three years battling rogue dominion forces.
In 2090, Assigned as XO of the USS Intrepid and was assigned to patrol the Romulan Neutral zone. There, the Intrepid battled rogue Romulan forces not happy with the peace treaty.

Note: While an able officer, he hasn’t been given command of his own due to his lack of diplomatic skills. Seeing mostly combat throughout his career, he hasn’t developed much in the ways of diplomacy and is more of a warrior then a lover. The loss of his fiancé to the borg and his parents to the Klingon- Federation war, in addition to countless friends has made him a rather hardened individual. He is described as gruff, tough as nails and very stern. Brave and calm in the face of danger, but also has a tendency to speak his mind without thinking of the consequences.

Family: Mother Nicole Threwn Dead 2373
Father: Ryan Threwn Dead 2373
Brother: Morgan Threwn Commanding Officer, USS Lexington
Sister: Mary Threwn Gordon Dead 2373
Fiancé: Amy Gordon Dead 2373
4th Dan Black belt in Tae Kwon do, 3rd in Karate, 3rd in Kung fu 2nd in ju jitsu.

Federations Champion in Hand-to-Hand combat-2372.

Sniper 1st class, Survivor 1st class

Masters in Ancient History

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