Authored by Miriam W
Biographic Information
  • Position: Researcher on USS Leviathan
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Laleri
  • Weight: 80 Kg
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Age: 24 yrs
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Character Biography

Appearance: She has the appearance of a humanoid wolf. She has a furry tail and fluffy upright ears. Her fur is grey and white, in an almost husky-like pattern.
The Laleri legs are digitigrade, (she stands on her toes like a dog or a cat) and her hands have three fingers and a thumb. The way that her anatomy functions, it is technically possible for her to run quadrupedaly, but this is not common.

History: Kula was born in the capitol city of the most technologically advanced country on her planet (Galdor) in the Abramsverse timeline. She and Mwezi were friends in childhood, and while he went to their planet’s Starfleet Academy equivalent, she went to the Science Academy and studied physics and mathematics.
When he transferred to Starfleet, she stayed home and studied theoretical physics. She was part of a research team investigating a revolutionary teleportation method. Long story short, it went bad and she ended up in the prime timeline.

‘Spouse’: Mwezi

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