Hegush Falz

Authored by Cass Young
Biographic Information
  • Position: Executive Officer on USS Constellation
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Weight: 87kg
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Age: 45

Character Biography

Full Birth Name: Hegush Falz
Birth Date: 5th June 2351
Birth Place: Jalanda City, Bajor

Reprimands: 1
- Drinking on Duty

____________________________________________ PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:

Falz has brown hair and blue eyes that resemble a glacier fed lake. He always wears his Bajoran earring whenever he can. He is relativly tall, and although his body is still thin from when he spent time in a Cardassian labour camp. Before that he had been described as chubby. His nose is crooked from when it was broken when he was younger, and throughout his lifetime, he has often been referred to as ugly.

____________________________________________ MEDICAL INFORMATION:

-Falz has a crooked nose from when he broke it when he was 6.
-Falz has received medical attention once for alcohol poisoning when he was 19 and again when he was 38. He has been warned on several occasions to watch his drinking.
-Falz was kept in a Cardassian labour camp for 3 years and as a result was left pretty malnourished.
-Flaz has also had sugery on his knee after being shot with a Cardassian weapon, which occassionally bothers him.

____________________________________________ PERSONAL HISTORY:

Flaz and Eezi were born twins on Bajor on the outskirts of Jalanda City to Kaceth and Maira. His father Kaceth is a simple Bajoran fruit farmer, while his mother is considered on of the most beautiful Bajorans on Bajor. There are many who believe that she is blessed by the prophets to have such radient beauty for a simple farm girl. Maira was not the only one who was blessed with great looks, both of Flaz’s sister are also considered very good looking, his twin Eezi winning many Bajoran beauty pagents as a child and a teen. An achievement their parents are very proud of, especially Flaz’s domineering mother Maira who wanted to relieve her youth through her daughter. As for Flaz, he was a considerably ugly baby and child; never really growing into his looks as some children do. Being both ungly and a boy he was the least favoured of the children, and the attitudes of his parents towards him raged from indifferent to violent. When his father lost the farm after several severe droughts and ran the family into poverty, things took a turn for worse and the family had to sell the farm and relocate into the city where there were more job offers for Kaceth and pagents for Eezi. Although the family managaed to live comfortably Kaceth hated his new city career and would go out and get drunk after work.

And so Falz grew up in the shadow of his sisters, frequently overlooked in favour of them. His mother, ignored him and his father wasn’t much better. Any protesting on his behalf was meant with harsh punishements, turning the bright child cynical and detached. His sisters - picking up on the attitudes of his parents mocked him for not being talented like they were and Eezi loved to further torment her brother by taking things he wanted for herself, and rubbing it in his face that she could get away with it so that he quickly learned to stop caring about things he’d never get.

With no support from his sister, Falz was easily bullied by his peers for his looks and by his early teens Falz began a downwards spiral aided by alcohol. He was first introduced to the substance during a peer trick, but quickly learned to enjoy the stuff. Believing it made his unbearable life more bearable. By the time Falz was 16 he was regularly showing up to class drunk. His parents lack of concern and his fathers own weakness for alcohol ensured he had a constant supply of the stuff. As a result his grades slipped, dispite his apparent intelligence and his clear talent for art. The only thing that prevented Falz from failing completely was his friend Cayan Bozut who would pull him together when he really needed it.

Upon leaving highschool, Falz’s parents pushed him to Earth eager to get rid of their ugly and useless son. Alone on a foreign planet and without anyone to stop him, Falz feel into familiar old habits and at 19 was hospitalised for alcohol poisoning. He signed up for a community college, but his grades fell away, and he ended up only just passing his first year and dropping out of his second year. Despite the close call, Falz continued to drink stumbling home at all hours of the night, waking up in strange places and not being able to remember the past day. By some chance, when Falz was 21 he ran into Bozut again at a bar where Bozut was waiting to meet up with some friends from the Acadamy. The pair caught up and Bozut tried to convince Falz to resume his studies, suggesting he try at the acadamy now that he had friends there. Falz had been all set to turn down Bozut’s offer. However, when Bozut’s friends showed up, and Falz saw Kraj. Finta Kraj son of a very prominant Vedek, he had a very striking presence and it was no secret that Kraj was greatly admired by Falz. So much so that he sobered up and began to get his act together in order to impress him. Although Kraj was younger, Kraj was handsome and passionate and strong and determind, and it didn’t take long for Falz to be love struck by the other boy despite Kraj not giving him the time of day. Almost instantly Falz changed his mind, promising Bozut that he would join the Acadamy.

With some effort, Falz rejoined the Acadamy and joined Bozut, Kraj and two of Kraj’s friends Lokag and Sairr as they entered their second year. More sober than he had been in a long time and determind to win Kraj’s approval, he caught up to them quickly. Although Falz was always aroung Kraj and his group of friends (or band of followers depending on which way you looked at it) he always felt more of the outsider to the group. Kraj didn’t like Falz and made his feeling’s clear and the two frequently argued. Falz generally wound Kraj up in a desperate bid for his attention. Despite their issues the group graduated together and by some miracle were assigned to U.S.S Patriot after their cadet cruises were complete.

When Falz was 25 his ship was assigned to track down and report on a defective ship that had been the source of many strange signals and readings. It was soon discovered that the ship was an undercover Cardassian ship and a battle ensured between the two ships. Despite the ships best attempts to radio for help, it was too far away and no match for the Cardassian vessal. Falz had been in a drunken stumpor at the time of the attack, waking only in time to witness his fellow officers being either slaughtered or captured, realising belatedly what was going on around him, Falz desperately attempted to fend of the Cardassians but it was too late. The ship was captured and because they were young and fit, Kraj, Falz and their friends were amongst the crew members who were left alive in order to be placed on secret Cardassian labour camps. It was sometime around then that Falz and Kraj’s relationship shifted and changed. Kraj developing a newfound sense of admiration for Falz, and the pair developed an unusual unorthodox relationship, despite their dire situation.

For the next 3 years the survivers (believed dead by Starfleet) suffered and eventually began to die off in the labour camp due to the rough conditions they were kept in. However, despite their bleak and dire situation, Kraj never gave up hope of escape. In the rare spare moments the prisoners were allowed they planned a revolt in the camp, quickly forming a secret way of communication that the Cardassians would miss. Kraj’s plan, by all accounts was ingenious, so long as everyone played their part. However, his plan relied heavily on all the prisoners joining in the fighting once the revolt was under way and overwhelming the officers guarding the camp. Kraj was determined not just to get the remaining members of their crew out of there, but the other prisoners as well.

On the day of the revolt, it started off well with the Cardassian guards were taken by surprise and overwhelmed by the sheer number of prisoners. Until all of a sudden it wasn’t. Kraj, Lokang and Falz were busy trying to take the forcefield down when Kraj noticed a couple of guards had seen through their diversion. In an attempt to divert them Kraj (with Falz trailing behind) antagonised the guards. Dodging the firing weapons, Kraj and Falz were eventually trapped by the Cardassians, and hand in hand the pair were shot execution style. It was only by sheer dumb luck that the majority of them missed Falz, only a couple hitting him in the legs causing him to crumple to the ground. Seizing his oppertunity, the Cardassian general lifted up Kraj’s body and dragged it out for all to see announcing that their leader was dead, as would any other person be if they continued to rebel. It was enough to install fear in the majority of the beaten and broken prisoners and many began to surrender.

Amidst the chaos Falz somehow managed to stagger over to where Lokang had been working, finding that Lokang too had been slain as he’d worked to break the prisoners free. Dazed with shock and supressed grief, Falz continued Lokang’s work efforts managing to bring down the shielding around the camp. Once he’d accomplished that Falz attempted to find his way back to Kraj’s body, determined to die next to his lover. However, fate had other plans in store for Falz and as the adrenaline ebbed away to grief the pain of his injury hit him full force that Falz passed out. When Falz next awoke he was shealtered in the nearby hills surrounding the camp, with the small group of survivors being treated by a dying Sairr the only other remaining member of Falzs friends. As Falz’s wounds healed, Sairrs worsened. He’d been stabbed thrice over, and with limited medical supplies the internal damage and spreading infection was too great and he eventually surcame to his wounds.

By the time they managed to escape the planet entirely, only 3 of the small group remained. Falz, an old Bajoran man nammed Oza Hillkunu and a Human in something of a coma. They were a pretty pathetic party by the time Starfleet picked them up, having intercepted Falz’s desperate encrypted cries for help. As the Human was taken away to be treated, Hillkunu and Falz retold their stories to the astonished acting Captain, and his officers. With their testamonies the Captain was able to bust the illegal camp and rescue the remaining prisoners. However, this didn’t feel like a victory as it was then he learned of the demise of Bozut his closest friend.

Falz was given three months leave in order to heal and process his trauma and undergo a psychological evaluation. Although he passed and was given a placement on the U.S.S Thanatos, he was kept under close psychological monitoring for the first six months. He served there for several years, initially he stopped drinking completely, however, after a few years the habit slowly crept his way back, although he managed to contain it to his off duty hours. On the 10 year anniversary of his rescue and the death of Kraj, Falz was granted a weeks leave on a nearby starbase where his addiction got the better of him and he drank himself into the Starbases sickbay. Following this incident, despite the renewed Counselling sessions he was caught working while drunk and given reprimand. He was removed from duty for 8 weeks before returning to duty under close supervision. However, after the one moment of weakness, he seemingly didn’t have any more problems on the Thanatos and stayed there for another two years.

At 40 he transferred to the U.S.S Undertaker for 4 years before transferring to the U.S.S Constellation where he remains to date.

____________________________________________ ACADEMIC RECORD:

2356 - 2362 Jalanda City Public School
Grade Average: 81%

2363 - 2364 Alenis Meru School for Youth
Grade Average: 58%

2365 - 2369 Emmisary Public College
Grade Average: 67%

2370 Starfleet Acadamy
Grade Average: 50%

2372 - 2374 Starfleet Acadamy
Grade Average: 71%

Specialty(ies): Operations
Language(s): Bajoran (F), Cardassian (P), English (P), Ancient Greek (B), French (B)

____________________________________________ COUNSELLING FILE:

“Stardate 47110: Today was the first day for the manditory Cadet psych evaluations for this years Cadets. Most were pretty ordinary, but one Cadet, a certain Mr Hegush has proved an interesting case study. His background isn’t the ideal background for a Starfleet Officer, his school grades are just satisfactory with concerning reports of intoxication during classes. However he has passed his intial tests into Starfleet with exemplorary results, completely unexpected given his previous school results. From our own discussion it was evident that the young man was a very intelligent individual who feels more deeply than he lets on. He hides behind long winded speechs and an apparent lack of concern or care for himself but beneath it all is a kind heart and a good man. If Cadet Hegush really has curbed his alcohol problem, I do not doubt that he will make a fine officer.” CNS Ashurst

“Counsellors Log Stardate 56255: Throughout his years in Starfleet, Mr Hegush’s drinking problems have been no secret. However his ability to keep his recreational habits strictly to when he is off duty, is convincing that the problem is by and by not large. None of his superiors had ever had a complaint about his work being impaired by the affects of the alcohol he drinks. Instead they all cite his remarkable intelligence and quick thinking. Following the trauma of being a Cardassian Prisoner of War, I had feared the worst for this well loved habit of his and have yet to see results He was given 3 moths leave, with a one month psychological probation, where I monitered his habits and maintained regular counselling sessions with the patient. As far as I am aware Mr Hegush has not touch alcohol since he was first detained in the Prison camp. It is my hope that he has cured his poisonous habit for good. In all other regards, although traumatised and greiveing, Mr Hegush is of a sound mind, and I declear him fit for duty.” CNS Lt. Baal USS Thanatos

“Counsellors Log Stardate 66064: Sometimes our weaknesses, no matter how long we fight to stave them off overwhelm us before we gather the strength to push them back. It is with a sad heart that I must offically declear Ensign Hegush unfit for duty following the drunk on duty incident yesterday. Given the nature of the anniversary that has recently passed it is somewhat understandable. In part I blame myself for neglecting to follow up with Hegush upon his return from his leave, but an influx of recent new crewmembers kept me distracted. However, understandable it may be, steps must be taken to ensure that such an incident is never repeated. Ensign Hegush ensures that it will be both the first time and the last time, and given it is his first reprimand; as ships Counsellor I have decided that Hegush be removed from duty until further notice.” CNS Lt. Ronan USS Thanatos

“Counsellors Log Stardate 66212: I am pleased to recommend that after 8 weeks of consistant Counselling sessions, Ensign Hegush be reinstated on duty. Hegush has responded well to the efforts of both myself and Lt. Com. Savvik. He is through withdrawls both physically and now I believe mentally. Although at the end of our sessions when I arrange that he come and meet me again; He laughs and promptly says don’t waste your time Counselor and disappearing before I could say anything more. He has remained dutifully in his sessions, and is yet to miss one. The real breakthrough was a few nights ago, when he called on my in my quarters asking for advice when his thurst became to strong for him. Seeking outside help is the first and most promising step, and one that leads me to believe that Ensign Hegush is ready to return to duty. He will continue his daily Counselling sessions for another month, and if I see improvement these will be cut back to once a month.” CNS Lt. Ronan USS Thanatos

“Counsellors Log Stardate 68575: New Officer Ensign Hegush has been transferred aboard the USS Undertaker. His history is not the most ideal, with a history of alcohol abuse, and a reprimand on his file. He has underlying issues resulting from the traum he suffered in his early days as a starfleet officer, and a low self-esteem. Hegush believes that further Counselling sessions would be a waste of my time, so of course he will be required to attend several more than the standard amount for a Starfleet Officer. Otherwise Ensign Hegush is fit for duty.” CNS Lt. Com. Taradora USS Undertaker


Falz is considered to be quite cynical. Although bright and intelligent, he has a low self-esteem.

His favourite saying is “the only certainty is a full glass,”

____________________________________________ NOTABLE RELATIONSHIPS:

Hegush Maira nee. Opyo (64) Mother Seamstress Jalanda City, Bajor
Hegush Kaceth (67) Father Carpenter, Freelance Jalanda City, Bajor
Jobor Menia nee. Hegush (47) Sister Accountant, Deka Accounting Ilvia, Bajor
Jobor Lakar (46) Brother-In-Law Doctor, Ilvian Medical Complex Ilvia, Bajor
Jobor Xishia (24) Neice Nurse, Ilvian Medical Complex Ilvia, Bajor
Jobor Ren (21) Nephew Student, University of Bajor Jalanda City, Bajor
Laran Eezi nee. Hegush (44) Sister (Twin) Events Planer, Jalanda Event Centre Jalanda City, Bajor
Laran Cabl (50) Brother-In-Law Historian, Bajoran State Museaum Jalanda City, Bajor
Laran Jorroc (23) Nephew Communications, Bajoran Foreign Affairs Building Jalanda City, Bajor
Laran Mabrin (21) Nephew Science Student, Bajoran Institute of Science Jalanda City, Bajor
Laran Menia (20) Neice Engineering Student, Starfleet Acadamy Las Angeles, Earth
Laran Aaron (20) Nephew Ranjan, Dakeen Monestary Dakeen, Bajor
Laran Kiera (15) Neice Student, Jalanda School for Bajorans Jalanda City, Bajor
Finta Kraj (dec.) Boyfriend Past Lieutenant, Chief of Security N/A
Drijor Lokag (dec.) Friend Past junior Lieutenant, Engineer N/A
Drizi Sairr (dec.) Friend Past Lieutenant, Doctor N/A
Cayan Bozut (dec.) Best Friend Past Ensign, Security N/A
Oza Hillikunu (76) Friend Retired D.S 9

Starfleet Record of Service and Achievements

Stardate 51916: Cadet Hegush Graduates Starfleet Acadamy and is automatically promoted to Ensign
- Ensign Hegush is assigned to the U.S.S Patriot
Stardate 53294: U.S.S Patriot is ambushed by a Cardassian vessal
- The crew of the U.S.S Patriot (including Ensign Hegush) is captured
Stardate 53314: Wreckage of U.S.S Patriot discovered, Crew Presumed dead
Stardate 56021: Cardassian prisoners including Ensign Hegush and other Patriot crew members revolt
Stardate 56035: Distress signal detected by U.S.S Trident on nearby Cardassian Colony
Stardate 56041: Survivors of the revolt including Ensign Hegush recovered by U.S.S Trident
Stardate 56255: Ensign Hegush is cleared for duty by order of Lieutenant Counselor Baal and returned to duty
- Ensign Hegush is assigned aboard the U.S.S Thanatos
Stardate 66064: Ensign Hegush is caught drunk while on duty and recieves a reprimand
- Ensign Hegush is suspended from duty pending a Psychological Evaluation by order of Lieutenant Counselor Ronan
Stardate 66212: Ensign Hegush is decleared fit for duty by order of Lieutenant Counselor Ronan and returned to duty
Stardate 68575: Ensign Hegush is assigned to the U.S.S Undertaker
Stardate 71341: Ensign Hegush is promoted to junior Lieutenant
Stardate 72582: junior Lieutenant Hegush is assigned to U.S.S Constellation and promoted to Chief Operations Officer

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