Fraiser Flynn

Authored by Cass Young
Biographic Information
  • Position: Security Officer on USS Saracen
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Age: 31

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Character Biography

Full Birth Name: Fraiser Albius Flynn
Birth Date: 21 December 2368
Birth Place: Los Angeles, USA, Earth

____________________________________________ PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:

Fraiser has dark brown hair that he always keeps styled nicely and piercing brown eyes. He has high cheek bones and is considered quite good-looking. His only distiguishing feature is a scratch on his left cheek, that he has had since his final year at the Academy.

____________________________________________ MEDICAL HISTORY:

Fraiser aquired a couple of scrapes and bruises during his adolesence and youth, however, nothing perminant or severe.

  • Fraiser obtained a fractured hand during his psychological evaluation (reportedly an incident with a malfunctioning door,) Healed.

  • Fraiser has a few yellowing bruises and a strained ligament in his shoulder.

____________________________________________ PERSONAL HISTORY:

In 2368 Fraiser was born Fraiser Albius Flynn to Delilah and Myles Flynn, the third child out of four. For the first few years of Fraisers life, his family was relativly wealthy thanks to his Father’s career as an Admiral in Star-Fleet. However, all that changed when Myles Flynn died of an incurable respratory disease. The majority of the families credits went into trying to save Myles, and when they couldn’t Delilah invested it in a bar hoping that she could make enough money to keep the family alive. While the bar did supply the family with enough income to keep them all comfortable the family never re-gained the riches that they had before. Fraiser was only 5 when his father passed away, but he could remember bits and pieces and remained driven throughout his life to earn the same his father had.

Although Fraiser was clearly an intelligent and gifted child he had temperment issues and when he was 7 he got suspended for hitting a teacher who had failed him on his homework. Following that incident Fraiser was known for making other students cry when they got on his wrong side, and he was eventually expelled when he was 9 for breaking another kids fingers when he slammed them in a malfunctioning door, although Fraiser maintained that particular incident was an accident. Despite being the new kid at his second school Fraiser seemed to undergo a personality change and flourished. By the time he moved into highschool, he was easily one of the most popular boys.

Being as popular as Fraiser is, it frequently surprised people, that while he could have had any girl he wanted, Fraiser didn’t date anyone until he was 16 and he met Kelly Drake. Kelly was easily one of the more prettier girls at Fraisers school, and many deemed them the hottest couple, however, Kelly terminated the relationship after a couple of months saying she couldn’t handle Fraiser’s temper. Following their breakup Fraiser had a couple of flings with a couple of other girls, but quit when Kelly moved. Fraiser returned to his single life seemingly quite happy to enjoy flirting without feeling the need to go any further than that.

Fraiser was just shy of 18 when he met Elaine Janvier. Elaine was classmates with Fraiser’s younger brother Bryan. Fraiser met her collecting Bryan from one of the many parties he snuck off to. She caught his eye immediately and after ‘collecting’ Bryan from a few more parties Fraiser convinced Bryan to throw a New Years party, providing Fraiser with the perfect guise in which to get closer to her. At the party him and Elaine got on well and ended up sharing a new years kiss. By the end of Janurary the two of them were an official couple.

The two of them seemed to be very much in love with each other, and pretty soon it was uncommon to see one of them without the other outside of school (seeing as they went to two differnt schools). Everyone noted the changed that Elaine underwent in the first year of their relationship, as - at Friaser’s urging - she quit drinking and partying so much, and began to focus on her studies more. When Fraiser graduated high school the following year, rather than go straight into Star-fleet, Fraiser surprised everyone by opting to stay home and work in an electronics repair store rather than join Star-Fleet as he had so often boasted about to his peers. Rather than do long distance with Elaine if Fraiser went into the Academy, Fraiser decided he would wait until she finished highschool so that they could join the Academy together.

True to their word the two love birds went to the Academy together once Elaine was able to apply. Here, once again, Fraiser flourished. His classmates adored him, and he excelled in all his subjects, but in particular, tactical and security. In their final year at the Academy, when faced with the options in their future following graduation, Elaine applied for medical ships rather than the exploration class ships that Fraiser had applied for. Fraiser was furious when he realised what she’d done but Elaine refused to apply on the ships he wanted to. Unwilling to do long distance or sign onto a ship where his chances of advancing were minimal and unable to persuade Elaine to change her mind, Fraiser broke up with her shortly before their graduation although he maintains it was because he suspected her of cheating on him with a med student. He believes his theory is further proven by the fact she obtained a dog, who graduated with her.

Not long after their breakup, Elaine was attacked in her dorm, with a fellow cadet theroised to be responsible. It was at this same time that it became common knowledge that the couple had broken up, and Fraiser was investigated as a suspect, although Campus Police ruled him innocent due to a lack of evidence as Elaine refused to speak of the evidence and maintained it was a random attack.

After he graduated, Fraiser was enlisted on the U.S.S Trident as an Ensign where he remained for the following 3 years. Unhappy with his lack of advancement and sick of the suspicious Counselor there Fraiser requested a transfer in 2394. The request was granted and he was transferred to the U.S.S Saracen as a security officer where he remains to date.

In 2395 Fraiser was promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.) and accepted a temporary assignment to Turkana XII for 2 years before he was supposed to return to the Saracen. Having expected the assignment to be career advancing move, full of action, Fraiser was annoyed and frustrated that the assignment was nothing more than guard duty and furthermore, lasted much longer than originally intended. Then just as he had finally finished the assignment and given clearance tot return the the U.S.S Saracen he was informed his mother had suffered a bad fall and was struggling to recover. Fraiser took leave to return to earth to help his younger brother support her and run the bar while she recovered.

____________________________________________ ACADEMIC RECORD:

2374 - 2377 Cowen Elementary
Grade Average: 72%

2378 - 2380 Clifford Street Elementary
Grade Average: 69%

2381 - 2382 Brooklyn Ave Elementary
Grade Average: 75%

2383 - 2387 John Marshall High School
Grade Average: 84%

2389 - 2391 Starfleet Acadamy
Grade Average 91%

Specialty(ies): Martial Arts, Security, Self-Defence, Tactical Theory,
Language(s):English (F), Vulcan (P), Ferengi (B), German (B), Trill (B)

____________________________________________ COUNSELLING FILES:

Following Fraisers attack on the teacher, he was assessed by the school counsellor who wrote…
“Fraiser is clearly a bright and intelligent young boy, and I would not be surprised should the child go on to do great things. It is a shame he has such an angry disposition about him, as it will hold him back from acomplishing in life. Fraiser does not adhere to criticism well reacting violently to anything that he considers a threat. However, I am of the firm belief that with proper counselling the child can learn to manage his temper in a constructive manner…” Tynan Dennis Las Angeles Public School Counsellor.

While Fraiser did visit the school counsellor in the time that he remained at the Las Angeles the session were not continued into his next schools. He did not see another counsellor until StarFleet.

“Prior to Ensign Flynns boarding of the Trident, I thoroughly examined his file, intreigued to find two completely different characters described. One an agressive spoilt child, and the other a charming young man. I must admit, my curiousity was spiked. I am a firm believer a person can not suppress strong traits such as agression without help in which Ensign Flynn did not receive. I was sure that either CNS Ashurst or CNS Dennis must be mistaken…”
“…Upon Ensign Flynns arrival, I was greated by a charming broken-hearted young man. We spoke of the girl who broke his heart, who he suspects dumped him for another man, when she was unwilling to compromise in how they would maintain their relationship following graduation. All of this should have been enough to bring the anger described in his childhood self bubbling to the surface, but all I could see was a hurt man before me; no anger just… pain. Given his clean record at the Acadamy and my own personal conversation with him, I must write that Ensign Flynn is fit for duty and will not require further counselling sessions outside of the yearly crew evaluations.” Lt. Austin Hicks U.S.S Trident Counsellor
“Stardate: 57968. I am hesitant to add this to Ensign Flynns file as I am unsure of it’s relavance and do not want to cause hearsay. However, following my initial meeting with the Ensign I admit my curiousity was piked rather than sated and I researched the mentioned girl a certain Ensign Elaine Janvier. Curiously, Ensign Janvier was attacked in her home around the same date that I estimated she broke up with Ensign Flynn something Ensign Flynn neglected to mention in our discussion, despite his undeniable knowledge of the incident. What this means - like I stated earlier - I am unsure, however, I feel it may be something worth investigating in our evaluation next year…” Lt. Austin Hick U.S.S Trident Counsellor

Flynns boarding evaluation - U.S.S. Saracen:


Fraiser is ambitious and always aims to achieve in everything he does. He is quick and intelligent, and has frequently been described as charming by those he meets. He is very controlled when it comes to how he expresses himself, and observant towards how others express themselves. Despite what his efforts to smother it he does have a very nasty temper and it is only fools try to get on his bad side.

____________________________________________ NOTABLE RELATIONSHIPS:

Myles John Flynn (dec) Father Late Admiral, Starfleet (Security Background N/A
Delilah Amy Flynn nee. Barber (55) Mother Barowner, Dee's Bar and Bristo Las Angeles, USA
Antony (Tony) John Flynn (33) Brother Prisoner, ____ Prison Facility -
Alexander (Alex) Theo Flynn (32) Brother Security Guard, Safeguard Security Co. New York, USA
Bryan Louis Flynn (27) Brother Bartender, Dee's Bar and Bristo Las Angeles, USA
Kelly Drake (29) Ex-Girlfriend Receptionist, Golden Shore Holiday Resort Gold Coast, Australia
Elaine Janvier (29) Ex-Girlfriend Junior Grade Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer U.S.S Dresden

Starfleet Record of Service and Achievements:

Stardate 68878: Cadet Flynn recieves the Cochrane Medal of Exellence for dedication to Self-Defence and Tactical Theory.
-Cadet Flynn recieves the Dux award for Excellency in all areas
-Cadet Flynn Graduates and is automatically promoted to Ensign Flynn and assigned to the U.S.S Trident
Stardate 71971: Ensign Flynn is transferred and assigned to the U.S.S Saracen
Stardate 720458 Ensign Flynn is promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Flynn.
- Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Flynn receives a temporary assignment to enforce security on Turkana XII
Stardate 74809 Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Flynn takes leave to visit with his family and help manage the family bar due to her falling ill.
Stardate 76716: Ensign Flynn returns from leave to the U.S.S Saracen

Last Updated: 19/09/2023

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