Roger Sanks

Authored by Rusty Boshankles
Biographic Information
  • Position: Engineer on USS Saracen
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 190
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Age: 31

Character Biography

A fairly tall white male with black hair in a high fade, military style haircut, with a red haired goatee. His eyes are bright green, but can change to blue based on his emotions.

At a young age, Roger (Rog) always wanted to be a law enforcement officer. He always loved space, holo games, sanctioned fights and computers. When he turned 15, his dad got him hired on to assist sorting and tagging clothes for his clothing cleaning company. As he got older, the owner gave him more responsibility, and by the time he was 18, he was running a whole shift in a store by himself. When he graduated Secondary education, he got a security job at the local arena. His skills in the ring and backstage got him the position of head booker when the old one retired.
At 21 he enlisted in the academy. With Operations as his primary course of study, he also took additional courses in tactical, security engineering. His sights were set on tactical officer and soon the Captain of his own ship.

He graduated in the top ten of his class. His security training showed he excelled in small energy weapons, earning him numerous awards in Academy competitions, including To Marksman, small arms, his fourth year. His hand to hand was passable, but he also had a knack for thinking outside the box in crisis situations.

His one blemish was a fight his first year with a class mate. After failing a surprise inspection due to an unclean blade in his weapon kit, a fellow student nicknamed him “Rusty Shank”. Both were suspended for two weeks. The other student was dismissed his second year for “failure to adapt”. Sanks never failed another inspection in four years.

Playing Holo games
Watching and reffing sanctioned fights

Small weapons Marksman (yrs 1-3)
Starfleet Academy Small Weapons Expert (4th year)
Starfleet academy graduate- Operations (tactical/security/engineering)

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