Andreas Mado

Authored by John P.
Biographic Information
  • Position: Federation Security Attache on USS Wolverine
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 150 lb
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Age: 43

Character Biography

Agency: Federation Security Agency
Specialization: Interrogation and Counter-Intelligence

Languages Spoken:

Federation Standard – Fluent
Vulcan – Fluent
Romulan – Fluent / Noticeable Accent


Mado has an average build, although he is somewhat on the leaner side and of a pale complexion.

Mado’s most distinguishable character is prematurely white hair. Somewhere between straight and wavy, he keeps it cut to about the middle of his neck. Beyond that, Mado has particularly small pupils and notable laugh lines.

Personal History:

Mado was born on Earth, and spent nearly the entirety of his adolescence in the City of Berlin. Coming from a family of police officers and security agents, Mado opted to join the Federation Security Agency (FSA) after finishing secondary school. Once he graduated from the FSA academy, Mado was placed on a Terrestrial policing detail. He worked that detail until the age of 25, when growing tired of ordinary police work, Mado completed the FSA’s counter-intelligence exam.

After scoring high marks on the exam Mado was transferred off-world to Starbase 12. His primary responsibility aboard the Starbase was to ensure that none of its inhabitants, including those within Starfleet, had been compromised by Romulan agents. Believing that the ends almost always justify the means, Mado earned a reputation for being cold and sometimes cruel in carrying out his casework.

After nearly a decade at Starbase 12, Mado himself was arrested by FSA officers, who believed he took the interrogation of a Romulan asset too far. Although he was cleared of the charge, his innocence remained questionable. As a result, Mado was reassigned to less visible posts within the Federation.

Medical File:

>>> Forthcoming >>>

Assignment to the Wolverine:

Following a recent Federation election, a group of government officials began to raise questions concerning Starfleet’s more “covert operations,” including those carried out by the Wolverine. In an effort to appease the officials, Starfleet agreed to allow agents of the FSA to act as attachés to certain vessels in order to ensure that Starfleet was not undermining any of the Federation’s basic principles.

Still somewhat of a problem to the FSA, Mado was offered up as an attaché. Noting his specialization in counter intelligence and interrogation, Starfleet ultimately placed Mado aboard the Wolverine.

His directive - to prevent gross violations of federation law, to evaluate whether the operations of the Wolverine are in the best interest of the Federation government, and to support her crew as necessary.

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