Peter "Wraith" McGarvey (LOA)

Authored by Peter McGarvey
Biographic Information
  • Position: Security Officer on USS Wolverine
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 190 lbs.
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Age: 31

Character Biography

Full Name: Peter “Wraith” McGarvey

Date Of Birth: March 15th, 2358

Place Of Birth: The Fair Trade a free lance freighter

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Father: Thomas McGarvey
Mother: Margeret (Mary) McGarvey


Peter’s background can be broken up into three main era’s of life before joining Star Fleet:

The Fair Trade was Peter’s first home. It was a free lance freighter that ran around the alpha quadrant. It would occasionally make more dangerous runs into the area sometimes referenced as the borderland. This area is still known to have pirates and other vagabond and is largely held, many believe, by the Orion Syndicate. On one of these runs the Fair Trade was attacked by a group of pirates. They hoped to secure the various supplies that the freighter was hauling to a fringe borderland system named Beltaurus by the settlers. Beltaurus II and V were there main colonies and they were in need of medical supplies and food provisions that the Fair Trade’s captain, Thomas McGarvey, had agreed to deliver to them; the pirates had planned on selling the supplies at a much higher price back to the settlers.
The pirates never opened a hailing frequency to the freighter and asked for surrender. They had expected to simply knock out the ship’s shields and engines and board and take everything including the crew for resale value. They hadn’t expected the Fair Trade’s post production weapon systems which Thomas had added shortly before this mission. As a result of the counter attack the pirates became more aggressive and started attacking the freighter with more fire power. The Fair Trade ejected its life pods. The children on board were ejected away from the battle but every one else was ejected toward the pirates.
The pirates having taken heavy losses themselves had started shooting anything they could which included the escape pods. Thomas, the only person left on board the ship used the Fair Trade to protect the pods as best he could but one of the first pods destroyed was his wife’s pod. Shortly after this one of the pirates seemingly accidently, struck the antimatter stream and started a chain reaction detonation that destroyed the Fair Trade.
The pirates having determined that the mission was a failure were going to kill all survivors so that no one could report the incident, however, before they could begin the U.S.S. Deterrent entered the system and either destroyed or drove away the remaining pirates.

Peter was placed on Beltaurus II at the Children’s Refuge. This was a strict environment which required discipline from all children residing there. It wasn’t a cruel place but it was a hard place with rigid rules.

Peter had a hard time interacting with the other children and the orphans as well as some of the teachers started referencing him as and even calling him “Wraith” because of his distance and standoffishness towards the other children and normal children activities. Peter was only five when the Fair Trade was destroyed but the events had caused him to grow up in a strange, some would say unhealthy, way. He had become disillusioned to the galaxy, he now knew that it really was a dangerous place where monsters lived only many monsters had the face of civilized beings. This made it hard for him to “play” because he couldn’t help but wait for the next time, the next crisis, to come and disrupt life. The teachers and administrators quickly placed Peter in counseling for the trauma but this only heightened his disillusionment because all he ever heard was double talk and insincerity.

One of the teachers at this time took an avested interest in him. Dr. Thomas Dickson, saw something special in Peter’s ability to see the world around him. He understood why it was so negative and rather than trying to rebuild a false sense of security, taught Peter that those with strength must protect the weak. He showed him that even in the darkness there still can be light and encouraged him to become a person who would protect it. Peter had already vowed that he would stop pirating but had not understood how; Doctor Dickson showed him and taught him a philosophy of life and belief that gave him direction even in the darkest of times.

After four years of only having Dr. Dickson as a companion a new child was sent to the Refuge. A Jacob Arnett. He, unlike most of the other children at the Refuge, was not an orphan. Rather, his parents had sent him here because there job as diplomats did not lend itself to having a child along so they sent him to the place that they thought would best teach him what the “real world” was like. Jacob was thirteen when sent to the refuge and he and Peter quickly became friends. They fixed the holosuite at the orphanage and started using it. The Refuge upon finding out about their extarcurricular activity deleted all “inappropriate” holo programs. However, Jacob and Peter had been especially fond of an old west program and so Jacob restored that after weeks of piecing together and repairing broken coding strands.

Peter used the holosuite to teach himself martial arts. Before he left the Refuge he had become proficient in Judo, Tai Chi, Tai Kwon Do, and Krav Maga. When Jacob left for Star Fleet when he turned 18 that left Peter all alone except for Dr. Dickson once again.

When Peter left the Refuge rather than going straight to Star Fleet he decided it would be more benficial for himself and for Star Fleet if he gained experience out in the galaxy. Over the course of six years Peter helped several colony worlds throughout the alpha quadrant deal with piracy, theft, and other crimes. He became a sort of free lance p.i. and intelligence/recon professional. He would also occasionally work with groups in depressed sectors who were being subjugated by various illegal agencies and powers and help them break free from their control if possible.

Once such moment was in the Orthellos system where a Crime Lord had taken up residence. Orthellos is on the brink of the badlands and as such is still a place where crime is a regular activity. The settlers of Orthellos II were strong but did not have the technology to build up a successful resistance to the Crime Lord who referenced himself as Baron Schneider. He was crazed and power hungry. The settlers couldn’t stand against him and while Peter had gathered much information and in fact Star Fleet had dispatched two ships the U.S.S. Deterrent, a ship from Peter’s past, and the U.S.S. Conviction. However, the Baron heard about the ships and decided to destroy the settlement before Star Fleet arrived. Peter believed this a bluff and so did not proliferate the information to the majority of the settlement’s leadership as the few that he did share it with also agreed that it was a bluff that the Baron had purposely leaked to Peter in hopes of scaring the settlers away before Star Fleet arrived. As a result a massacre happened. Peter feeling responsible led the evacuation/rescue effort. He was badly wounded in the ordeal taking massive lacerations, broken bones including 12 ribs. He would have died except for a series of interesting events. The first was extremely sad as Peter barely able to go on found the body of a girl who he been very close to. The eight year old girl had been the first to befriend him in the community and she was an orphan like he was, he took to taking care of her as the settlers while trying to had been unable to really take care of her because of supply shortages. Peter had actually considered starting to slow down his life and adopt the girl; that is until he saw her lifeless body. He had seen her body from across a field that was being bombed by fighters. Peter rushed to the girl, Malaya’s body. He knew logically that she was gone but didn’t want to risk an error and so scooped her up and ran her to a medical facility that was hidden outside of the settlement. It was actually ran by the natives of the planet and a mission that had set it up 50 years previous.

They immediately diagnosed Malaya as dead but they admitted Peter into their critical injury section. They diagnosed him with the above injuries and had expected months of recovery which was very frightening for everyone involved because if the Baron caught him there he would probably have killed everyone but one of the locals suggested trying to find an herb that his people used for medicinal purposes that was supposed to accelerate healing. The found and applied the herb to Peter with dramatic results. He was fully recuperated in one week. He then snuck off the planet.

Before applying to Star Fleet, Peter received a communication from a settlement in the system that he grew up in. The Beltaurus system was being slowly overtaken by the Orion Syndicate. Being near the borderlands the system had always needed to deal with the Orion but they recently started making demands on the Beltauran V government. They were trying to find a way to get the Orions off the planet and wanted Peter’s help in gathering information. Peter jumped at the oppurtunity. He spent the next several months gathering information into the Orion crime network on Beltaurus V and the surrounding systems. He got key names and other sensitive data. He and a leading politician, Victor Shoman, applied to Star Fleet for aid and submitted all of the evidence Peter had collected. The help was declined, officially the response was that they had not collected substantial evidence to show Orion involvement in the sector.

Without Star Fleet involvement the Orion increased pressure to have the planetary government submit to them. In a last ditch effort two things were done simultaneously; one was that Victor Shoman went public with his allegation of Orion involvement and outcried for his people to stand against their evil. The second was that Peter “Wraith” McGarvey set out to assassinate the leading Orion member on the planet. Both were successful but both had severe repercussions.

While the people rallied and started to drive out businesses and other supporters of the Orion a personal evil fell the Shoman family. A sleeper assassin was activated to kill Victor for his public display. The second was that it turned out the paranoid Orion member had actually set a bomb in the center of the capital city of the planet that would detonate should his heart stop. Many people died due to the blast but it ended up outraging the city all the more.

One last piece of the puzzle was discovered: a dirty Star Fleet representative the same that declined sending aid. When Peter sent this information to Star Fleet HQ they immediately sent aid and apprehended the Orion spy.

Catherine Shoman had been going to marry Peter as they had grown quite close in the months that he had been working on planet, however, she refused to marry as long as he was still joining Star Fleet. She held the engagement but she cannot bear actually being tied to the organization that she blames for the death of her father and the damage done to her planet.

Career Summary
Peter entered the Academy at an older age than most at the age of 24. He was immediately accepted into Star Fleet although while the psych exams all came back positive because of Peter’s background there is a natural paranoia that seems ingrained into him. This shows itself most often with psych exams in the form of him being convinced that because of his past they will certify him paranoid or unfit for duty.

Medical History
Peter has had many broken bones, torn muscles, he has been hit with phasers several times, and has had more than a few concussions. However, do to the strange herb in the Orthellos system the scars and remains of these injuries are not visible to all but the most advanced medical/science scanners.
Peter knows of 12 broken ribs on Orthellos as well as several other bone fractures from the same mission.
Since that time he has had several more concussions, broken bones, including his left arm, right leg, 4 ribs, and a small fracture to his cranium. All were treated promptly and with no lasting health implications.

Psychological History (If Any)
Peter has had psychological evaluations since he was five years old. He has always passed the evaluations but he has deep misgivings about the psychiatric field because of the apparent insincerity and double talk.
However, it is also important to note some of Peter’s strong flaws. He has a hard time trusting people it isn’t that he doesn’t want to or that he believes that everyone is dishonest but rather he would sooner keep everyone at arms distance rather than risk having huge loss again. He can also be impulsive and while slow to anger he does have an explosively dangerous temper when it does flare up.

Education: The Beltaurus II Children’s Refuge
Note: The Children’s Refuge is often referenced by Peter as the “Orphanage” as most of the children were infact orphans like him, however, this was not a prerequisite to be in attendance at the Refuge/school. Peter’s best friend was not an orphan rather his parents led a lifestyle that made it difficult for him to be with them and they viewed the Refuge as a place where he would see the reality of the galaxy.

Marital Status: single.
Note: On Beltaurus V a woman by the name of Catherine Shoman almost became his wife, however, she has a huge distrust of Star Fleet and so had given Peter an either or choice; Peter moved by the concept of the needs of the many over the needs of the few or the one, chose Star Fleet.
They were still engaged, until recent events, but until Peter leaves Star Fleet or until Catherine changes her mind marriage is an impossibility. Currently Catherine’s health and location are unknown.

Star Fleet record:

His current star fleet record was all but sealed after an incident caused him to leave his post. The details surrounding this, why Star Fleet was willing to honor the long term leave of absence, and what happened to him is largely unknown.

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