David Harrington

Authored by Cass Young
Biographic Information
  • Position: Doctor on USS Viking
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Human (English)
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Height: 6' 3"
  • Age: 32

Character Biography

Physical Description:

David has dark blonde hair which he keeps short and in a similar style to Rickers. He also tends to keep a little bit of stubble along his jaw although he never used to. His eyes are an emerald green colour sharing a very close resemblance to that of his sister Briar.

Medical History:

When David was 30 he was shot by a phaser and suffered some phaser burns as a result, although they were healed rather swiftly.
David has been warned to watch his weight as he is underweight for his size due to his poor eating habits.


David was born the eldest son of two Starfleet Admirals Daniel and Elizabeth Harrington. He has one sister Briar (Harry) Harrington who David calls Bree, a pet name he came up with as a child. He is the only person allowed to call her that. As children they were very close as siblings.

Growing up there was the expectation that Briar and David would join Starfleet and follow in their parents footsteps. As time passed it became obvious that out of the pair of them David would be the one to accomplish that goal. David was his parents Golden Boy and they were proud to show him off, often overlooking Briars own smaller accomplishments in the process. Something David neglected to notice, but Briar did and as a result she began to push him away.

When David was 16 he was accepted into Starfleet Academy where he continued to flourish in his studies. Many of his professors believed that he would make it to Captain while he was young. When David returned home on Briar’s birthday to surprise her, his parents threw him a welcome home party, effectively destroying the relationship between the two siblings. To Davids astonishment and confusement, she stopped being open with him, without his knowing why (due to his being too oblivious as to what his parents had done). It was at that point that she started insiting on being called Harry.

As predicted, David graduated as a Starfleet doctor with top honours and quickly accelerated through the ranks as the Golden Boy. Briar (or Harry rather) entered Starfleet as a Science officer, slowly made her way up the ranks until she was promoted to XO of the U.S.S Viking, while David was promoted to (acting) Captain of the U.S.S Trident, once again (inadvertantly) overshadowing Harry’s achievements. At this point David and Harry began to mend their relationship somewhat, as he was the only family memeber to congratulate her on her promotion.

Things didn’t stay golden for long. Some months after Harry’s promotion on the U.S.S Viking she went missing. Upset David tried to find out what had happened but someone (his parents) had sealed her record. Briar (Harry) Harrington their errant daughter no longer existed in their eyes. David wanted to investigate the matter straight away but his parents convinced him to let the Viking sort it out, saying that no doubt she would show up in a couple of months. As the moths passed, however, Harry never re-appeared and David slowly disintergrated as the grief sank in. He became reckless on missions, seemingly determind to follow his sister into extinction, and if he wasn’t risking his life, he was drinking. When David got shot in a questionable shootout between him and a romulan, concerned about the tarnishing of their name, and the incresing risk of David trying to investigate, his parents pulled their strings to have him removed from his ship, and subsequently demoted giving him a low rank of Ensign to keep him from using his high rank advantages.

David returned to earth for a year having given up hope of ever finding his sister again. He stayed with a friend of his who convinced him to rejoin Starfleet. So pulling a few strings behind his parents back, who David was beginning to learn not to trust, he got accepted back into Star-fleet although he had to keep his low ranking role. By some twist of fate David was assigned doctor on the U.S.S Viking where he remains to date.

Counselling file:

For his early Starfleet years David was the model Starfleet officer, however, following the loss of his sister he is consumed with grief and although he has regained stability for two years he was not. It is recommened that he sees a Counselor regularly.

Notable enteries

“Stardate: 69270 It is with deep regret that I am forced to admit the facts of which I was unwilling to confront. Commander Harrington is no longer fit for duty. His troubled grief over the loss of his sister, is deep and has consumed a once invaluable man. He has become reckless in his actions, with no thought towards the safety of either himself or his fellow crew. Commander Harrington refuses to see a Counselor, repeatedly dodging my efforts to counsel him. It is with a heavy heart I recommend that he be relieved of service until he has been cleared by a Counselor,” Lt. Austin Hicks U.S.S. Trident Counselor

“Stardate: 72021 Despite it being almost three years since his the disapperance of Lt Com. Harrington it must be noted that Ensign Harrington is still deeply afflicted with the same grief that cost him his career and rank. However, after through examination I can safely say that Ensign Harrington is no longer a risk to himself or other officers and after a two year hitus be decreed fit for duty. It has been recommended that he continues to see a Counselor on a regular basis to further work through his grief at the Counselors urging…” Com. Lucy Ashurst Starfleet Counselor


Prior to his sisters disapperance David was a role model Starfleet Officer. He was knowing for his wisdom and courage. Following Harry’s disapparance he became withdrawn and reckless, obsessed with finding out what happened to her. Nowdays he is the image of a beaten man. Despite all of that, he remains a kindhearted soul, always willing to help someone out despite his own woes.

Notable Relationships:

Mother: Elizabeth Harrington nee. Ward (58)
Father: Daniel Harrington (61)
Sister: Briar (Bree/Harry) Harrington MIA

Starfleet Record of Service and Achievements:

Stardate 59852:
Cadet Harrington recieves the Cochrane Medal of Excellence for dedication to the study Virus’s, Gentic Enhancements and Biology
Cadet Harrington recieves the Dux award for Excellency in all endeavours
Cadet Harrington graduations in the 1% of his class and is automatically promoted to Ensign and assigned to the U.S.S Ilixton

Stardate 60435:
Ensign Harrington is twice promoted to Lieutenant
Stardate 60194:
Lieutenant Harrington recieves the Stars Cross for his efforts in curing the Dexmi fever
Lieutenant Harrington is assigned to the U.S.S Rafael and promoted to Chief Medical Officer

Stardate 65245:
Lieutenant Harrington recieves the McCoy award for his research into Borg enhancements
Stardate 67462:
Lieutenant Harrington is promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander Harrington is assigned to the U.S.S Trident and promoted to First Officer

Stardate 69488:
Due to actions in the field Lieutenant Commander Harrington is promoted to Commander
Captain Tailor is severly injured on an away mission, Commander Harrington is temporarily promoted to Acting Captain of the U.S.S Trident

Stardate 70164:
Commander Harrington recieves news Lieutenant Commander Harrington is MIA
Stardate 70624:
Commander Harrington is shot in the field under suspicious circumstances
Stardate 70638:
Commander Harrington is found guilty of recklessness on duty and demoted to Ensign by order of Admirals Harrington
Ensign Harrington is declared unfit for duty on the order of Lieutenant Counselor Hicks

Stardate 72021:
Ensign Harrington is declared fit for duty on the order of Commander Counselor Ashurst and returned to duty
Ensign Harrington is assigned aboard the U.S.S Viking

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