Taw Yllek

Authored by Russell Watt
Biographic Information
  • Position: Nurse on USS Atlantis
  • Rank: Crewman
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Height: 1m64cm
  • Age: 20

Character Biography

She is the youngest child and only daughter of Taw Lessur and Taw Elocin.

Many years ago her father served on the Atlantis and brought the rest of his family along. During that period of service, Yllek came to appreciate the grumpy cane wielding CMO, Dr Alexxander Ryley and considered him a friend. She called him ‘Ryley-with-Cane’ and he griped at her for doing so, which made her find him nicer. He let her help sort medical equipment by using the lights they flashed as a way to sort them into things that were working and those that weren’t. She spent many happy days in his sickbay saying ‘blue’, ‘green’ and putting them with the others that were flashing the same colour.

In time, her father, Taw Lessur got transferred to another ship, and his wife and three children had to go with him. Yllek cried after being separated from Ryley for months after, but she declared “I’m just going to be just like him, one day I’ll be a Doctor like Ryley-with-cane”.

At the Academy, she found the path of the Doctor not to be for her, and so she trained to become a Nurse instead, and begged and cajoled her instructors and the placements officers to let her do her nurse training on a real starship and proposed the USS Atlantis. Luckily for her, Captain Kelly Schultz of the Atlantis approved her bold plan, and she learnt that Ryley-with-Cane was still there as CMO.

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