James Grey

Authored by Hjortur Ingi
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Science Officer on USS Brian A. Olinski
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 91kg - 209lbs
  • Height: 2M - 6’5
  • Age: 49
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Character Biography

Appearance:: Blue Eyes and Black hair. He is tall and rather regular looking, not very handsome but not ugly neither. He is slightly on the pudgier side but stays healthy enough, his job usually involves him just sitting around and thinking and he doesn’t enjoy exercising very much. His hair at shoulder length and is kept either swept back or in a tail or bun.

James was raised in Glasgow with his parents and brother Christian. He had a close relationship with his cousins, Richard, now a Starfleet Captain, and his brother Donald a Civilian Pilot. He was accepted on an early rung Scholarship to Oxford where he showed an innate ability to understand the fabrics of the universe and showed affection for both Anthropology and physics.

Interested in Science since an early age James showed great genius in the Science Fields, both Social and Natural Sciences. He Majored in Quantum & Theoretical Physics and Minored in Anthropology and Federation History. He’s had a very successful career in the Science Field, is regularly published in several scientific journals. He has been a teacher for both Starfleet and the Vulcans. Despite having served with Starfleet for over two decades he hasn’t advanced beyond Lieutenant Junior grade entirely at his own behest having declined promotions in rank several times since his service in the Dominion War. It wasn’t until after 2376 that he finally accepted a promotion to full Lieutenant.

An outspoken pacifist and sem-accomplished diplomat James is a very hopeful and positive individual. He has a wicked sense of humor and a reputation as a prankster of the most annoying kind. Spending much of his time devising traps of all kinds and laying them across his workspace.

Although he was generally perceived as a pacifist and spoke out against war he understood that as a Starfleet Officer sometimes War happened and sometimes you needed to fight. Due to this reason he kept up his hand-to-hand combat skills, chiefly boxing, and his shooting skills. He remains to this day an expert shot and certified sharpshooter.

Date of Birth: March 20th, 2349.
Parents: Father, Charmicle Grey - Director of the Hawkins Institute on Luna.
Mother Rachel Grey - Medical Specialist - Edinburgh Central Hospital
Siblings: Christian Grey - Farmer in the Highlands of Scotland


Year Event
2348 Born
2366 Accepted into Oxford University
2369 Graduates Oxford With Honours: Single Ph.D., Single Masters degree, and two Bachelor degrees.
Accepted into Starfleet Academy, Science Division
2373 Graduates Starfleet Academy - Granted Rank of Ensign - Assigned to USS Egghead
Dominion War Begins - Egghead assigned to Betazed Fleet
2374 Receives Commendation and Bravery Citation during the 10th Fleets loss of the Battle of Betazed
Promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Egghead damaged beyond repair -
Reassigned to Weapons R&D Think Tank on Mars Codename Q Branch
2375 Q Branch was given Commendation for Excellent Service to the War Effort - Details Classified
War Ends - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior grade
Reassigned to Deep Space 3 as Assistant Chief Science Officer
2378 Promoted to Chief Science Officer of Deep Space 3
Publishes dozens of Papers all penned throughout the war
Receives Several Awards and Commendations from the Federation Science Community
Awarded the Daystrom Award for His work on Quantum Theory
Receives Doctorate in Quantum physics
2380 Reassigned to Earth - Science Department Starfleet Command - Theoretical Research Department
Turns down a Rank promotion, citing the Dominion War as the reason.
2382 Starts work with the Federation Diplomatic Corps as Anthropology Expert
Finishes Doctoral Paper in Theoretical Physics and receives his third Ph.D.
2384 Receives Masters Degree in Federation History.
2385 Transferred to Federation Embassy on Corvan V as Chief Science Officer.
2386 Accepts Position as Instructor on Academy Ship USS Challenger
Continues publishing Academic Papers
Turns down another Rank promotion citing the Dominion War once more.
2388 Accepts a Professorship at Starfleet Academy - Science Division.
Accepted Position on Federation Science Council
2391 Accepts Professorship on the Vulcan Science Academy as an instructor on Quantum Mechanics
Worked closely with the Human Embassy on Vulcan.
2395 Accepts Position as Chief Science Officer on USS Constellation, first Regular Starship He’s served on in nearly twenty years.
2396 Transfers to [REDACTED]
Accepts first promotion since the Dominion War ended
2397 Transferred to the USS Brian A. Olinski as Chief Science Officer

Starfleet Career:
Graduated in the top percentile of his class already with four degrees in his pocket. He excelled in all classes including physical ones. Upon Graduating he was assigned to the USS Egghead captain by his Uncle Axel Grey. The Dominion War broke out shortly thereafter and the Egghead was assigned to the Tenth fleet and placed around Betazed.

During the Battle of Betazed, the Egghead was boarded by Dominion Forces. During the ensuing firefight, James fought off and killed several enemy combatants in Defence of the Bridge where he had been assigned during the training Exercises. After fighting off the intruders the Egghead was ordered to retreat. After the Battle James was awarded Starfleet Citations for Bravery and Conspicuous Gallantry. He was also awarded the Medal of Commendation for his actions.

During a later battle, the Egghead was damaged well beyond repair. Most of the Crew was reassigned to new ships but at the behest of his Department Head, Starfleet assigned James to a Top Secret Weapon Research and Development Think Tank codenamed Q-Branch on Olympia Station, Mars. There he thrived working with some of the most brilliant scientific minds and Engineers in Starfleet. All projects of Q Branch were classified as were the identities of its members. The entire Think Tank was awarded a Commendation for Excellent Service for the War Effort although the reasons were classified. After the War James was awarded a Belated Medal of Valor for his actions during the battle of Betazed after a great deal of effort from his former Captain, First Officer, and Security Chief who wanted to award the Young Scientist for his actions that they felt went beyond his duties as Science Officer. He was also promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade before his reassignment.

After the Peace Accords James was assigned to Deep Space 3 as assistant Chief Science Officer and given his own Department to run as he saw fit. His research into the nearby Black Cluster got him published several times throughout his five years there. After Thee Years his boss transferred home and he was promoted to Chief Science Officer. He continued his work and published more of the research papers he had written during the War. During this time he is also awarded the Daystrom award for his work in Quantum Physics.

After a very successful few years at DS3, he was offered a position at Starfleet Command in the Theoretical Physics research department where he worked for two years. During that time he turned down a promotion to full Lieutenant, citing that his time during the Dominion War had rendered him unable to go any higher in any military hierarchy yet decided to stay in Starfleet as not to abandon his Brothers and Sisters in the fleet. After this, he started working more closely with the Diplomatic corps as an Expert on Xenoanthropology, during this time he continued his studies and received a Doctorate in Anthropology and a Masters in Federation History.

By the Recommendation of the Diplomatic corps, James was assigned to the first Federation Embassy to the people of Corvan V as Chief Science Officer where he served for less than a year until the closing of the embassy for an undisclosed amount of time. During that time he made friends with several Corvan Scientists and remains in contact with them to this day. He took a short leave of absence and when he returned to active duty in February of the following year he accepted a teaching position on the USS Challenger where he taught the Next Generation of Starfleet Officers for a while. Once more he starts publishing articles and turns down yet another promotion citing the War as his reason.

After a few years instructing on the Challenger he was offered a Professorship in Starfleet Academy which he happily accepted. He was placed in the Theoretical Physics department and made the head of his Department. During this time he took a seat on the Federation Science Council, an incredible honour and although he was only a fill-in member he served there for three years until the return of the original Seatholder, his Former Department Head on Deep Space 3.

His accomplishments got him another offer this time from the Vulcan Science Academy, the head of which was impressed with his studies in Quantum mechanics and offered him a teaching position. Excited to teach at one of the most venerated higher education facilities in the Federation he jumped at the chance. He excelled on Vulcan despite the lack of the thing he loved about Earth, mainly Alchohol and a sense of Humour. However, he got most of that from his frequent visits to the Human embassy where his coming was often dreaded by the staff due to his tendency to perform mostly harmless pranks on them.

Despite his love of teaching and staying in one place after he turned 45 he decided that he wanted to continue his childhood dream of Travelling the Stars, something he hadn’t had the heart for since the end of the War, and applied for a position as Science Chief on the USS Constellation where he was accepted marking the first time in 19 years that he would serve on an active non-teaching Starship.

Classified information: (Command Staff and Intelligence Chief Security Clearance required)
After serving for a year on the Constellation James was transferred to the USS Stellar. Several members of the original Q-branch had been murdered and the surviving members were being gathered together for the first time since the end of the Dominion War in order to keep them safe and discover who was targeting them and why. Most of the year was spent investigating the murders and trying to discover how or if they were compromised. Although they were working on the case Starfleet Intelligence took the opportunity to get the surviving members to work together on a few extra projects. The investigation took a long time but after a year they had finally seemingly solved it and plugged the intelligence leak. For his instrumental involvement in solving the case, James was promoted to lieutenant. It took some convincing but his old project leader and mentor convinced him to finally accept it End of Classified Information

After his year [REDACTED] James was offered the position of Chief Science Officer on the USS Brian A. Olinski. Although he was an outspoken pacifist he had shown to be capable of practicality when it came to combat situations. That paired with the fact that he remained a certified sharpshooter made him a good candidate to serve on a combat-oriented vessel.

Ph.d. in Quantum Physics
Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics
Ph.D. In XenoAntrhopology
Masters in Federation History
Professor at Starfleet Academy Science Division
First Contact Specialist
Qualified Diplomat
Certified Pilot
Certified Expert Sharpshooter
Semi-Professional Boxer

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