Tyv Ch'qirross

Authored by Michael McDowell
Biographic Information
  • Position: Security Officer on USS Manhattan
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Andorian
  • Weight: 140
  • Height: 5'6
  • Age: 23

Character Biography

Rank: Ensign

Syss Ch’irhaoqohr
Kil Th’oviallat
Athrytia Sh’rhythross
Izylle Zh’izihloss

Siblings: None

Andorian Academy - War Time Studies, Infantry
Andorian Academy - Advanced Course, Close Quarters Combat
Star Fleet Academy – General Studies - Security Specialization

Languages Known (F = Fluent, no accent; PF = Partially Fluent, accent noticeable to native speaker; P = Passable, Can convey moderately complex ideas, Can read / write, accent discernible and minor errors in grammar; P2 = Passable, Can convey simple ideas and emotions, Can read /write with effort; P3 = Can convey simple ideas, cannot read / write without assistance; L = Limited, can recognize less than 25% of spoken words, cannot read / write):

Andorian – F
Federation Standard – F
Vulcan - PF
Romulan – P2
Cardassian – P3

Service Record:
Andorian Law Enforcement
Andorian Defense Force
USS Manhattan

Awards and Citations:
Starfleet Officer Exchange Program

Physical Description:
Short, straight, white hair.

Medical History:
Minor sicknesses, and visits from fighting, nothing major. No other known ailments to be noted.

Psychological Profile:
Andorians are known as a violence-prone people, but in truth they are simply very passionate. Andorians, like Vulcans, experience incredibly strong emotions, but unlike the Vulcans, who repress their strong and dangerous emotions, Andorians have developed a method of expressing their emotions in short, controlled bursts. What this means is that, when dealing with Andorians, one should expect extremes of emotions. You will never encounter an angry Andorian, you will encounter a VERY angry Andorian, or a very happy or very sad Andorian. This also means that most Andorians are very serious about themselves and their honor, and thus can be easily offended.

Tyv, like every other Andorian was brought up almost in a rushed manner. From the time he was a child to that of a teenager he was taught to be patriotic, to be independent, and to be loyal. It wasn’t long before he enlisted with the local law enforcement prior to his time to serve in the Andorian Defense Force came about. They drilled a whole new set of habits and a life style befitting that of military personnel. He learned quickly about the respect for your superior officers as well as discipline and training for those below him. He feels no need to hide his concerns unless when suspicious of the person he’s conversing with along with no filter for his opinions. He’ll tell you exactly how he feels and for what reasons. He’s had constant trouble with his temper and anger, but with guidance (and discipline) through the Andorian Defense Force and Starfleet after he went through the Officer Exchange Program he adopted new habits on dealing with his outbursts. He has great pride for his home on Andoria and had to fight extensively for tooth and nail with administrators in Starfleet to finally accept his Hrisal as a cultural accessory, despite it being a fully functional and lethal weapon. He always carries the authorization around on a PADD to prevent arguments or disagreements with other personnel as he grew tired of their constant questioning which he grew greatly annoyed with.
(Still WIP)

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