Prinz Esther

Authored by Cass Young
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Science Officer on USS Dauntless
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Bajoran/Human
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Age: 28

Character Biography

Physical Description:

Esther is of a relatively average size. With hazel eyes and dark hair, which she keeps short. She has the Bajoran ridges and wears the Bajoran earing, typical of Bajorans. The only notable aspect to her is the flowering vine tattoo that crawls up her right arm ending just above her elbow. She has scaring around her right ear.

Medical History:

When Esther was 7 she was in a bad shuttle craft accident that killed her half-brother. A problem with the engine causing it to explode, killing her brother who was piloting. Ester was thrown with the force of the blast hitting her head and rupturing her ear drum. Whilst the doctors did the best they could, she never regained full hearing in her right ear and needs a hearing aid as a result.

Personal History:

Esther was born Esther June Prinz (29 Jan) the eldest daughter of Irving Prinz (human) and Prinz Kono nee Nyrak (Bajoran) she has two full blooded siblings and two half blooded siblings. She grew up on a small transport ship, where her parents made a small but honest living. It was a very free life for the children, and they weren’t supervised much, spending most of their days running around doing what they wanted. Athough the older children had to help out with ship maintanance every now and then.

When Esther was 7 years old, tragedy struck the wild young family. Out of boredom her half-brother Assirn (then 16) decided to take Esther and her sister Ariel (then 5) for a spin in the ships shuttle craft. Whilst showing off his piloting skills to his younger half-sisters, something went wrong with the engines causing an explosion in one part of the engine. While the explosion wasn’t enough to completely destroy the shuttle it was enough to wreck the front of it, killing Assirn who was closest to the front of the shuttle. Esther and Ariel were further back from the explosion and only came away with burns and broken bones, although a blow to Esthers head, caused her to loose hearing in one ear.

Following the incident, Esther, Ariel and their half-sister Taiya (Rebekah being too young) were sent to a Bajoran boarding school, only returning to visit their parents during the school holidays. Because Esther and Taiya had never recieved any formal education unlike other Bajorans of their age, both of them struggled for the first year despite the schools best efforts. To begin with Esther hated school, because she couldn’t keep up with her peers, but she slowly began to catch up to them, and by the time she was 12 she was considered one of the more intelligent students of her age group. Something seemed to just click for her, and she excelled from then on.

As she grew into her teenage years she competed fiercly academically with another Bajoran male Ethu Marco. The two of them were always first and second in their class. Whenever Marco topped Esther she would study twice as hard to make sure that on the next assignment she would beat him. Outside of the classroom originally the pair seemed to hate each other, but as they got older they became more frenemies. There were many who believed that the two would eventually date, but upon leaving highschool Marco went to the Bajoran Science Acadamy, Esther got into Starfleet Acadamy longing to return once more to her home in the stars.

Academically Esther didn’t do as well at the Acadamy as she had on Bajor, primarily because she was no longer in a small pond, and because of the loss of competion with Marco going to a different Acadamy. Although she still managed to do alright, and graduated in the top 25% of her year.

Counselling File:

Esther has passed all of her Psych Evaluations to date


Perhaps due to her free spirited childhood, Esther is a bit of a free spirit, not afraid to say what she thinks. She loves challenges and is a hard studier when the mood strikes her. She does have a bit of a competitive streak as proven with the competition that existed between her and Marco in her teens.

Notable Relationships:

Mother: Prinz Kono nee Nyrak (58)
Father: Irving Prinz (60)
Sisters: Prinz Ariel Johas (26), Prinz Rebekah Ives (22)
Half-Brother: Efan Assirn (dec)
Half-Sister: Efan Taiya (35)

Family Friend: Lt. Mercy White (47)
Frenemy: Ethu Marco (28)

Starfleet Record of Service and Achievements:

Stardate 55875:
Cadet Prinz graduates her Cadet cruise and is automatically promoted to Ensign Prinz and assigned to the U.S.S Trident
Stardate 57449:
Ensign Prinz is promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade) Prinz
Stardate 60307:
Lieutenant (junior grade) Prinz is promoted to full Lieutenant
Lieutenant Prinz is transferred to the U.S.S Emmissary

Stardate 63116:
Lieutenant Prinz is assigned to the U.S.S Dauntless and promoted to Chief Science Officer

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