Ka'Lissi Rosh

Authored by Melissa Aragon
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Engineer on USS Odin
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Klingon/Human
  • Weight: 5' 10"
  • Height: 210 lbs
  • Age: 27

Character Biography

Dark raven hair falls past her shoulders in a crimped cascade that looks like coal crushed and brushed with its blue highlights. She has eyes of blue so deep to appear almost as dark as her hair. The ridges on her forehead were prominent enough to mark her as less than human, but not quite formed enough to let her claim Klingon as her full heritage. The House of Rosh tolerated her because she proved herself when young, before her mother won custody and removed her in her early teen years to drag her to Earth. ‘The barbarians’, as Belinda called them, weren’t going to raise her daughter like some ‘raw meet eating heathen’. Lissi’s mother passed her Senior Year at the Academy. Since she had been raised that the Klingon Council had denounced her, she has never tried to reach her father, To’mar Rosh is next in line to head the House she is named for.

Belinda and To’mar had met when Belindas ship visited the Klingon homeworld on an emissary, diplomatic, mission. Belinda was the Chief Medical Officer and after a show of prowess and power to entertain the guests, she had snuck to him secretly in the night to help him with his wounds. A romance had bloomed hot, hard and heavy. Her strength had drawn him to her, his tenderness ad captured her heart. When Belinda discovered she was with child, she had retired and moved to live with To’mar. Because of his status, they could not marry in traditional fashion. But the House recognized the child as his and was raised as his own. Just before she was to start training for her Rite of Passage, Belinda discovered the truth of the ritual. She spirited Liss away in the middle of the night on an Earth ship trading emissaries. When To’mar had tried to gain his daughter back, Belinda won with a few well placed lies and proof they weren’t married, so by Earth standards, he had no claim to the child.

Liss was raised to believe the House turned its back on her. Her father has believed all this time that his daughter wanted nothing to do with him any longer. Neither knows the other wishes things were different.

Liss joined the Academy to follow in her mother’s medical footsteps. But during her first semester, she had taken an elective engineering course and discovered a pension for wires and conduits versus arteries and organs. She changed her major, much to her mother’s upset, and the second year she had to redo because the tension between them rose with enough force that it negatively affected Lissi’s performance. The final year and a half before her mother died were not pleasant ones. Lissi still holds that guilt that her mother and her were at odds when she died from an accident with a public transport killed her mother unexpectedly just 4 months before graduation. Lissi graduated in the top ten of her class, but was seriously dropped down that ten because of her grief during finals.

She made up for her Academic shortcomings in the first place she could, her first assignment. She served on a space station orbiting Earth that serviced the various and assorted satellites and other tech that floated above the planet. She helped to up the number of fixed pieces in a year and lower the refit rate on some of the newer pieces. She earned a place as her CE’s second by her second year and by the time she had transfered to the Odin, she had earned the rank and title of Department Head.

Her tight physique comes from physical combat training and cardio as well as running. She likes to stay in shape and encourages her peers to do likewise. Space is no place to become winded when a crisis hits.

The Odin will be her first true DH position without the guidance of her mentor. But as he felt she was ready, she had the the same mindset.

Academy - age 18 - 22
USS Borders - age 22-26
USS Odin - (two weeks before 27th bday)

Mother - Human - Belinda Tanders (deceased)
Father - Klingon - To’mar Rosh (TOE mar ROSHE) (estranged)
Siblings - none

Hair - Ebony so dark it has blueish tint
Eyes - Deep blue/Cobalt
Marks - Scar on her left arm from altercation in Secondary School

Strengths… She is driven and detail oriented. She knows her way around tools and prefers to keep things on the higher end of ‘tolerance’ to avoid mishaps when things go sideways.
Weaknesses… Klingon culture, her heritage, and an inherited anger when pushed about her ‘shortcomings’ in that area by pure bloods (Klingon) as well as short temper with stupidity in general.
Phobia… Deep water. Won’t swim. Hates beaches and lakes. If she can’t wade across and keep her knees dry, she won’t go within 20 feet of it. Wasn’t raised around water, so never learned. A toss in the pool at Academy at the hands of bullies her first year seated her phobia over her inherent fear.
Hobbies… Bat’leth training. Since the Klingon’s have forsaken her, she is striving to perfect her skill as a way to shun them. She also still stays with one foot in the medical field. She has tons of files on the variations of the Federation species and their physiology. Partially to help those who work for her if something happens… partially because she wants to know weaknesses if she ever has need.

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