Vorraye Anders

Authored by Melissa Aragon
Biographic Information
  • Position: Diplomatic Attache on USS Manhattan
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Betazoid/Human
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Age: 29

Character Biography

Raye is a Betazoid on her father’s side. While being a half breed, she didn’t get the full gifts of her father’s lineage. What she did inherit was an ability to sense emotions and tell if someone was lieing. She was discovered by an Ambassader at the Federation Complex when she was 17. She and her family would touring the complex like so many did when they were in the city. She had overheard a conversation between the Ambassador and an Emissary from the Klingon Homeworld. As they parted, Raye murmured that the Klingon was lieing. Ambassador Kingston spoke to her parents and to her. When he discovered her skill, he recommended Star Fleet for her training. Her gift would make her an asset to the Federation.

She excelled in foreign languages. She was able to pick up which species was talking, even if she wasn’t always able to understand. Because the nuances of the languages gave her trouble, she decided to study the languages themselves. She is able to distinguish almost a dozen languages from Earth and at least five other species. She worked in Diplomatic arenas almost since the moment she graduated. Her first assignment had been to merely join in conversations as part of an entourage. She was to then report to her superiors about her thoughts on the various conversations she overheard and the talks she was privy to.

After a tour on Earth, she requested to join a ship. Two years later, she was transfered to the Manhattan. She is there in the capacity of Diplomatic Representative of Earth. While it is a ‘no frill’ title, it allows her to step up in even level with the Captain in times of First Contact or in cases where the Federation’s presence may turn a discussions direction. She is aware many believe she is a mind reader, manipulator and even there to influence the CO and his Command crew to do things for the government’s benefit. While unable to turn her skill ‘off’, she rarely speaks about it. She realizes people lie to one another and it’s not her concern. She only interferes if lives would be in jepordy from the falsehoods or she believes something illegal will transpire if she ignores her gut. Then she reports to the Councelor or XO before acting or reacting.

While her parents weren’t crazy about her career choice or her decision to go to space, they support her. Her father is a school teacher and her mother helps in a medical facility. They live in a small city about 3 hours from the Federation Capital and regularly send missives and vids to keep in touch.

Raye is about 5‘8 and her body is lean from aerobics and swimming. Her 175 lbs is mostly muscle though she has a love of sweets and it shows in the softness of her curves. She had hair which is a cross between red and brunette. The auburn locks hang midway down her back but are usually up in a braided coil when in uniform. Because of her Diplomatic status, she isn’t required to be in uniform but wears it most of the time, anyway, to show she doesn’t think she is above anyone else of her rank.

Strengths… ability to diffuse and calm situations and to try and coax out true emotions and feelings from those she feels are lieing.
Weakness… children. She has a soft spot for them and their emotions, being raw and untrained, are sometimes able to drown out those around her if she gets too emotionally involved.
Fears… Confined spaces. She can tolerate the lifts because they are short trips. But she fears being caged or locked up in captivity. There is no real basis for the phobia in her childhood but she prefers not to be in tight confined places if she can avoid it. On the rare occasion it has happened, her abilities become impaired as she is overridden with her own fears. (Physical altercations can also cripple her abilities. Her fear and concentration of survival become a block)

Mother - Jessica Patterson (medical tech)
Father - Jolar Anders (teacher)
Siblings - none

Hair - Auburn with brunette highlights like crushed leaves in fall.
Eyes - Hazel with blue flecks.
Weight - 175 lbs - swimmer’s body
Height - 5‘8”

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