Alison Roberts

Authored by Joana Ribeiro
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight:
  • Height:
  • Age: 30
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Character Biography

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  • Full Name: Alison Jean Roberts
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 30
  • Date of Birth: August 12, 2365
  • Place of Birth: Mercy Medical Center, Redding, CA
Family and Relationships
  • Mother: Rachel Anne Roberts (née Thompson)
  • Father: Alan Louis Roberts
  • Siblings: Alan Louis Roberts II (4 years older), Michael Edward Roberts (2 years older)
  • Previous Partners: Charli Nicole Stuart (together 14-18), Ethan Douglas Mitchell (split up sophomore year of college, he thought he could convince her to go fleet, she went corps 18-19), Samantha Jean Halloway (19-20), Samuel Fredrick Reynolds (22-27)
  • Current Partner: None

2370 Elementary and Pre-Secondary Education: St. Joseph Catholic, Redding, CA
2379 C.A. Riley Military Academy, Angel Island, San Francisco, CA (enrolled at 14, graduated at 18)
2383 Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, CA
2387 US Military Academy & University at West Pointe - War College, NY (enrolled at 22, graduated at 24)


2389 - 2392 Counter-Intelligence Officer, Yorktown Station (Rank: 1st Lieutenant) duration: 3 years, left as a Captain
2392 - 2393 Company Executive Officer, Homefleet Head Office, San Francisco, CA (Rank: Captain) 1 year
2393 - present Commandant HHC Starfleet Marines, San Francisco, CA (Rank: Major - promoted at 28)

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