Char'les Harv

Authored by James Sinclair
Biographic Information
  • Position: Officer's Mess Chef on USS Manhattan
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Age: 38

Character Biography

Char’les ‘Charlie’ Harv was born on Bajor to two devout followers of the Prophets. Strict religious life was not for Charlie and he ran away from home at the age of ten, stowing away on a freighter bound for Risa. Arriving there some months later (after being discovered and talking his way out of being tossed out an airlock by agreeing to cook, which he had learned to do a bit with his parents) he diembarked and immediate got into trouble with the local authorities by trying to pick the pocket of a tourist. Sent to a reformatory, it was here that Charlie learned that an education is a particularly useful thing to have. He applied himself fully, perhaps for the first time ever, and even stayed in school after he had served his time in the reformatory. Graduating with high marks, he applied for a culinary internship at one of Risa’s most prestigious resorts - the “Pinnacle Hotel and Casino”. Awarded the internship, he began to work in the kitchen learning the ins and outs of the massive kitchen and it’s operations. When his internship ended, he was hired as a sous chef specializing in sauces and seafood.

He worked hard and diligently for sevral years, eventually working his way up to Assistant Chef. It was here Charlie truly came into his own. He created recipes for desserts, entrees, soups, breads… anything and everything for all types of species. The reputation of the formal dining room at the Pinnacle grew and it became known as the place to eat on Risa.

After a few years as Assistant, the Chef retired and named Charlie to take over. He spent five years as the head chef, until a singular event changed his life… possibly forever.

Charlie was good to his staff, and considered all of them his friends. They all worked long hours and very hard, but they cared for each other and became a kind of informal family. When one of his young Risan pastry bakers came in with bruises and a black eye, Charlie was concerned. He asked what had happened and, at first, she refused to tell him. Finally, after a few days, she broke down in his office crying. She told him that she had been assaulted by an Orion Syndicate Underboss, and that he threatened to kill her family if she said anything. Charlie was beside himself, and sent her to get medical treatment. Then the concern changed to rage. He flew into a fury and almost destroyed everything in his office before his staff could restrain him and calm him down. Looking up at them, tears falling down his face, he told them that one of their own had been violated and that they were going to do something about it. All of them, to a man, agreed. And they hatched a plan.

Creating a huge banquet, the resort invited all of the notable people on Risa to attend a gala… including the Underboss. Course after course flew from the kitchen, each one more amazing than the next. As the main course was being served, Chef Harv and his staff came out to a round of roaring applause and they began walking around the table shaking hands and having their pictures taken with celebrities and figures of note. As Harv neared the Underboss, he pulled a filet knife from out of his sleeve and, with the ease and practice born of years of carving all kinds of delicacies; slid the sharp, thin blade easily between the man’s ribs and into his heart… killing him almost instantly. Leaving the blade in place to avoid blood spill, Charlie simply walked to the next person, shook their hand, and then simply walked out the door. Moments later, the Underboss fell face forward into his plate, and all hell broke loose. By the time the authorities arrived all of the kitchen staff had disappeared, every last one, and none were apprehended for several days. Those that were all claimed responsibility for the murder, but the knife proved who committed the act. It came out as to the reason for the deed, and public outcry in favor of the “Vigilante Kitchen” was enormous. The Risan authorities were sympathetic, and gave very lenient sentences to all but Harv, who still had not been found.

The reason for this was Harv knew that the Syndicate was after him. An enormous bounty had been placed on his head - five thousand strips of latinum for his head. And he knew that until he was either dead or so far out of their reach as to be no longer of interest, he was in danger… as were his friends. A few months later, he was seen boarding a freighter from Denev VI to Bajor. As the freighter cleared the shipping lanes and prepared to go to warp, it exploded in full view of several other vessels. An investigation stated that a fault in the warp core caused a breach of the forming bubble and it caused ‘catastrophic structural failure’. There were no survivors… officially.

In truth, Harv had enlisted the help of some of the family of his staff at the resort, those he trusted implicitly. It was through them that he had arranged to be ‘killed’. He was actually beamed aboard one of the witnessing vessels, a Federation ship called the Majestic. The Majestic took Harv to a station, and he spent the next three months bouncing from ship to ship, station to station; never staying in one place more than a day or so at the longest. Finally, he was brought aboard a Star Fleet vessel as a civilian passenger under an assumed name. From there he traveled to the USS Manhattan, where it had been arraigned for him to become the chef in the Officer’s Mess. And it was there he has remained for the better part of two years. Their current mission to the Delta Quadrant was seen as a blessing to Harv, as it was far beyond the norm. Even though he was ‘dead’, he was still wary of the Syndicate.

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