Authored by Ffion Grace
Biographic Information
  • Species: Vulcan
  • Weight: 122lbs
  • Height: 5'7
  • Age: 68

Character Biography

T’Mera was born on Vulcan. After graduation with honours from Shirkar Academy, she followed her parents into employment within the Vulcan Judiciary Service, where she worked for years, earning many successes both as a trial advocate and as a field investigator for the Prosecution Council.

It was therefore highly surprising to both her family and colleges when she chose to resign her post and apply to Star Fleet academy.

T’Mera reasoned, having reached the peak in her chosen field, surely the logical next step was to apply her knowledge and skills on a wider scale? To apply them outside of Vulcan and to the Federation as a whole? Logically, Star Fleet, as the body responsible for maintaining the security of the Federation as a whole, was the best place to deploy her skills in order to positively effect the greatest number of beings.

Following graduation, having majored in ethics and strategy, T’Mera was assigned to the security division with the rank of Ensign.

Ensign - Security Officer - USS Themistocles
LT JG - Tactical Officer - USS Themistocles (Casualty replacement)
Training rotation - Advanced Tactical Training Course
Promoted to Full Lieutenant on completion of course, due to be posted as Tactical Officer USS Heisenberg
Seconded - Federation Internal Affairs office. (Please see sealed record AA-26775-B, clearance required)
Strategic Operations Officer - Outpost 42

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