Magnús Pétursson

Authored by Hjortur Ingi
Biographic Information
  • Position: First Officer on USS Genesis
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 92 kg - 203 lbs
  • Height: 1,85 M - 6'1"
  • Age: 44
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Character Biography

General Background:

Magnus was born and raised in Iceland’s Capitol, Reykjavík. He grew up close with a cousin of his and fellow Starfleet officer Baldur Bragason. In school, they were inseparable spending almost every waking hour together. As a child, he was short and wide which generally would have made him a target for bullying but his much larger and more intimidating cousin was a deterrent for potential bullies. Despite his round figure he had always been strong for his size allowing him to hold his own in schoolyard brawls after Baldur, one year his senior, left for Starfleet leaving him without what others considered (Incorrectly) to be his shield. It wasn’t till his mid to late teens that he grew considerably taller and started exercising regularly. His attitude to the world changed as he became more traditionally attractive and his talents for sports, especially martial arts, bloomed. He started an almost fanatical devotion to achieve physical perfection, something that bothered his family some deal and it took his older cousin some time to convince him to apply for Starfleet Academy.

It became clear early on that joining the Academy was the right choice. He excelled in his classes and became rather early on a charismatic leader. His penchant for combat both hand-to-hand allowed him to take advanced classes and graduate with an above average knowledge of combat. This was encouraged by his direct superiors in the Wake of the Dominion Cold-War.

In the Academy, he formed a tight-knit group with his older cousins which later evolved into its own clique of advanced students led by him. Although he never did form as strong a bond as with his three cousins; Peter, Adam and Baldur, with Peter as their leader. He graduated as a Security Officer and was assigned to the USS Ada King.

Physical Appearance:
Tall, broad shoulders, thin waist and handsome face. Magnus is handsome and very aware of it. He spent large amounts of his life sculpting his body to be the perfect man. Always clean shaven and his hair cut precisely and always parted in a particular manner. His hair is blond and greying at the temple and his head is slowly going silver. His eyes are a faded blue.

He values appearances over a great many things. Despite his attractive figure, he is never pleased with himself. Very self-conscious about his weight he spends a great amount of time in the gym or any exercise room he can. This is often offset by his great love for food and sweets, especially chocolates.

Wears fashionable clothing when off duty, tailor-made for his muscular figure. Has a sizable collection of shoes. Always wears a replica of a 20th-century wristwatch, an heirloom from his Father.


Year Event
2351 Born January 9th.
2369 Enrolls into Starfleet - Security Program
2373 Graduates Starfleet as Security Officer. Rank Ensign
Assigned mission to Gamma Quadrant
Captured by Jem’Hadar
Escapes after almost 6 months
Dominion War Begins
Assigned to USS Karma as Security Officer
2374 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assigned as Bridge Officer
2375 USS Karma Destroyed in battle
Assigned to USS Celtic
Promoted to Assistant Chief of Security
Fights in Battle of Cardassia
Dominion War ends
2378 Promoted to Lieutenant
Promoted to Chief of Security
2380 Promoted to 2nd Officer of USS Celtic
2381 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2383 Promoted to XO
2385 Promoted to Commander
2387 USS Celtic Decommissioned
Assigned to USS Samurai as XO
2389 Samurai Decommissioned
Accepts position at Starfleet Academy as Security Instructor
2391 Assigned to Starbase Magellan as XO
2393 Takes Temporary Leave of Absence
Demoted to Lieutenant Commander
Reassigned to Starfleet Academy as Instructor
2395 Assigned to USS Genesis as XO

Father: Pétur Baldursson, Private Security consultant and retired Marine
Jóhanna Leifsdóttir a Chef, restaurant owner and renowned painter.

Lilja Pétursdóttir, an artistic Chef. Taking after her mother’s passion for both the culinary and visual arts creates artistic expression through the medium of food.

Starfleet career:
After Graduating Starfleet he was assigned as a security officer to the Science Vessel USS Ada King that was assigned a secret research mission in the Gamma Quadrant. They were investigating a strange rouge planetoid when they were ambushed by Jem’Hadar forces and subsequently captured. The crew was placed in a prison camp known to them as Facility 37. There Dominion Scientists did experiments on the Species of the Alpha Quadrant and the Jem’Hadar soldiers entertained themselves with bouts of combat. The prison was small, holding only a handful of prisoners at any one time. From the first moment they entered the prison, the Starfleet officers started planning their escape. The planning, however, was halted during the tragic death of their Captain at the hands of the Jem’Hadar First.

It took six months to reorganize their troops and start to execute their new plans. Slowly and carefully they had involved several other prisoners, Klingons, Romulans and even a pair of Nausicaans. Magnus volunteered to serve as the distraction. His job was to publically challenge the Jem’Hadar First for the murder of their Captain which would get the attention of the other Guards. He fought long and hard but despite his immense skill and strength, he was still losing badly. He and the others never disclosed in detail how Magnus managed to kill the Jem’Hadar leader but it was inferred that it was neither pretty nor very honourable. The riot that erupted afterwards allowed the few prisoners remaining to overpower their captors and take command of the facility. After gathering a wealth of information they escaped in several Dominion shuttles and made their way back to the Alpha Quadrant. Only half the crew of 80 made it back and the Ada King was never recovered.

Magnus returned to a vastly different Starfleet. The Borg had attempted to destroy Earth and had almost succeeded. His two Cousins Peter and Baldur had fought and almost died in the battle. New Uniforms were introduced much to his chagrin. Not long after their return to Starfleet, they learned that they had not been the only captives in the Quadrant and before they had even been debriefed news came from Bajor that the Dominion had begun their invasion. Magnus was assigned to the Combat Vessel USS Karma after being given a commendation for conspicuous gallantry.

The Karma was stationed on the front lines for the majority of the war until its destruction in early 2375. The Karma had been assigned as a support unit for a joint Starfleet-Romulan task force. During a battle with Dominion forces, Magnus was forced to step up as a tactical officer due to the incapacitation of his Department Head. The Battle was won but not before the Karma had taken one too many hits and the Captain ordered an evacuation. The Romulans rescued the surviving officers and transported them back to Federation Territory. This turned out to be extremely fortunate for him personally as the Karma would have been assigned to the Chin’toka line and probably have been destroyed like several of his Romulan rescuers were.

Magnus had then reassigned the USS Celtic, a Steamrunner class ship saw a lot of action during the latter part of the war, most notably during the Battle of Cardassia. Magnus was then serving as Assistant security Chief and was assigned to the bridge to Assist his Chief during the battle. After the battle ended the Celtic was immediately reassigned to Patrol duties after some extensive R&R.

Two years after the end of the war Magnus was promoted to full lieutenant and made the Chief of Security after his previous Department head was promoted to First officer. The Celtic spent most of the next few years patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone near deep space 6. After the Shinzon incident, the Celtic was reassigned as a support vessel near the Klingon-Romulan-Federation Border supporting Starbase 234. After a mostly uneventful year of Patrolling, escort missions and the occasional skirmish with pirates Magnus was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. A year later the Celtic’s Captain retired after nearly thirty years of service. The ships first officer and former Security Chief was promoted to Captain and Magnus was promoted to First officer

The Celtic was given a new mission statement, diplomatic aid. They travelled with a newly assigned diplomatic officer across Federation space rendering aid where necessary. The ship showed great success in mitigating potential disasters, settling diplomatic incidents and stopping potential political strife The next two years were some of the most peaceful of the Icelander’s life. After the two years of this Magnus was seen fit for another promotion to Commander. The Celtic was deemed an integral part of the Diplomatic corps. They were now assigned to support all embassies and other diplomatic efforts in their sector. The Celtic performed her duties of the next three years until she was finally decommissioned and made into a museum in the New France system.

After the Celtic was decommissioned Magnus was reassigned to the USS Samurai as first officer. the Samurai was mostly an exploratory vessel where he served until it was decommissioned only two years later. After nearly 16 years of space travel, he was ready for some firm ground under his feet. He accepted an offer as a Combat Instructor at Starfleet Academy on Earth. During this time he managed to reconnect with his sister and family. He gave lectures on his experiences during the Dominion War and how he and his crew engineered their escape. He also taught advanced Close-Quarters-Combat techniques and Diplomatic procedure.

He did well as an instructor and briefly considered making teaching his primary profession. He even managed to gain some weight without going mad, through constant effort from his sister. However, as he was making his final deliberations he was offered a position on Starbase Magellan. His Expertise in dealing with both Klingons and Romulans throughout the year made him a clear candidate. He served there for about two years. In 2393 he took a temporary leave of absence for personal reasons. *SI Notation.

When he returned to active duty several months later he was now a Lieutenant Commander and was reassigned Earthside to continue teaching Cadets. He spent the next two years there.

Weapons Expert
Hand to hand Combat Expert
Advanced Diplomatic Training
Certified Combat Instructor
Basic Piloting proficiency

Federation Standard - Fluent
Icelandic - Fluent
Klingon Basic - Partially Fluent
Romulan Basic - Partially Fluent

Physiological report: Doctor Lina A’rt - Starfleet Counsellor
Pre-Gamma Quadrant Incident:
Magnus is a charismatic and charming young man but underneath a rather vain personality is a deeply wounded soul. Extremely self-conscious he has spent the last few years improving himself where he can. His grande sense of self is a shell formed to protect a greatly injured soul. His sensitivity about his figure is, however, dissipating as he grows more and more confident in himself. He hides his sweet tooth well but I have been pushing him to allow himself the occasional treat. He takes great pride in his work and is very protective of his classmates, especially those that fall within his very tight-knit clique. He does exhibit signs of a need to prove himself, something that may get him hurt in the long run. His first mission with the Ada King should help him overcome that need.

Post-Gamma Quadrant Incident:
Magnus has put up a convincing armour surrounding the incidents at the Dominion Prison camp, he deflects all serious attempts at assistance with humour and even slight mentions of his Deceased Captain can bring out bouts of uncontrollable anger hiding great sorrow. He does, however, keep showing up, he mentioned that his Cousin and best-friend Baldur keeps pushing him to open up. Positive family relationships are helping him cope. I am declaring him fit for active duty but I caution against placing him in stressful conditions as we may be reaching a breaking point.

After Destruction of USS Karma:
Magnus took the loss of his ship rather hard. He blames himself despite understanding that the ship was lost long before he took control over the weapons screen. He also feels intense survivors guilt over the tragic loss at the battle of Chin’toka. He believes that he should have been there and died with those officers. In working through those feelings before his next reassignment he has found a new belief that he is alive for some greater reason, not thological strictly speaking but he seems to have found some spiritual clarity in the loss.

Post-War Report:
After three years of intense battles, Magnus is no longer the same man I once knew. His vanity has been replaced with a humorous outlook at his fitness, he still obsesses with his outward appearance but seems more or less aware of the ridiculousness of it. Now he indulges more often in comfort food and seems to have a new attitude towards enjoying life. He was much more open now than before, this time even talking about specifics of the battles he faced. The most memorable was his description of the decimation of Cardassia. He described what it was like walking on the surface of completely destroyed houses, 800 million civilians dead. I believe he’s found a new appreciation for life and for family. He tells me he talks with his sister almost daily now and intends to continue to do so. The Celtic will not be assigned a ship counsellor so I will continue to serve as his principle psychologist for the near future.

Celtic Decommissioned:
Magnus took the decommissioning rather well. He’s managed to spend some time Earthside with his family but it’s clearly been hard on him, the Celtic was his home for twelve years, in his eyes his destiny was thrown away right before his eyes. I’m under the impression that he saw his future on that ship, now without it, he may have lost the last tether to structure in his life. His vanity issues have improved extensively over the years. I’m to understand that he even showed up unshaven to his duty shift once which caused quite the stir. In any case, I have been told that he has already been accepted as First Officer on the Samurai. This means that for the foreseeable future I will not be his principle any longer but I suspect I shall be kept in the loop regardless.

Classified Information (Unknown without Player authorization

*Starfleet Intelligence Notation:
Commander Magnus Karlson takes an extended leave of absence, recommending that his position aboard the Starbase Magellan be filled. This makes him the fourth and final member of the group to take leave. Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson, Lieutenant Adam Magnusson and Lieutenant Commander Baldur Bragason and now Commander Karlson. Four highly decorated Starfleet officers and War veterans, all of which have high-security clearances, two of which have served extensively with Starfleet Intelligence throughout the years. The gradual increase in subspace chatter between the four members and a sudden and abrupt stop caught the attention of our unit. Within a few days, all four members had abruptly placed in their requests for leave and disappeared almost immediately. It took nearly a month of searching but we caught their trail in the Orion System. We traced them from there to Starbase 24 where they apparently took a civilian transport to Qo’Nos. There they purchased a used unarmed Klingon Cargo Freighter. They were spotted next deep into Klingon Space near the Maranga system.

Days later a privately owned and suspected pirate starbase was destroyed seven light years away. A week later agents discovered the Klingon Freighter on a small moon not far from the base crashed next to a decimated fortress. We later discovered that this was the operating base for the missing leaders of the Takra Cartel of the Orion Syndicate that Commander Sigmundsson had worked for undercover for the past three years. The Klingon investigation was short and barely cursory, a bunch of dead pirates is not high on their list. Over the next three weeks, we discovered five similar bases in the same conditions leading in a straight line across the nethers of Klingon space towards Federation Territory. the systematic destruction was deliberate but the tactics were clearly not Starfleet in origin. The line ended on a secret base within striking distance of Starbase 109, similar to other Takra operations except this one had not been discovered during Operation Cinder. When our agents arrived the massive base had been infiltrated and completely destroyed. After the destruction of a whole space station, seven pirate bases and over two dozen starships the death toll of Pirate Operatives is estimated in the high hundreds, no credible evidence connects the four men to the events in question.

The four men surfaced a few days later on Risa with the crew of the IKS Chan’Dora a Klingon Bird of Prey. Risian records state they had been there for nearly a month, having arrived with the Klingons. When questioned the group said that they had gone to Qo’Nos to pick up their friends but had discovered they were on patrol somewhere dealing with pirates. They rented a civilian cargo freighter and made their way to the base. When there they landed in some sort of scuffle with the locals and barely escaped. They then spent the next month on Vacation on Risa. The Klingons were too inebriated to confirm anything reliably. There were unconfirmed reports of Romulans being sighted on the planet near the residence of the group and nearby sensors detected what may have been a ship cloaking and de-cloaking.

After Catching up with the group we were ordered to apprehend and transport them for a tribunal on Earth. With the evidence gathered by our group being mostly circumstantial, there was little that Command could or even would do. An excerpt from the decision of the tribunal follows.

“The extreme circumstances surrounding this incursion into Klingon space combined with the fact that the Klingon Empire does not wish to even acknowledge these events has led the tribunal to a final decision. Although we can not condone the actions you four took we will not publically denounce them either as it is quite probable that your actions saved countless lives. However, despite that you all broke your oaths as Starfleet officers and that cannot go unpunished, it will be noted for the record that these punishments are the softest we can under the circumstances. Redacted - timeframe 3 minutes 40 seconds Commander Pétursson, you will be reduced in rank to Lieutenant Commander and will serve as a Combat instructor on Earth for a minimum of two years. This tribunal will be classified under the securities act of 2375.”

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