Relann Fell-Drayke

Authored by Lindsay Bayes
Biographic Information
  • Species: Dy'allan
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Age: 36
Actions Available

Character Biography

Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Violet
Build: Tall, toned and lean.
Physical Appearance:
On each temple is a violet coloured circle. In the center of each circle is a small starburst symbol (tattooed) indicating her as a ‘Chihao’ or ‘one born with the Spirits gifts’. Her skin is the colour of coffee with cream and she has white stripes from her collar bone to the tips of her finger and toes. Her hair is long, fine and white and her eyebrows are white as well. Her eyes are a deep violet, which stand out sharply against her hair and skin.

Marital Status: Married

Jacen Drayke: Spouse
Sowyn Ki: Daughter (Adopted)
Mother: Porhale Fell (Deceased)
Father: Quirave Fell (Deceased)
Sisters- Johira and Meloh-Twins (Both Deceased).
Brothers- Tarqon and Borven (Both Deceased)
Adoptive Family (Non-Legal):
Vice Admiral Jerome Cates (semi-retired) (2313-)
Anita Cates (2310-)

2358- Born in Hav’ain in the province of Drudos on Corsa (now called Rai’vel).
2377- Just about to take the Cleric Initiation when the massacres happened. A sympathetic Corsan woman, Myka, harboured Relann while she healed from her many injuries. Myka and a group of sympathizers helped arrange to get her off Corsa.
- A transport took Relann to Starbase 87. She escaped from the transport without being detected. On the station, she met Admiral Jerome Cates, who had just completed a diplomatic mission and was on his way back to Earth and Starfleet Command.
- Jerome and his wife Anita take in Relann and she goes to live with them at their home in Martinez, California (outside San Francisco) on Earth.
2382- Applies for and is accepted to Starfleet Academy.
2386- Relann graduates from the Academy and is assigned to the USS Atlantis as an Ensign.
- Promoted to Lt. (j.g.) and Chief of Security.
2387- Promoted to full Lieutenant.
- Relann temporarily assigned to the USS Odin as a Mission Liaison to assist her homeworld during a deadly pandemic. She is accompanied by Jacen Drayke (her romantic partner and the Atlantis’ CE). On this mission, discovers a small colony of Dy’allan survivors. Jacen proposes at the end of the mission and she says acceps.
- Marries Jacen Drayke on the Atlantis, surrounded by their families and friends.
2389- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and appointed as XO of the USS Atlantis.
2392- Relann and Jacen formally adopt Sowyn Ki.


Relann is of Dy’allan heritage and was born on the planet Corsa; home to two peoples, the Dy’allans and the Corsans. Little was known about the planet or its peoples, other than what has been shared by Relann herself. Until recently, the Federation had had no contact with this world as it is far outside its borders. The Dy’allans call their planet Molaida (which means ‘place of our souls’).

Relann has mental abilities unique among the majority of her people. She possesses empathic abilities and touch telepathy. However with her own people and those she is emotional close with, her telepathy does not require a physical connection. She has a finely honed intuition and can often assess people and situations within the first few seconds. These gifts are hereditary and for reasons unknown, are usually passed only to the first child born in the family. This individual is referred to as a Chihao. Additionally, Relann was born to a noble family that dates back over one thousand years. The family is highly regarded in Dy’allan society. Relann holds the title ‘Lady of Morlarain’.

The Dy’allans are a deeply spiritual people and their Faith is integral to their society. They believe that all living things are born from the energy of the universe and refer to this energy as ‘the Great Spirits’. This implies a deep connection to each other. This connection makes up what the Dy’allans call their Molai (or sprit/soul). Because of this, the Dy’allans are pacifists, believing that to willing harm another living being out of malice is to harm oneself. The Dy’allans believe that when one dies, their energy must be returned to the Spirits. As a result they choose to be cremated and have their ashes scattered over the ground or in water, to be mixed and mingled with the energy of their world.

The Dy’allan Faith was overseen by the Clerics of Avora, the ancient order that first brought the Dy’allans together. Most Chihao become Clerics in the order, although it is not mandatory. The Coming of Age Ceremony formally confers the title of Cleric upon the initiate at the age of 20.

Four pillars of Dy’allan Life: Service, Community, Family and Faith (represented by the real people they were named for Dassayin, Moleeksa, Tormreea and Sa’Moin.
About a thousand years ago, the Pillars were enlightened Dy’allans who sought to end the petty bickering between the old Families and united the people. The Time of Joining was a very important event in their history and brought their beliefs into a more united and ritualized Faith, ensuring peace.

The Corsans came to Molaida after fleeing their own home when their star went nova. While the Dy’allans and Corsans generally coexisted peacefully, there were periods of conflict. Small portions of the Corsan population feared the Chihaos and their unique abilities and as a result distrusted all Dy’allans. Coming together, these individuals formed a group called the Gofarn Faction, who sought to restrict the rights of the Dy’allans and keep the Chihaos under close observation. When Relann was 17, the Corsan Militia, under the command of General Quorto (a member of the Gofarn Faction), overthrew the democratic government and soldiers. Quorto installed himself as the Supreme Ruler. He imposed harsh laws against the Dy’allans and segregated the populations. The Dy’allans were excluded from attending Corsan run schools and from employment in any official governmental positions (not that many were interested in such jobs). A little over a year after the coup (just after Relann turned 19), Quorto ordered the military to eradicate the Dy’allans. Every village was destroyed and all Dy’allans were killed, or so most Corsans (and Relann) believed…

Mission with the USS Odin:

Relann and Jacen travelled to meet up with the Odin, where Relann would serve as a Mission Liaison. A distress call was received by a Federation ship exploring the area near the border and the people shown in the image seemed very familiar to the stories Admiral Jerome Cates (Relann’s adoptive father) had heard. Relann confirmed that they were the Corsans, even though they called themselves Rai’vellen. The planet was experiencing a terrible pandemic and the Odin was sent in to help as the nearest ship.
Rai’vel had moved on from the horrible massacres that claimed most of the Dy’allans. A civil war broke out soon after where the people tried to take down the hateful dictator that killed the Dy’allans. After peace finally came to Corsa, they changed their planet’s name to Rai’vel (the Dy’allan word for atonement) and changed their people’s name accordingly.

As a result of a mission, many things were revealed, such as the fact that Relann was not the only Dy’allan sympathetic Corsans had helped to safety. Two villages farther from the epicentre of the massacres had had enough warning to gather themselves and a group of Crosans got them off the planet. A colony of 2000 Dy’allan survivors was established two systems away and called Satalla (meaning ‘Sanctuary’ in Dy’allan). It was through them that it was revealed that the pandemic was the same illness that swept through places many years ago and that they had used their sacred pelai blossom to effect a cure.

The source of pelai used to come up with the cure came from a Corsan militiamen who turned out to be 1/4 Dy’allan through his maternal grandmother. It was also revealed that there are quite a few hybrids who had hidden their Dy’allan heritage in order to move past the massacres and not create issues. Members of the Council of Elders on Satalla came to Rai’vel for a visit and relations are improving after all these years.

Medical and Psychological:

Relann is empathic to a high degree (developed at 5 years old), though her skill is less than that of her touch telepathy (around 8 years old), which is exceedingly strong. The telepathy functions through special nerves in her hands that activate a secondary nervous system specialized to these abilities. Special glands secrete a neurochemical that facilitates a deep link with the other person. In this link, the telepathy is two-way, with each being able to sense the thoughts and emotions of the other and able to share memories. It requires a great deal of control on Relann’s part to keep the intensity of the link from harming others (especially non-telepaths), and so accidental contact with her fingertips to another person’s pulse points is avoided at all costs. There is also a physical exchange of energy from both parties, though there is no medical explanation for this to date. It is also noted that a side-effect of her linking with others (at least with non-Dy’allans) is that both parties take on subtle characteristics of the others. Most seem to be able to pick up parts of Relann’s native tongue, of which the Universal Translator can translate about 80% correctly.
Her body generates an EM field that some people can sense and that confuses medical equipment. All monitors and tricorders must be calibrated to a specific frequency noted on her file in order to obtain proper readings.

Her organs are flipped from a Human’s, with two extra major glands near her heart (one of them called a Fiosa gland) and these are a part of her secondary nervous system that controls her empathic and telepathic abilities. She has no equivalent to Human tonsils.

Had an anaphalactic reaction on her homeworld to a vegetable resembling a Terran eggplant that was supposed to taste spicy. From a planet called Jotira.
During her escape from the massacres, Relann was caught in a fire and suffered extensive third degree burns to most of her back and the back of her legs. Because they were not able to be properly treated, they got severely infected. A course of antibiotics at Starbase 87 (where she landed in the Federation as a refugee) cleared up the infection, but she was left with horrible scarring. Multiple surgeries with donor and synthetic grafts resulted in a painful rejection each time due to her bodies unique physiology.
However, using grafts grown from a mix of her own DNA and that of a species called Aquillian, Dr. Alexx Ryley was able to do a successful grafting operation. The recovery was intensely painful but once healed Relann was left with smooth skin that had taken on her natural striping, though her skin tone in the graft areas is slightly blue toned from the Aquillian DNA.

Psychologically, Relann has overcome a great deal of trauma after the massacres. She relied a great deal on her Faith and from that is generally a content and serene person who shows great thoughtfulness and care. Causing another person pain (either physical or emotional) is generally abhorrent to her and though she has let go of her people’s pacifist ways, she still leans towards peaceful coexistence whenever possible, seeking to smooth conflict as quickly as possible.

In recent years though, she went through a fundamental personality change. She became angry and confrontational and began to back away from her Faith, questioning all of her deepest held beliefs. The cause was discovered to be an unusual transference whereby two Corsan soldiers she killed in her escape from her world have left some sort of impression on her consciousness to the point where their personalities intermix with hers. After a long bout of research (medically, spiritually and historically), an experiment was attempted wherein, Relann used her touch telepath to interact with an olde Dy’allan artifact (a record book) that she had connected with before. Through this method she was able to draw the imprints out of her mind and into the book. While medically there is very little proof as to what happened, the results are clear that she is free of the detectable brain patterns and is once again herself, if not forever changed by her experiences.

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