Baldur Bragason

Authored by Hjortur Ingi
Biographic Information
  • Position: Strategic Operations Officer on Outpost 42
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 101 Kg 222lbs
  • Height: 190cm - 6'2"
  • Age: 46
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Character Biography

Baldur Bragason

General Background
Baldur was born and raised in Iceland, Europe, Earth. A bright student that excelled in Maths and Sports. At an Early age, he showed great leadership skills and a keen strategic mind which made him a candidate as a leader for many sporting teams in his local schools. His great size and build made him a natural sportsman, that coupled with his enormous strength assisted him in his junior athletic achievements. He started paying attention mostly to boxing and weight lifting and briefly considered making a career out of either before finally deciding on Starfleet, following his older cousins Peter and Adam to the Service and Joining at the Same time as his closest and best friend Magnus, another cousin.

The four men formed a close bond throughout the Academy, starting a brotherhood of their own. Baldur holds close ties with his cousins and is extremely loyal to them, perhaps even more loyal to them than he is to Starfleet.

He sports a rather impressive and mighty beard, his pride and joy since he was seventeen. He has only shaved off it twice in his life, for his Graduation from Starfleet and when he served as best man at his brother’s wedding.

Physical Description:
Baldur is a large and burly man, built much like a ye olde muscle man. Extremely muscular under a layer of fat giving him an odd look, a Strongly built heavy set man. He likes to say that he is 90kg of muscle with 15kg of fat in case of emergency. He has thick cheeks and a large head and smiles often.

His hair is raven black and kept short. His beard is massive and more often than not kept in a neat braid or three. His hair grows rather fast so he receives regular trimmings, never allowing his hair to grow longer than his earlobes. His body is also covered in hair, especially his chest which adds a little extra bulk to him Despite his general hairiness he almost completely lacks hair on his back, a fact that bothers him to no small end.


Year Event
2349 Born June 17th
2360 Þór Bragason born - Baldurs Younger Brother
2365 Gerður Bragadóttir born - Baldurs Younger sister.
2367 Enters Starfleet Academy age 18
2371 Graduates the Academy - Assigned to USS California as Junior Tactical Officer, rank Ensign
2373 Fights during Battle of Sector 001 - Recieves First Combat Commendation
Dominion War Begins
2374 Promoted to Lt. Junor Grade and Made Tactical Officer of USS California
2375 Dominion War Ends - Baldur is decorated with several medals and Commendations
Promoted to Full Lieutenant
2379 Týr and Freyja - Baldurs younger twin Siblings born
2384 Serves as Best man During His Brothers Wedding
2385 Transferred to USS Odin as CTO and 2O
Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander
2391 Demoted to Lieutenant and put in a six-month suspension
Reassigned to USS Saracen as Operations Officer
2393 Assigned to Starbase 234 as Strategic Operations Officer
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2395 Now -

Family Parents:
Father: Bragi Baldursson - Restaurant owner
Mother: Iðunn Karlsdóttir - Lawyer and former Strongest (Human) Woman on Earth (2355)

Þór (Age 35) – Star football player on Earth (Soccer)
Gerður (Age 30) – Civilian Scientist – Starbase 111
Týr & Freyja (Age 16) – Twins – Students on Earth

Starfleet Background:
Baldur was accepted into the Academy at the age of 18. He showed great aptitude for Strategy and tactics and was marked rather early for Security and Tactical training. During his time at the Academy, he showed an affinity for Boxing and was the Academy’s heavyweight boxing champion for three years running. He graduated with Honours and was placed on the USS California as a junior Tactical Officer and Member of the Security team where he served under Captain H’arkn.

The California was mostly stationed around the Sol system for Patrols and supply runs and was thus engaged in the Borg incursion, the Battle of Sector 001. The ship took some heavy damage during the early stages of the Battle and the Chief Tactical Officer was injured forcing a 24-year-old Baldur to take over the Tactical Station. Although the ship was disabled, not long thereafter it was time enough to showcase his tactical brilliance and earned him a Commendation at the request of his Captain. This also was the first time he showcased abilities beyond that of the Californias CTO.

Dominion War:
During the Dominion War, the California was mostly assigned to escort supply freighters and protect vulnerable targets. A year into the War and it had only seen a few Skirmishes but the Captain was already relying more on Baldur for his tactical expertise than the CTO. It wasn’t until they were reassigned with the tenth fleet for the Protection of Betazed that things finally changed. during a routine training exercise, Dominion Forces surprised the fleet. Baldurs actions during that day solidified his position in the eyes of his Captain. After the Battle was over and the California had managed to retreat the former CTO was reassigned to a less vital position in the fleet and the young Tactical officer was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade and Tactical Officer.

Although he served as the Ships tactical Officer for the remainder of the war he was still assigned to the occasional Away Missions, especially those that involved the Captain who had a preference for Baldur, this caused friction with him and the Security Chief. However, during this time he gained a reputation for completing his missions by any means necessary and was seen by his superiors as a great soldier.

He was also involved with the Liberation of Betazed, on loan from the California he was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence to assist the Marine corps with boots on the ground efforts and firsthand saw the devastation of the war. Something that deeply troubled him for the remainder of the war. The California was not a part of the major war effort after Betazed, mostly assigned again to protecting supply lines and after the Breen entered the War they were reassigned to Earth after the destructive attack on Starfleet headquarters.

After and during the War Baldur was Awarded several Medals and Commendations for Starfleet. These make up some of his proudest achievements. They include but are not limited to:
The Grankite Order of Tactics - For developing a manoeuvre effective against Jem’Hadar vessels during early stages of the war.
Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry – For taking command of the Tactical Station during the Battle of Betazed
The Star Cross – For distinguished actions during the Battle of Betazed
Starfleet Medal of Valor – For Actions during the Liberation of Betazed
Starfleet Medal of Honour – For Actions during the Liberation of Betazed

Baldur Received the Medal of Honor for leading the liberation of a Slave camp on Betazed without any casualties to the Betazed prisoners and minimal casualties on his forces. His actions with Starfleet Intelligence and the Marine Special forces were some of his proudest achievements. He considers it the only time during the war that he did something good.

Post War:
After the war, Baldur stayed on the California for several years. The ship was retrofitted and continued to serve mostly as an Escort Frigate or Patrol vessel. For ten years he served as Tactical Officer and faithful advisor to his Captain and good Friend H’arkan. When the Californa was finally decommissioned and his Captain retired he was reassigned to the USS Odin.

On the Odin, Baldur was promoted to Lieutenant Commander at his former captain’s behest and made Second Officer. He served there faithfully there for Several years until an incident involving his Brotherhood. Their insubordination resulted in several intelligence hearings and finally resulted in a forced Leave of absence for all involved and a demotion for him and his cousin/best friend Magnus. Although their actions were a source of slight political embarrassment they were commended in secret by both their peers and Commanders. Baldur was then assigned a position as Tactical Officer on the USS Saracen where he served for two years as Operations Officer.

After gaining performing his duties admirably as Operations Officer he was offered a position as the Strategic Operations Officer for Starbase 234 on the Romulan/Klingon border.

Medical Background
Baldur is very fit despite his slightly overweight looking figure, he is in excellent physical condition. However, he is a rather slow runner having never enjoyed the exercise. He received several injuries during the War and throughout his long Career with the fleet but thankfully most of it has been fixed with the miracles of modern medical sciences with only micro scars remaining.
He possesses near inhuman strength after decades of dedicated strength training and an interest in wood chopping as a child.

Psychological Background
Baldur was deeply disturbed by what he saw and what he did during the war but unlike many of his peers, he sought a lot of professional help both from Counselors and psychiatrists which helped him resolve issues from his time. He has an unshakeable moral code and an incredible sense of honour and duty, particularly familial duty which is what resulted in his demotion, the only obvious negative spot on his career. He is a believer in Moral absolutes which often conflicts with his duties as a Starfleet Officer, particularly as a Tactical Officer and Soldier.

During the war, his actions often resulted in the deaths of hundreds of enemy combatants as Tactical officer which was something that deeply disturbed him at a fundamental level, mainly due to his belief in the sanctity of all life. He would often have a crisis of confidence when outweighing the lives of his servicemen against the lives of his enemies. The only time he felt comfortable with his actions was when he performed actions that only resulted in the saving of lives.

He would often find the manifests of the ships he was instrumental at destroying and reading over the names of their Crew.

Expert Tactician
Expert Strategist
Expert Boxer
Starship Operations Expert
Certified Chef
Certified Hairstylist
Adept at Classical dancing


100 Kg

190cm - 6‘3”



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