Asani Neribi

Authored by Katherine Dedul
Biographic Information
  • Position: Security Officer on USS Chimera
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Maerynian/Human
  • Weight: 185lbs
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Age: 20

Character Biography

Date of Birth: January 1st, 2372
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany
Education: Starlet Academy 2388-2392
Marital Status: Single

Parents: Lieutenant Asani Morran, deceased.
Alison Koffman, Deceased.



Starfleet Career Summary:

2392: Graduated the Academy, Commissioned as an Ensign, assigned to the USS Chimera

Additional Training:




Federation Standard
Maerynian(High & Low)
Conversational Klingonese
Basic Romulan

Medic Training:

Advanced - Starship piloting

Advanced - Sniper qualification
Martial weapons proficiency
Demolitions expert


Asani Neribi was born on Earth and spent the first ten years of her life in Berlin, Germany, surrounded by her Human family. Her father did not openly share her family history with her, as a result her knowledge of the Maerynian half was rusty until she was ten years of age and both her parents were killed in a tragic Lunarport accident.

Like most of her father’s people (and Bajorans), she styles her name with her family name first and her given name last. Even in the present day Maerynian society, a lot of emphasis is placed upon one’s family and thus they believe the most important name (the family/house/clan name) must come first.

After the death of her parents, she lived with her father’s younger sister Rhynia on the USS Polaris for four years, after which she joined her father’s elder sister Anraelin on assignment on Starbase Good Hope located on the border of the Maerynian system (Captain and then Rear Admiral Asani Anraelin commanded the fleet in the area that patrolled the area of space near the Klingon and Romulan borders from the Starbase). After graduating early from primary school at 16, she successfully was accepted into the Academy at the age of 17 on her second try.

In the Academy, Neribi found an aptitude for security and tactical training.

Medical History:

Neribi looks human, the only overt indication of her alien physiology is she inherited her father’s vibrant purple eyes. She has blond hair and is tall and leanly muscled and despite her height is quite agile.

Unlike Betazoid/Human hybrids, Maerynian/Human hybrids like Neribi are fully telepathic. Maerynians need to focus on a mind in order to read it (sort like “tuning in”), but will sense emotions and strong thoughts from other species who are known to emote (such as Humans). In situations like a ship, the ability is muted somewhat, they can sense the emotions, but often won’t be able to determine who those emotions belong to without focusing on individuals. Neribi is quite skilled at reading emotions from facial expressions and as such can usually use both visual and empathic cues to figure out who might be feeling something (it’s not a precise science of course). Like full Maerynians, Neribi was raised with the belief that using her telepathy should only be used in rare situations (one example is where another telepath is attacking, if only to “level” the playing field) or if the individual grants permission (doing otherwise is seen as extremely rude and unacceptable to nearly every Maerynian).

The Asani bloodline is known for one of the rarer mental gifts, telekinesis (Telekinetic Maerynians make up about 10% of the population). Unlike her fully Maerynians relatives, Neribi’s telekinesis is muted, she cannot lift objects. She can push or pull objects that are about 10% of her body weight or use the ability in conjunction with her physical strength to lift slightly heavier objects. Attempting to shift objects that are heavier than that range will result in various medical issues, like burst blood vessels and various strain type injuries to her brain.

Neribi is able to digest Maerynian cuisine, but typically prefers Terran food simply because of where she spent the first ten years of her life.

Psychological Evaluation:

Neribi has some unresolved issues with her deceased father. She’s learned to cope with them, but she often used to wonder why her father seemed unwilling to share with her the culture of the Maerynian people. In fact, Morran would noticeable shut down when she asked her father about his people.

Her aunts’ influence in her life has helped cushion this blow, as they’ve since taught her at length the history of her family. Her aunt Anraelin, grew up in the Empire that existed prior to the occupation of the Maerynian people by another warp capable species known as the Raetani. The Asani family were rulers over a class based system that seemed to be relatively benevolent in nature (even commoners were well off in this system). Both her aunts are two of many heroes of the occupation and though the Asani family no longer rules and the Maerynian people adopted a democracy and voted to join the Federation, they are well respected because of their deeds during the Occupation.

In some ways Neribi is actually relieved she managed to qualify and study at the Academy and join Starfleet, if only to try and step out of the large shadow cast by her relatives, particularly the Maerynian side of her family. She proud to be part of a family that has done so much for the Maerynian people, but it can create a bit of expectations on her as a result. She gets some of that in Starfleet, if she encounters officers who knew either of her aunts, but it’s definitely to a lesser extent!

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