Eleanor "Iron Lady" Carnegie

Authored by Joana Ribeiro
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 137 lbs
  • Height: 5'6''
  • Age: 28
Actions Available

Character Biography

Before Reading
Eleanor’s backstory is not public knowledge and is available here only for player knowledge purposes and for whoever wants to know more about her backstory. The medical and psychological records stated below are, of course, available to the Medical team and Counseling team, respectively, and whoever else might have access to that information.

Personal Details
  • Full Name: Eleanor Margaret Carnegie
  • Also Known As: El, Ellie
  • Call Sign: Iron Lady
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 28
  • Date of Birth: April 4th, 2367
  • Place of Birth: 400 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA
Physical Description
  • Hair Color: Dark ginger/Auburn
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Skin: Fair
  • Height: 5‘6’‘
  • Weight: 137lbs
  • Miscellaneous: Eleanor has her call sign “Iron Lady” tattooed on the back of her left shoulder.
Family and Relationships
  • Mother: Sarah Ann Carnegie (née Jameson)
  • Father: William Morrison Carnegie
  • Siblings: Andrew Carnegie VI (brother, aged 38, b. 2357), Thomas Morrison Carnegie IV (brother, aged 36, b. 2359)
  • Current Partner: None

2370 Shady Side Academy Junior School, Pittsburgh, PA (enrolled at 3 years old, graduated at 11 years old)
Extra-Curricular Activities: Ballet Dancing (K-5), Piano (1st grade)
2378 Shady Side Academy Middle School, Pittsburgh, PA (enrolled at 11 years old, graduated at 14 years old)
Extra-Curricular Activities: Performing Arts committee (6th grade), Athletic Assistant (7th-8th grade), Rocketry Team, Junior Varsity Baseball
2381 C.A. Riley Military Academy, Angel Island, San Francisco, CA (enrolled at 14 years old, graduated at 18 years old)
Extra-Curricular Activities: Flying Club, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Fencing
Rank at Graduation: Cadet Major (Executive Officer, 1st Battalion)
2385 Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, CA (Marine, Aviation)

Previous Assignments

Jul 2389 - Jun 2390 SFMC Training Center San Diego, 2LT, Co-Pilot (Tactical Training Squadron)
Ago 2390 - Jan 2391 Aerospace Aviation Training Center Pensacola, 1LT, Recon Systems and Pilot Training Course
Jul 2391 - Jan 2393 USS Colorado Springs (NCC-92343), 1LT, Tactical Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems Officer (Reserve Pilot)
Jan 2393 - Jan 2395 USS Annapolis (NCC-92344), CPT, Aerospace Craft Commander (Tactical Reconnaissance & Surveillance Squadron)
May 2395 - Present USS Chimera (NCC-98730-A), CPT, Squadron Commander / Aerospace Craft Commander (Tactical Reconnaissance & Surveillance Squadron)


Eleanor Margaret Carnegie was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Sarah Ann Carnegie (née Jameson), a stay at home wife and socialite, and William Carnegie, Senior Vice President of Holloway Heavy Industries and long term magnate of the starship manufacture industry. Eleanor, or Ellie, as her brothers endearingly call her, is the youngest of three children.

Although by mid-21st century, descendants of steel magnate Andrew Carnegie were very much alive, the famous family surname had mostly disappeared. It wasn’t until the end of the Third World War that a soldier by the name of George Thompson, decided to change his own surname to that of his great-great grandfather Thomas Morrison Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie’s brother, in an effort to restore the honor of the family name. George Carnegie (born Thompson) is Eleanor’s seventh great-grandfather.

Eleanor lived a life of privilege most of her life. With her eldest brother directly in line to replace William in his position with Holloway Heavy Industries and her youngest brother with dreams of starting a business of his own, Eleanor was expected to follow in her mother’s footsteps, and become the social planner of whatever wealthy businessman she was going to marry. Until the day she came home from school and announced loud and clear that she wanted to be a fighter pilot. Leaving behind a heartbroken mother and an ecstatic father, Eleanor was sent to California to attend the prestigious C.A. Riley Military Academy, where she came to be heavily involved in the school’s flying club, getting her private pilot’s license at age sixteen, and becoming the school’s 1st Battalion’s Operations Officer in her third year, as well as the same Battalion’s Executive Officer in her last year of high school. However, during night flying practice, she made a surprising discovery – just like her father and younger brother, Eleanor was colorblind and could not fly without visual aid.

Determined to fulfill her dream despite what she considered to be a minor set back, Eleanor was promptly accepted into Starfleet Academy, after graduating high school. At the Academy, she joined the Marine Corps and started her journey to become a fighter pilot. It was then that it became clear that her deficient color vision was more than just a hurdle. Safety measures dictated that she couldn’t wear visual aids while flying in combat, meaning that Eleanor would have little chance of piloting a fighter, but would be an asset for reconnaissance. Carnegie was then presented with two options: either she gave up on her fighter pilot dreams and joined Recon, or she could file a Combat Deployment Waiver and work as a fighter pilot under any CO that would be willing to take her, at their own risk, knowing of her disability and of how it could impair her job performance and her safety and the safety of others. On her last year at the Academy, Eleanor filed her waiver and was not picked up by any ship, ending up being placed on the only jobs Starfleet had left – cargo transport jobs.

Her first deployment was not the best year of her life, with Eleanor questioning several times whether she had made the right choice, and silently cursing both her parents for giving her the genetic mutation that had eventually made her dream impossible to achieve. Yet, she filed two more waivers, with no luck both times. Eventually, she went back to San Francisco and took Reconnaissance training. It was only until her second deployment that she realized that that same genetic fault was not a disadvantage but an advantage at times, allowing her to see camouflage patterns when they were not apparent to “normal” people.

As her fourth deployment, Eleanor was assigned to the USS Chimera where she remains to this day. She is the Squadron Leader of the Sentinels, and flies a Ranger-class vessel. Her vessel’s nose displays the name “Lady of Steel” in big black and yellow letters, and a large Pittsburgh Steelers logo in the background.


Eleanor is very tomboyish in nature, mostly (and sometimes recklessly) unafraid of any challenge life throws at her. A massive Pittsburgh Steelers fan, she can usually be found on the ship’s lounge or in the holodeck, on her personal simulation of a small hole-in-the-wall bar back home. Regardless of the place, Eleanor enjoys most of her downtime with a beer in her hand, in good company or watching American football, or both.

Medical Records

Eleanor has red-green color blindness (deuteranomaly). A condition that rarely occurs in women but made possible by the combined history of colorblindness in both sides of her family – her father being colorblind and her mother being a carrier of the gene. The youngest of Eleanor’s brothers is also colorblind. Eleanor has a pair of Starfleet issued glasses that help her see normally, as well as a set of ‘vintage’ 20th century glasses that serve the same purpose but were given to her by her brother. She also has a set of contact lenses that she wears on special occasions.

Aside from her colorblindness, Eleanor has the record of a fencing injury on her left shoulder, caused by a broken fencing foil (at 18 years old), and an eye injury suffered while attempting to fly a Templar fighter with her contacts on (suffered at 24 years old). She was extremely lucky that the incident did not leave her with further vision impairments.

Psychological Records

Nothing out of the ordinary.

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