Nikki Brako

Authored by Gene Gibbs
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief of Operations on Outpost 42
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Sigma Iotian
  • Weight: 180lbs
  • Height: 6'/2m
  • Age: 39
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Character Biography

Name: Nikki Brako
Position: COO Officer on OP42
Rank: Lt jg
Species: Iotian
Weight: 180
Age: 39

Character Bio:
Hair: Red (He’s a Ginger!), set in a faux-hawk, with close cropped hair on the sides and a raised Mohawk style.
Eyes: Green
Born: 2355, November 3rd
Photo: (not easy to find a ginger with a beard and Mohawk!!!) <G>

Physical Description:
Stands 6‘0” (approx 2m) tall and weighs 180lbs (77kg). His body is ‘trim’ and currently athletic, though past history shows that Nikki has gone back and forth in his weight and care of himself.
Hair is red, typically worn in a subtle faux-hawk and well trimmed beard. The latter is flecked in gray and covers a weak chin. His eyes are green surrounded by laugh lines, skin a light complexion but for a ruddier colored nose.
His body is trim with a generous covering of red hair. He is by no means tanned though his hair gives the appearance of a darker skin.
He bears 3 ‘holo-tattoos’ on his body. One on his right shoulder over his shoulderblade. One on his left upper arm. One over his heart.
There are no identifiable scars on his body, or natural birthmarks
Nikki has a distinct Irish lilt to his speech. Many have said he sounds much like an Irish pirate might when he has drank a bit.

Doctor Notations: Donald Embury, Physician, USS Delphi
– Nikki keeps to a mostly vegetarian diet, favoring lamb and fish over other meats. This contributes to his remaining healthy, though at this time I would like to see him take in more exercise. Concerning diet he has battled a cholesterol condition and thus has rendered a suitable diet. Replicator programming for best dietary mixture is included in this report. Where no replicators are available, Nikki has a maintained a healthy regimen to control a normal level of cholesterol. Fish, grains, yoghurts and select fruits are the best fit for his metabolic profile.
– Nikki has suffered from several medical incidents in his life, this by scans and otherwise spotty historical records. These include, and I bear these in what chronology that I can piece together from scans and interviews:
- As a child suffered from Rugalian fever. No ill effects remain from this fever, though from interviews it laid Nikki up for some weeks in bed.
- Left ankle broken in two places (technically was a minor and severe bone fracture) in his teenage years. It was casted and had late stage bone regeneration done on it. Nikki complains of some ache in the cold and wet from it; whether this is phychological or not I have not managed to discern with my limited observations.
- Four ribs on his right side were broken (reportedly in a fall from between decks on a liner). These were patched up and regenerated very well. Only trace residuals remain in scans.
- 3 teeth broken. These occurred at some time in his adult life. Interview with Nikki suggests it was a drunken fight outside of a bar on Risa.
- Nose broken. Several times. Cartilage nominally repaired. While the shape is restored the darker tone to it is a consequence of late stage treatment. This occurred in the Carthaginian Penitentary during a fight. A doctor Louis Strangeway treated him. As well, Nikki has over the years taken up boxing as a sport on Sigma Iotia and while he was on the starliners. In that he reports that his nose had been broken several times from this and repaired by a regenerator used by his trainer.
- Nikki has a chronic muscle condition to his right side where the muscles knot easily causing pain and requiring massage therapy to relieve. This has been a possible side effect of repetitive action during boxing. Other pain relievers taken orally or applied to the skin are also effective, however the massage is the least invasive of the treatments.


Donald Embury and Cynthia Beswick, Counselor, USS Delphi. Her notations.
– Nikki has shown some disturbing tendencies such as speaking to inanimate objects and exhibiting a quick temper. Sessions have suggested that these were not present in his youth when such habits would normally have developed. Some molecular trace imagery and DNA mismatching has suggested - and I say suggested - that Nikki had undergone an adult or near adult DNA resequencing due to these symptomatic personality idiosyncrisies. Dr Embury having done a complete scan and some physical testing of Nikki has discovered no obvious resequencing - body organs and muscles are all within human normal levels, his endrocrine system is healthy, and his cholesterol deficiency had not been corrected, nor his musculature knotting - both of which DNA resequencing could correct. His immune system function is above average though not to a level to suggest enhancement. This suggested a brain - IQ or other cranial focused resequencing - however this has not been confirmed through tests. Due to his lack of medical records at an earlier age and baseline DNA scans that would have aided in significant alterations being detected. Nikki has been quiet on this subject, neither denying nor affirming any changes.
– Hobby treatment and awareness seminars have helped him in his temper flares which can subside as quickly as they erupt. All are short lived and since treatment have never resulted in violence. Whilst in the Carthaginian Penitentiary there were three recorded fights sparked by his temper.

Security File: Annotated by: Chief Warden Jeremiah Tuttleham, Moonbase Penitentary, Sol System
In 2386, Nikki Brako was arrested on board his family’s luxury yacht, the Faerie Queen after three years of investigation. (see attached video news file) Nikki Brako was convicted of espionage and association with the Orion Syndicate, bribery, theft of data and goods, kidnapping, slave trading, extortion, gambling and smuggling, and sentenced to 10 years of rehabilitation and incarceration. Ferengi informants, reputedly past allies in commerce, were principal witnesses against Nikki.
In 2388, Nikki completed a remedial program of talent aptitudes and study. After further investigations through private sources funded by Nikki’s family Consortium, new evidence came to light wherein the ‘informants’ and ‘information’ became more dubious as viable evidence against Nikki – to the point of it being seen as a probable (but not fully) construction to destroy his character, it was by the decision of a board of judges, voted 2 to 3, that Nikki be released. He had, while in incarceration, shown an aptitude toward Starfleet, and it is my recommendation that he be allowed to serve after satisfactory resolution within the Academy. Skilled in engineering, I recommend that he study there.

Attached: Video file of Nikki at his release, and, earlier arrest.
Voiceover of Linda Gettinger, ISN reporter. “There had been attempts by the Klingon Empire and Ferengi Alliance to extradite Nikki Brako to be charged under their justice for the reputed harm he caused to them through his espionage for the Orion Syndicate. While there has been much evidence that came to light in the investigations much is yet unknown regarding his activities, contacts and associations. Further evidence, however, points to Nikki’s arrest and sentencing were based on an elaborate scheme of the Ferengi to harm the Brako family Consortium of luxury yachts. While the judges were split on releasing Nikki Brako, the deeper authorities dig, the more questions they raise about the reliability of the evidence that had condemned him to prison two years before.
(video news file shown as the above narration was spoken)
A woman reporter standing on the deck of a shuttle bay wearing a civilian flack jacket.
“Teresa West reporting from the shuttle bay of the Faerie Queen. The Faerie Queen has had a long history. Bought by the Brako family she served as a ship such as the Queen Mary or Titanic may have in the old seas of Earth as a luxury hotel and liner. This wouldn’t be new, for the Brako family has been in the hotel business for centuries. But now, a black sheep has been found in the Brako fold. Nikki Brako has been arrested after a long investigation involving several law enforcement departments crossing galactic borders for crimes ranging back as far as the Dominion War. Behind this rich upholstery and fine meals and a playground for the wealthy lays an undercurrent of greed, bribery, espionage, slave trading, murder and treason. And that is just the beginning.”
Teresa turns to see a trio of marked Federation agents leading a red headed man wearing an open vest and trousers, his chest sporting abundant orange hair on his chest being led out toward the reporter. She moves closer to the knot of men.
“There he is. The fiend who sold secrets and women for the Orions for years has now been caught and taken away. Nikki! Nikki! What do you have to say to these charges and arrest?”
Green eyes glance up to her and the camera. Was he smiling or sneering as he approached? “We remember,” was all he said in passing. The news file ends.

Counselor Reports:
Psychological Profile:

Nancy Dranger, Nurse, Moonbase Penitentiary:
Regarding Nikki. “Diabolical”

Eric Strang, Clinical Psychologist, Moonbase Penitentiary:
In the short time that Nikki has been here he has employed classic psychological models of subtle and overt manipulation to place himself in dominant roles. Once on the top he has sought to remain there defending his territory with passion and near obsessive resilience. He is not combative, but utilizes techniques of observation to line up his opposition before systematically taking them down. He reminds me of the tattoo on his shoulder of the Orion trapdoor spider, laying in wait for it’s prey. To coin a term, he is unyielding. He has yielded no information relating to his inclusion in the Orion Syndicate, nor of any confederates he may have had. While he has shown bitterness toward his ex-wives, and where there had been some suggestion that Fiona had some knowledge or involvement with the Syndicate, he refused to say anything related to her. He has shown himself adaptable to situations. While at times he has had the appearance of a charging bull he can change course in a moment.

Dillon Wagner, Psychiatrist, Earth Corrections
Nikki is a complex case. Strong willed and persistent in his goals he seeks control even when things are beyond his control. There is much going on under the surface of the man and keeps much to himself. In interviews with his ex-wives one of the common comments made was of his independence. They as a one felt trapped in a silk prison of his personality. While spoke of his mood swings and his need to be dominant which these former his ex-wives found difficult to roll with, they each, however, did not mind him taking charge and exerting his passions in the bedroom. It was in the other aspects of life that they felt marginalized, carried in the wake of his drives. Each has said that they noticed Nikki feeling the most safe and open when he was in control. His temper can flare up in an instant, and like a flash burn, calm almost at once. It is my suspicion that Nikki understands this weakness and uses it to help achieve his goals. He is passionate in all of his undertakings. From interviews with his colleagues and family it has been considered that a proper channeling of his intensity in work, hobby and play will bring about greater rehabilitation than incarceration.

Cynthia Beswick, Counselor, USS Delphi
Nikki has never denied that he did what he did, nor has he necessarily confirmed it. He is open, but it is like you are entering into the foyer of his psyche. There is a whole house beyond with rooms we never see. Relations with his siblings, parents, wives, all of these are touched on yet unexplored fully. Nikki has displayed a paradox in values. He will admit to facts though will justify them all and in this way both acknowledge yet blameshift. Unfortunately he has not had a long enough tenure in Starfleet and so has not had baseline and annual reviews that students and postings would yield. I’ve observed that Nikki is ‘all in’ on whatever he does, and while his hobbies are unusual and activities competitive, he does what he does well, but, and here is the caution - there is a brooding, and I will dare to suggest to say malevolent, part of him that is off in one of those rooms that he allows a view of down the hall though not yet explored.

Nikki is best at power distribution systems and related areas.
Skeet shooting
Business operations

His temper
Gambling – he’s fair at it but can get caught up in it

‘Hospital’ smells and lifts/elevators

(Note: Years in brackets are Nikki’s age plus that in years)

Grandmother: Isabella ‘Bella’ (+61) - died, age 99

Father: Finnigan ‘Finny’ (+38)
Mother: Kelly (+35)

Brother: Killian (+12) - married to Denise. Two children (David - 18, Dora - 15). Opted to head up the family fleet operations in Sigma Iotia on ‘land’ rather than in space.
Brother: Dougal (+10) - divorced from Lisa. One child (Keanu - 19) Dougal and Nikki had a falling out after a personal incident on board the Irish Queen. Dougal studied as a lawyer and now operates a crew of lawyers dealing with litigations arising from the business.
Sister: Eavan (+6) - Twins, not identical - married to Francis. Three children (Frankie 14, Barbara 13, Kelly 10). Francis and Eavan are artists and have their own studio and curio shop on Trill.
Sister: Nora (+6) - single. Two cats - Taranis and Artio (Irish deities) Nora teaches, wanting nothing to do with the family business at all. Resides on Sigma Iotia.

Bridgitte - a demure red head who saved her fire for her tongue. Wed early when each were 18, this lasted 4 years. One child Turlough, now 17 (-22).
Hera - a shapely brunette, wed when Liam was 25 and she 20. This lasted 2 months. As intense as Nikki was, she was his match; they clashed constantly before she left.
Fiona - a blonde, their meeting on the cruise liner where she was employed as a bartender. Liam was 28 and she 23. Lasted until Liam’s arrest at 31. While not formally divorced their relationship is not precisely .. settled.

Finnigan and Kelly were land investors, first on Sigma Iotia, who later had properties through many worlds of the Federation and some beyond. A family business, it was family tradition for taking over and continuing the business. After the cultural ‘change’ on Sigma Iotia, the business became far more competitive. While well diversified through the generations and the branches of the family, Finnigan retained the traditional ‘hotelier’ role, only in this case became predominantly off world. Their ‘base’ was in Turkana City on Turkana IV for a time. Seeing growing instability and governmental concerns they liquidated their resources there (some suggest liberating more than that though that bears no proof with the fall of the government) and left Turkana in the 2350’s. Moving now to Earth they set up a business in Edinborough, however their investments were set in space as a more stable initiative. In short, they utilized what planet based investments that existed and linked them to spaceliners. Their life tended to see them on one ship or another. More often than not Nikki lived in the shadow of his older siblings. He spent his earlier years on Earth in Ireland in the care of his grandmother. There he picked up his Irish accent that he has not lost.

Nikki was tutored by a man named Charlie Knox who traveled with the family and taught not just Nikki but other of the Brako clan, such as David, Dora and Keanu. He had no formal schooling or attended any such school, or post-standard education. His mornings were spent in class and afternoons in following one brother or his father about, or, after he turned 10, was apprenticed in effect in taking on jobs on the liners to which they lived at the time. He worked as assistants as cabin boy, runner, bartender, steward, jack-of-all-trades for fix-its and, for much of his time, was involved in the mechanical operations of the ship. By the time he was 20 and had been married 2 years he was full time on shipboard operations of the Irish Queen, one of the more posh of the Brako fleet.

The supposition – now considered false evidence – that Nikki was approached at that time and recruited into the Orion Syndicate due to Nikki’s ascent in role and responsibility with the business that was apart from the umbrella of his parents and siblings. During the Dominion War the Brako family volunteered their fleet for troop movements and logistical operations. It was in this time that the first suspicions of illicit involvement were planted. This was not investigated until after the Dominion War when some stray bits of information came to light through ‘Ferengi informants’ and regarding Breen technology that had passed through the operations post on the Irish Queen. This began a four year investigation before enough information came to light to accelerate the surveillance on Nikki, ultimately resulting in his arrest, incarceration, and later, his release upon the revelation that the evidence and informants had been a carefully constructed plot to harm the business interests of the Brako family.

Notable Posts:

Service History:
Academy: Two years in attendance there, graduating, in his words ‘amidst a gang of children’.
First Posting: The USS Delphi. Science vessel. Bradbury Class. Liam served aboard this vessel for 11 months. He had a series of arguments with the chief engineer aboard over
Second Posting: The USS Lexington. Liam served aboard this vessel for 2 years, 3 months, as engineer until her decommissioning.
Sabbatical after this and returning to family holdings where he worked on their space dock undertaking a review of their ship engineering and power train analysis. This was extended annually until Starfleet called him up again for an assignment on OP42.

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