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Posted Sept. 26, 2018, 1:57 p.m. by Admiral Joe P (Librarian / TECH Chairman) (Joe P)

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Posted by Vice Admiral Lindsay Bayes (Gamemaster Director / EGO / MAC) in Discussion on the MAC w/ Suggested Changes

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(snipping down for the commentary- hopefully this is okay)

You’ve clearly put in a lot of work and thought into this, Thomas, so thank you for the research and the trawling through old posts you had to do to complete the research.

I agree with what you and Lindsay are proposing and the need for the role to be better defined, clarified and so forth than it has been in the past.

Only one question - how and why did ‘Community Organiser’ evolve into ‘Community and Marketing Manager’? Was it to get away from the abbreviation of the role from being CO, or was there a more ‘serious’ reason than this? Or am I just overthinking something that shouldn’t be overthought?


Hi Russell, thanks for your feedback. The change from Community Organizer to Community and Marketing Manager wasn’t to avoid the CO acronym (I don’t think that’d be particularly problematic). Linds thought it was important to retain that specific word (“Marketing”), I think to reflect that the role still involves marketing components. That is one of the things that changed with feedback. She might be able to say more about it if I haven’t covered it here. For me, the most important word was “Community” to reflect the shifted orientation from external to internal.

Hope that helps,


More or less, that’s exactly what it was Russ. Community Organizer was the term used when the idea was first proposed by Dan and Amber, but I hadn’t had a chance to chime in as the current MAC. The current term is the one that was agreed upon in this incarnation of the proposal that best fit the different areas that the role covers. There is little (but still some) direct advertising being done, but the position is still heavily a marketing role. How the club is presented to the outside world is its focus. And the details of how it’s done are shifting to match what is not only needed but what we do best (creating and keeping healthy community for the members).


If I could add to that… The early initial idea last term was a separate position of Community Organizer. The feedback from Lindsay, Thomas and others was to incorporate those responsibilities with MAC and reform MAC at the same time. I think I made a horrible suggestion in an email or in a post of changing the name to “MACC” (Marketing, Advertising and Community Coordinator). In any event, I ultimately exercised my discretion as Prez to give additional responsibilities to MAC to organize the community events to see how that would work out for a few months, which would overlap the two presidential terms).

I gather the trial run was successful (hence this proposal) but I am interested to hear if there were any problems (anticipated or otherwise). In any event, the proposal obviously has my support.


I’m due to post a report soon, and I can talk about that. In fact, since it may be useful to this discussion I can try to put something together ASAP if people feel it would be helpful.


I was going to ask “is this approach working?” As it’s own post so we could talk about that without getting detailed by bylaw wording concerns. I think it’s more important to establish what something is qualitatively and conceptually and also discuss whether we can expect it to do what we want to before we start getting into bylaw wording (I’m not really sure that’s been done yet in a clear way, but I need to re-read the new proposal post); that was my complaint last time with the last attempt at this discussion.

So yes, I think if you have information that could answer that question I would find it useful. I don’t think you need to rush it though; I’m expecting it would be better in a number of ways otherwise we wouldn’t be going down this road in the first place.


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