Community & Marketing Manager Bylaw - Discussion of Second Draft

Posted Nov. 18, 2018, 6:31 p.m. by Fleet Captain Adam W. (Current Ruler of the Club) (Adam W.)

Thanks for your patience everyone with the Community and Marketing Manager discussion. I was pretty severely thrown off of my normal routine shortly before this discussion started and I’ve been working my way back towards normality since.

I took some time to go back through the discussion. I’m reposting the bylaw so we can resume the discussion, which will continue at least through November 28th. Some notes on modifications coming out of the first round of discussion.

  • I removed the listing of who the current President and MAC are to be consistent with other bylaws. The Librarian has sufficient authority to list them in the Library if that is desired and I have no objection if that were to happen.
  • I’m not planning to address Hemmingway Edict #18 in this bylaw. My thought is to revise that edict with another edict to eliminate the conflict about who is responsible for the Awards that would be created by this bylaw.
  • I updated the wording to remove that the CMM would coordinate all community events.
  • I changed the “Ten Forward Board” to refer to out of character boards more generically

For comparison sake, the original proposal was here.

Thanks everyone for your help in shaping this proposal. The first round of discussion was civil and productive and I’m hoping for more of the same as we continue.

Adam W.

Community & Marketing Manager

Supersession of Previous Edicts

Edict Hemenway #43 - MAC - is hereby rescinded & replaced by this bill.

Establishment of the Community & Marketing Manager

An Executive Assistant position is hereby created known as the Community & Marketing Manager (or “CMM”).

The CMM may appoint Assistant Community & Marketing Managers as necessary to fulfill the responsibilities outlined within this bill. Assistants answer directly to the CMM. The CMM may enlist volunteers to help with community events, activities, and other marketing needs.

Responsibilities of the Community & Marketing Manager

The Community & Marketing Manager shall be responsible for the following:

  • Maintain a schedule of community events for STF
  • Coordinate major club-wide events for STF, including the STF Awards. Events may also be organized by other club members with or without the assistance of the CMM
  • Manage a team of assistants and volunteers to run events
  • Coordinate with outside resources to host events and/or represent STF
  • Create & manage marketing materials, including but not limited to press packs
  • Moderate & utilize out of character posting board(s) as necessary
  • Maintain community resources, including the Writer’s Hub and other workshops
  • Collaborate with Departments and Fleets to facilitate events and maintain club resources
  • Provide quarterly reports regarding the CMM’s activities
  • Coordinate with TECH to host material on the STF site and utilize club software as necessary and possible
  • Serve as a point of contact for questions about the club and its community
  • May be called upon to consult in organizing both in and out of character club events

The Community & Marketing Coordinator may call upon the services of other Departments and Executive Assistants to accomplish their responsibilities.

The President may assign additional responsibilities to the Community & Marketing Manager as required.


The Community & Marketing Manager may not enter into any formal agreements with another club or organization. Any agreements with other clubs or organizations must be entered into edict by the President.

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