Farewell to Jeremy DeSpain

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Over six years ago I had the immense pleasure of bringing a brand new XO onto the Athena. We had been writing together around the club for a bit at the time and in general had a blast causing havoc with our schemes and dramatic IC interactions. He brought a wonderful energy to the ship and that first month, along with the tag-posting that ensued with everyone he RP’d with, the Athena had over 500 posts. Yes, 500. While it didn’t stay that way, his dedication to the ship continued. I was a super proud CO when he became a CO himself.

As many of you know, Jeremy was fighting cancer for quite some time. He posted about this quite awhile ago in Ten Forward, explaining the situation and that he was living on a deadline. A few weeks ago, he reached the end of treatment.

I am terribly sad to announce that our beloved Ox reached the end of his fight last night.

I can’t speak for everyone, nor would I try, but what I can say is that he was a great mentor to some, and a dear friend to many. His loyalty was deep and he was always there to be a sounding board and give a much needed virtual hug.

As per his family’s wishes, they ask for no flowers or anything of that kind. If you wish to honour Jeremy in some way, please consider making a donation to a reputable cancer research organization in his name. It’s what he’d want.

He will be terribly missed here in STF, and right now my heart hurts as I’m sure many of yours do too. When you’re ready, remember his cheeky comments and brilliant posts and characters. He was a wonderful writer and a truly upstanding human being. He’d want us to laugh and smile as much as we can.

I miss you my friend, but I am glad you are free. Farewell dear Ox. Salutes


As an addendum, some of us are going to have an informal toast to the Ox in Discord on Friday evening (N. American time). I’m going to try to be in voice chat by 9pm EST (if my kids cooperate), but feel free to pop into main chat and/VC whenever to honour our friend.


My heart aches and I have a hard time putting any of this into words. I spent much time over the last year having conversations with Jeremy and he was always optimistic about his treatments even when he went into surgery a few weeks ago. His battle is over but he leaves a spot in the club that like Brian will not be filled. All my love, Jeremy. You will remain in my heart forever.

Krys McLean

I played with Jeremy a lot over the years. We did the CO/XO version many times. We corresponded a lot over the years. As this thing always does it leaves a hole where a dear friend once was. However I refuse to dwell on his death but rather his life. One with wit and dedication. Thanks Jeremy for all of the times. Long live the Ox.


Even knowing for a while that this was going to come I’m finding it still is really hard. Jeremy wasn’t afraid of sticking up for what was right even if doing so cost him. He’d be willing to do things he didn’t want to do just because he thought someone would appreciate it. I’ll certainly miss his fantastic writing and his personality, but it’s the content of his character even in the midst of experiencing difficult things that I’ll miss the most.


When I dwell on his passing, I make myself mad, so I prefer to think of the many great times we had on ships and in Discord, he was our Ox (or Oxliness in my talk) and he loved to get up on his hammock in Discord and rest. As a Tribble, I always wanted to go on ‘Ox rides’ and he put up with me riding on his head or curling up in his hammock. He put up with me without complaint, even when I was wanting to put an ox yoke on him …

“There’s one more angel in heaven, there’s one more star in the sky …”

RIP Jeremy ‘Ox’ DeSpain may your hammock be comfortable in the great Ox land in the sky, you out of pain and your yoke be light …

Russell ‘Tribble’ Watt

The Ox once held every STF government position that there was, except for the Academy Commandant. He was the most patient person. And he will be missed.


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