TECH Advisory : Server Outage - 05/01/19

Posted Jan. 5, 2019, 11:22 p.m. by Commodore Matthew Bernardin (TECH) (Matthew Bernardin)

Hello All,

Recently there was a large server outage which rendered the STF site inaccessable for approximately 8 hours.

TECH lodged a ticket with the hosting company LeaseWeb regarding the outage within 40 minutes. Subsequently the hosting company replied fairly quickly but took considerably longer for at response notifying us of the resolution of the fault. After being notified by one of the Discord operators that the site was still down later in the evening TECH requeried Leaseweb regarding the status and the site was restored within minutes from that followup query.

Although no loss of data occuried, the take away from this is that this is not the first time Leaseweb has had unexpected outages recently or failed to communicate issues properly and in a timely manner with us. Leaseweb have informed us, albeit afterwards that the issue was caused by an incorrect network configuration, possibly as a result from the recent migration. Due to this TECH have begun discussions on how to mitigate any possible damage from further such outages as well as migrating off Leaseweb altogether to a more reliable provider, should it become an immediate necessity.

However to accomplish a migration there are some technical peculiarities to the site that do need to be resolved mainly issues surrounding mail forwards and future proofing considerations that TECH have begun to discuss. We will continue to keep the membership appraised as facts become known and a consensus is reached on the way forward so as to allow for appropriate planning.

Thank you everyone for your patience.

Commodore Matt Bernardin

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