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Posted Feb. 7, 2019, 8:04 p.m. by Admiral Joe P (Librarian / TECH Chairman) (Joe P)

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Hello Everyone,

For the purpose of STF and college, I have created a new email so that emails can be viewed, sent and organised in an easier fashion without getting mixed up with emails from Amazon, Facebook and other places. Although I have updated my contact page info on my Profile for STF and contacted those who I regularly talk to via email my new and now primary email address is as follows.


Kindest Regards,

Captain Louis Harvatt

Thanks for sharing your new stf related email address with us, Louis and I hope college goes well for you.

A question for the TECH folk (and, I guess, Thomas) …

When we were in Drupal, people putting in their email addresses like Louis did above, resulted in a great many letters, numbers and symbols as an attempt to prevent spam bots from collecting email addresses and so people did things like name at google dot com with the instruction to remove spaces and convert the at and dot to @ and .. I see that Louis’ email address has not been changed to a string of letters, numbers and symbols, but remained as he typed it.

Could TECH advise if the current system has a way of preventing email addresses being collected by spam bots? I wouldn’t want Louis to get spam emails from his supposed Grand Uncle Rhojar from Nigeria who is currently being held as a political prisoner or similar.

Many thanks,

The current system has no such mechanism. I’m not entirely convinced of the necessity of it; it didn’t seem to ever stop us from getting giant volumes of spam (in part because the weakest link with this site when it comes to spam are the mail forwards, which have mailto: links all over the site that were never obfuscated).

We can implement an obfuscating system sometime in the near future if people anticipate the need to post their email addresses for everyone to see on a regular basis. We have some other email related improvements planned for deployment sometime after election season (which I will probably mention in that report I was supposed to post last week and will try to post this weekend), so it’ll be easy to sneak stuff in at that time.


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